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LuckyVitamin’s Anti-gravity Supplement










Nine out of 10 scientists and 10 out of 10 cosmonauts agree that there’s no healthier, more convenient way to experience the sheer joy of total weightlessness than with LuckyVitamin’s new and exclusive Anti-Gravity Supplement!

At LuckyVitamin.com, we adhere to only the highest quality and safety standards, and provided you refrain from loitering underneath telephone wires, windmills, ceiling fans and idling helicopters , our Anti-Gravity Supplement is no exception!

For years, you’ve dreamt of soaring amongst the clouds, high above the earth, and now, thanks to our patented gravity-defying formula, you can. The journey toward complete freedom from the laws of gravity begins with just two capsules, which will keep you flying high for up to 24 hours.1 But amazing your friends and family with your death-defying aerial acrobatics only scratches (the Earth’s) surface of what you’ll be able to do!

Here are just some of our Anti-Gravity Supplement’s amazing benefits:

You’ve watched the balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now you can be one!

Be the first of your Facebook friends to “check in” to the mesosphere!

You’re one wheel-less skateboard away from finally living out all of your childhood hoverboard fantasies!

Gutters need cleaning? Cat need saving? Leave the ladder in the shed!

Act out all of the best scenes from “Gravity” without having to float perilously through the terrifying vacuum of space!

With Lucky Vitamin’s amazing new Anti-Gravity supplement, the sky is… err… the possibilities are endless!

Learn more about our exclusive formula!


1Or Less.2

2Ok, much less.3

3Oh, fine. Not at all.


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Spring Cleaning

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 1:41 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author










Every April, we start the age-old process of spring cleaning our houses.  Some of us may go into our sheds and other storage sites to take out our patio furniture. The decks need wiping and the grills need scrubbing, but have you ever considered what all the chemicals in your cleaning products can do to your health? The chemicals in these cleaning products damage our skin, cause headaches, lead to irritation of our eyes and airways, and if ingested/inhaled can even lead to death.  Take for instance, the warning on a Glade Air Freshener: “Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.” Yikes! Let’s take a look at some of the common chemicals found in these and other similar cleaning products.

Products such as aerosol sprays, cleansers, air-fresheners, and disinfectants emit what are called volatile organic compounds. VOC’s are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. These compounds have been found to have numerous amounts of health effects ranging from eye, nose, and throat irritation to even cancer. Petroleum distillate is a common chemical that you might find in your cleaning products. This hydrocarbon is found in certain furniture polishes, paint solvents, adhesives, and automotive chemicals.  One other chemical you should be wary of is phthalates. They are used to stabilize synthetic perfumes, so if a cleaning product says “fragrance” it most likely contains phthalates.

There are many other chemicals found in your household cleaning products than what has been listed here. It is important to read the labels and research whether or not the company is truly using “natural” ingredients. The government only requires companies to list “chemicals of known concern” on their labels. In 2012, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their cleaning products hall of shame list which revealed the household cleaning products that are the most dangerous and should be avoided.

Lucky Vitamin is proud to carry various brands of cleaning products that are free of volatile organic compounds, phthalates, petroleum distillate, and other potentially harmful and deadly chemicals. For example, a safer alternative to air fresheners are products such as Aura Cacia aromatherapy mist which only contains water and various essential oils. Also, shop Mrs. Meyers non-aerosol room freshners. This spring time don’t let the fear of what’s in your cleaning aids stop you from making your house sparkle like it should.


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What’s New? Eco Nuts

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another top quality, environmentally friendly brand to our customers: Eco Nuts.

Eco Nuts offers a unique selection of premium natural cleaning aids which are designed to have little to zero impact on the environment. The company leads by example with socially and environmentally responsible business practices, using only sustainable, non-toxic ingredients with zero hazardous waste generation. All products offer superior quality, are cruelty and paraben-free, and utilize recycled or recyclable packaging.

With the goal to be as plastic free as possible, Eco Nuts wants to truly make the entire package as eco-friendly as possible from contents to container. Every box of Eco Nuts purchased is one less plastic detergent bottle, making it into a landfill or using precious resources in order to recycle that plastic. The choice of recycled cardboard for the Eco Nuts is obvious but the company had to study the choice of aluminum for liquid products. Aluminum can be recycled endless times and it is more energy-efficient to recycle aluminum than ever before. It conserves energy as well as supporting small towns that depend solely on the aluminum production plants.

Eco Nuts was conceived as a company that could transcend the cleaning industry in becoming a leader in environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, the company supports local and global charities, environmental and community groups in the best way possible.

