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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Maca Magic

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 10:19 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Maca Magic products

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the latest addition to our website: Maca Magic products.

Maca Magic has established itself as the world’s most trusted name in organic raw maca root and Peruvian maca root products.

Maca Magic brand stands for quality and more than a thousand retail stores carry maca magic products across the world.

An early pioneer in the maca super food industry, Herbs American Maca Magic brand name is now recognized as a leader in organic raw maca root and maca root product distribution and sales.

The quality of the product reflects the dedication an experience of this company. A team of experts oversees the complete process of maca cultivation and distribution with pride, beginning with the growers in the highlands of Peru Magic Valleys, getting the root to the processing plants, and then finally all the way to the market.

Maca Magic is organically grown pure “lepidium peruvianum”, a rare, bio-active food crop developed by the Incas of Peru over 3,000 years ago for energy and endurance, sexual ability and pleasure as well as mental clarity.

For more information on maca go to:

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Maca Magic – Maca Magic Alcohol Free Liquid Extract – 2 oz.
Maca Magic – 100% Raw Maca Magic – 2.2 lbs.


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    I come from Italy, I was fortunate to look for your Topics in digg.

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