You can save even more on all these brand new items from Eco Nuts. Just enter the promo code FEB14NEW10 for an additional 10% on all items of this new brand at Lucky Vitamin.com.

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Eco Nuts – Organic Laundry Soap Nuts 10 Loads – 0.5 oz.
Eco Nuts – Organic Veggie Wash – 10 oz.
Eco Nuts – Artisan Bar Soap Lavender – 4.3 oz.


Tom’s of Maine – Good for you. Good for the Planet.

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Environment,Personal Care at 4:20 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


Tom’s of Maine is known for being a socially responsible organization that cares about the planet and people. They provide natural, personal care products and never use artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives or test on animals.

Aside from the company’s everyday commitment to the environment – all of which can be seen in the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Report – the company actively involves employees in activities to help the environment. What could be more inspiring than that?

One activity is their annual Goodness Day. Each spring the company gathers together to spend one day, team building and volunteering for a good cause. The charities differ from year to year, but one thing never changes – their commitment to the earth. In 2013, Tom’s employees pitched in at Mt.Agamenticus, a local conservation region, helping to improve visitor experience through a variety of activities. You can watch the video here.

Employees at Tom’s of Maine, like Community Manager, Bridget Burns, are committed to making earth stewardship a central part of who they are and what they do. “Since working at Tom’s, I have increased my recycling at home, started a compost pile, and recommitted to using reusable bags at the grocery store. These may sound like small actions, but every little bit counts! I am proud to work for a company that constantly reminds its employees of this, and encourages all of us to do what we can to help the earth.”

What three “MAINE” ways do you care for the environment? Click here to tell us and you could win a fantastic variety of Tom’s of Maine products. Also, save an extra 10% off all Tom’s of Maine products with promo code ‘TOMS10’ at checkout.

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What’s New? Better Life

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Natural cleaning products have become very popular in recent years for a great reason. The dangers of traditional cleaners cannot be ignored when we often use products containing toxic ingredients that will be all over our homes. Lucky Vitamin already offers a great selection of natural cleaning aids but now we are happy to introduce another top quality brand of cleaning products to our customers: Better Life.

Better Life was founded with a mission to create household cleaning products which are unmatched in safety and unbeatable in performance. The company has developed all products in-house from the ground up in order to create the safest and best performing products without compromise.

Instead of dangerous toxic ingredients, all Better Life’s products are plant-derived and contain no sulfates, petroleum or fragrances. Additionally, all products are GMO-free and cruelty-free. The company started when Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs decided to create a new line of cleaning products that would not only set the standard in safety but also work better than any other brand.

In order to achieve that, Better Life uses none of the following ingredients listed with possible health concerns they may cause:

Dyes: have been linked to cancer, can be toxic to animals, and are slow to biodegrade.

Alcohol: respiratory and skin irritant, flammable, and can act as an aggressive solvent which may damage surfaces in the home.

Synthetic Fragrance: central nervous system depressant, respiratory and skin irritant, slow to biodegrade, and toxic.

Sulfates (such as SLS & SLES) and Sulfanates: irritating to skin and eyes, and may contain 1,4-Dioxane.

Ethoxylates (Petroleum Based Cleaning Agents): ethylene oxide/petroleum based, may contain1,4-Dioxane, many pose threat to marine life,  and linked to cancer and sterility.

Petrochemical Solvents: petroleum based, many are respiratory and skin irritants, toxic, and may damage surfaces in the home.

Better Life uses only the absolute highest standards keeping all dangerous ingredients out of the products. You can save an extra 10% on all Better Life items at Lucky Vitamin.com. Just enter the code JAN14NEW10 at checkout for an additional 10% on these featured new items.

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Better Life – Cool Calm Collected Natural Lotion Citrus Mint – 12 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED


Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Algonquin Tea Company

Filed Under: Environment,Teas at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to increase the variety of premium teas for our customers. The latest addition is The Algonquin Tea Company, another superb, unique, and 100% organic brand of teas.

The Algonquin Tea Company offers 100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas. Picked at the optimum time and dried naturally in dark drying rooms, all of the herbs used in the teas are naturalized Canadian–Algonquin plants. The Algonquin Tea brand is a eco-friendly company using bleach-free tea bags, and 100 % recycled packaging with Double Aqua Coat. All sealed and reusable plastic pouches are guaranteed to seal herbs fully for up to two years.

Additionally, the company ensures that the wild-crafting does not endanger wild plants when harvested sustainably by a professional who understands their cycles. Growing and harvesting areas in Whitney, located at the east gate of Algonquin Park on the Madawaska River, The Algonquin Tea Company practices permaculture forest gardening on a 200-acre homestead in Golden Lake where certified organic herbs are grown. All herbs are handpicked in the wild in a sustainable manner, picking amounts that a deer would graze. Rare herbs are grown organically using non-mechanical, ecologically integrated and permacultural methods. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in or anywhere near where the herbs are grown or picked for the teas.

The Algonquin Tea Company is a collective of dedicated Earth lovers who had a vision of sharing the healing medicine of plants from the Algonquin area. Started in 1996, the first bioregional company in North America was a decade ahead of the “Local Food” movement.

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The Algonquin Tea Co. – 100% Certified Organic Herb Sweetfern Tonic – 16 Tea Bags
The Algonquin Tea Co. – 100% Certified Organic Herb Sacred Tea Blend – 24 Tea Bags CLEARANCE PRICED
The Algonquin Tea Co. – 100% Certified Organic Herb Peace Tea – 16 Tea Bags CLEARANCE PRICED


Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Merry Hempsters

Filed Under: Environment,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce a revolutionary brand of personal care products created from organic hemp seed oil: The Merry Hempsters.

The Merry Hempsters offers an exclusive line of lip balms, salves and rubs designed to promote the extraordinary benefits of hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa). The company uses only the finest quality natural ingredients in combination with cutting edge eco-friendly packaging, resulting in a unique, effective, and environmentally-friendly line of skin care products.

Environmental sustainability, from the creation of the lip balm tubing to the disposal of that tubing, is of utmost concern. The Merry Hempsters uses only tree-free paper produced from hemp stock, soy based inks, and post-consumer recycled content in all correspondence and packaging.

Since 1994, The Merry Hempsters has shown an increase in market exposure, not just because hemp has good marketing appeal, but because it really works. Hemp is nutritious, sustainable, versatile, and it is truly good for the body, mind and soul. All products feature Canadian Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil as a primary base. All lip balms, salves and rubs are unique in their healing properties thanks to the genuine benefits of hemp seed oil.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering The Merry Hempsters organic products at our discounted prices. Click here to shop for The Merry Hempsters organic lip balm, vegan lip balm, medicinal salves, hemp muscle rubs, hemp tattoo balm, and much more.

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The Merry Hempsters – Vegan Hemp Cool Muscle Rub – 0.6 oz.
The Merry Hempsters – Organic Hemp Lip Balm Lemon Lime – 0.14 oz.
The Merry Hempsters – Organic Hemp Lip Balm Cinnamon – 0.14 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Citrus Magic

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Natural citrus oils have many unique properties and uses and Lucky Vitamin is happy to offer Citrus Magic superior line of products at our discounted prices. Citrus oils are a key component in a sustainable, renewable society. Known for their cleaning power and refreshing fragrance, citrus oils are used in air fresheners and cleaners, creating an alternative for customer avoiding products which contain dangerous chemicals.

Citrus Magic has top quality products for air care, home care, pet care, travel, auto, and more. If you have an odor elimination problem, Citrus Magic products can naturally take care of it. Since 1983, Citrus Magic has been developing and fine tuning citrus-based products that take advantage of these natural citrus properties.

Citrus Magic line of products includes the popular 100% natural air fresheners, unparalleled cleaners, Veggie Wash, fruit and vegetable wash, and many more. Additionally, all products are natural and cruelty-free, with no ingredients ever tested on animals.

A collection of six great fragrances from Citrus Magic are available to you. Enjoy the popular Tropical Citrus Blend or take comfort in the indulgent smell of Fresh Orange. Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners provide convenient and continuous odor-control that lasts for weeks. Using a unique formula, the solid air fresheners work to absorb odors while the fresh, clean scent fills the air.

There is no mistaking the clean, fresh scent you find once you peel back the label of the popular 8 oz. Solid Air Fresheners, available in the widest variety of fragrances: Fresh Citrus, Pure Linen, Island Spring, Ginger Tea, Cedar for Closets, Lavender Escape, the newest Clean New Car, and the unscented version. Controls odors and brightens up the air anywhere for up to 8 weeks.

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Citrus Magic – Litter Box Odor Eliminator – 11.2 oz.
Citrus Magic – Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Lemon Raspberry – 3.5 oz.
Citrus Magic – Solid Air Freshener Cedar Magic – 8 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Lumino

Filed Under: Environment,Pet Care at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Lumino products to our customers. Lumino offers a unique line of environmentally friendly pet products to promote health and well-being naturally and at affordable prices.

Many pet owners are looking for all-natural solutions and Lumino pet products are the perfect alternative to toxic chemicals, keeping dogs and cats happy and healthy. Lumino’s pet product line comes from the experience of using Lumino Spa Origins skin and body care products on pets. These spa-quality products are created with natural and organic ingredients, and contain no toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or petroleum by-products.

So, Lumino has made some minor formula changes to ensure that all the ingredients used are absolutely safe for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Many pet owners are turning to all-natural solutions rather than pharmaceutical drugs to deal with their pet’s stress-related emotions and behavior.

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth is an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic commercial flea and tick treatments. It contains a fine powder composed of the crushed fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic diatoms. This is a remarkable substance that actually dries out the waxy outer layer of fleas, causing them death by dehydration. In tests performed by the USDA, as well as a number of consumer trials, diatomaceous earth has proven to be an effective non-chemical insect control.

Diatomaceous Earth is pure organic food grade it is a pleasure to use, with no chemical odors or harsh feelings on your hands. Using only all natural ingredients, Lumino products are a great value for the money and much superior than cheap products produced with petroleum by-products and an array of potentially harmful chemicals.

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Lumino – Diatomaceous Earth For Pets – 5 oz.
Lumino – Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home – 1.5 lbs.
Lumino – Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home – 4 lbs.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Susty Party

Filed Under: Environment,Home at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Picnics, outdoor events and parties are just part of the summer. But did you know that parties and events generate the second largest amount of waste in the USA, just behind the construction industry? Reducing the waste should be a priority for everyone and that’s a great reason Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Susty Party products to our customers.

Susty Party offers responsibly-made, eco-friendly party supplies and compostable tableware to make parties more sustainable. The company creates plates, cups, bowls, and straws made of natural materials, and no products are made from traditional plastic, paper or Styrofoam. All products are non-toxic and contain no harmful chemicals, plastics and dyes. Susty Party products can be used hundreds of times, instead of just once, which is always better for the environment than a single-use product.

This unique line of eco-friendly products is made of natural materials such as sugarcane stalks, baked plant starch, palm leaves, and plant based resin. Sugarcane stalks are crushed in sugar refineries. The fibrous remains of these stalks are called Bagasse, a pre-consumer recycled material which is a sturdier alternative to paper. Baked plant starch from tapioca starch and grass fibers are mixed together to form an oven safe, microwave safe, super sturdy but natural, compostable and non-toxic material. Palm leaves are pressed with steam to create sturdy, leak-resistant, naturally compostable, plates and bowls. PLA, or polylactic acid, is a plant-based resin, which uses kernel that would not have otherwise been used for food. PLA looks and feels like traditional plastic, however it will melt with temperatures over 100F.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Susty Party earth-friendly tableware products at our discounted prices.

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Susty Party – Compostable Disposable Plates 10" Black – 8 Count CLEARANCED PRICED
Susty Party – Compostable Disposable Bowls 12 oz. Pink – 8 Count CLEARANCED PRICED


Keep the Bugs Away

Filed Under: Environment,Personal Care at 4:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Summer and the great outdoors: a perfect combination for wonderful times but we all know that insects can often ruin our good times. Moquitos, flies, fleas and ticks are frequently around to disturb and annoy us when we are having fun outdoors. It is a natural law: we enter their environment, they attack us.

Shopping for insect repellents is always a good idea to prevent these bugs to affect you and your family. Insect repellents may help prevent and control the outbreak of insect-borne diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, dengue fever, bubonic plague, and West Nile fever. Choosing repellents made from natural sources is a even better idea for a couple of reasons.

Preparations created from natural occuring ingredients are very effective in repelling insects with virtually no side effects. Natural insect repellents contain little or no toxicity and have been used topically for many years. Most companies support sustainable practices and ensure that their products are derived from natural sources such as citronella, neem oil, peppermint, lemongrass, and herbal extracts.

In addition, if you are not yet familiar with DEET, you may want to avoid this potentially dangerous ingredient. In the DEET Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported 14 to 46 cases of potential DEET associated seizures, including 4 deaths. The Pesticide Information Project of Cooperative Extension Offices of Cornell University states that, “Everglades National Park employees having extensive DEET exposure were more likely to have insomnia, mood disturbances and impaired cognitive function than were lesser exposed co-workers”. Of course extreme side effects of DEET tend to occur only at high levels of exposure but other common side effects range from skin rashes to skin irritation.

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Badger – Sunscreen All Natural Insect Repellent Cream Water Resistant Anti-Bug 30 SPF – 2.9 oz.
Badger – Anti-Bug Balm Push-Up Stick – 1.5 oz.
Natrapel – Deet-Free 8-Hour Insect Repellent – 3.5 oz.


Recycling and Playing

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Environment at 3:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Don’t trash it, recycle it. Even better, recycle it and, eventually, have your kids play with it. Making kids’ toys out of recyclable milk jugs sounds like a terrific idea. That’s exactly what Green Toys has done, creating this Eco-friendly thought and transforming into a unique line of children’s toys.

Recycling continues to grow in the United States but nearly 70% of all waste still ends up in landfills according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. That’s a considerably large number comparing to countries such as Austria, Sweden and Denmark, where more than 90% of total waste is recycled. Also according to EPA stats, 53.4% of all paper products are recycled in the United States despite some people’s refusal to join this important project. So, more than just recycling and trying to get family and friend to recycle, we should support eco-friendly companies and products as recycling reduces fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The exact plastic milk jugs that you and your family drink from every day can eventually be made into clean, safe, and fun toys for kids. Green Toys are made from 100% recycled #2 HDPE plastic milk containers, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All toys contain no BPA, phthalates or PVC, and are packaged with recycled materials and printed with soy inks.

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Green Toys – My First Submarine 6 months+ Yellow
Green Toys – Airplane Ages 1+ Blue


Travel Accessories for the Road Ahead

Filed Under: Environment,Home at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and so is the travel season. Late spring and early summer may be considered by many people as the best time of the year for camping. Not cold anymore, not too hot either. As you start planning this year’s trek, don’t forget your thermos, water bottles, and your travel mug for the road ahead.

Lucky Vitamin offers an extensive variety of water bottles from the best brands available at discounted prices. Water bottles are perfect for road trips, as you need to stay hydrated whether you’re driving, biking or hiking. Don’t forget about warm beverages. Many people love to have coffee while driving and a personal coffee mug is the best way to enjoy your hot beverage. Thermos are also indispensable for camping or other outdoor activities when you need to keep water and other beverages hot. Today’s products have the ability to keep the beverage’s desired temperature for hours, without leaks or spills.

Food-grade stainless steel is the best material for thermos and bottles. This metal is superior in both strength and safety and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, including BPA. Additionally, reusable and recyclable stainless steel bottles are the best choice for the environment as well. So, get your bottles and mugs ready, and head out for a fun and safe trip!

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Takeya USA – Double Wall Glass Tumbler and Lid with Green Silicone Grip – 16 oz.
Takeya USA – Double Wall Stainless Steel Tea/Coffee Tumbler and Lid Black – 16 oz.


Celebrate Earth Day!

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Environment at 9:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Today is Earth Day. Many people celebrate Earth Day by doing simple eco-friendly acts such as walking or biking to work, starting a recycle trash system at home or work, or gathering a group of people to clean parks and are other public areas. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, promoting an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 192 countries every year.

Founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, the celebration of a special day for our planet was first held on April 22, 1970 with hopes to create a national teach-in on the environment. Nelson chose the April 22 date in order to maximize participation on college campuses.

Today, the annual holiday celebrates 43 years and its impact on our society has been very significant. Along with many movements to protest pollution and environmental degradation, Earth Day has influenced several important environmental issues and has led the government into creating the Environmental Protection Agency and passing the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts, according to EarthDay.org.

You can also celebrate Earth Day by shopping green, eco-friendly products at LuckyVitamin.com and getting free shipping with your $48+ order. Choose from our extensive selection of green living categories and save an extra 10% off with promo code EARTHDAY10. Green Living categories on sale include: Cleaning FormulasCleaning SuppliesDishwashing ProductsEco-Friendly DishwareBaking Products & SuppliesFood & Storage BagsHand Sanitizers & Liquid SoapsKitchen Utensils & GadgetsLaundry ProductsPaper ProductsShopping & Tote Bags, and Storage Containers.

Happy Earth Day from LuckyVitamin.com!

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Bamboo Studio – Bamboo Dinnerware Flatware Forks Spoons & Knives Reusable Disposable – 24 Piece(s)
Seventh Generation – Bathroom Tissues 100% Recycled 2 ply-300 Sheets – 8 Roll(s)
Ecover – Ecological Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pine Fresh – 25 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: BlueAvocado

Filed Under: Environment at 1:55 pm | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present another top quality brand of personal care products to our customers: BlueAvocado.

BlueAvocado is the love child of style and sustainability, born and bred by 3 women in Austin, Texas. They first set out to change just one thing – the way you shop. So a company was built run by women for the good of everybody. Then a mixable family of lifestyle products was designed, light on environmental waste and heavy on sass, style and inspiration. Featuring certified recycled REPREVE fibers, all BlueAvocado products are durable, lead-free, washable and include a carbon label to track environmental impact.

BlueAvocado makes it easy for anyone to reduce environmental waste and inspire change for good. In 2011, BlueAvocado products have eliminated more than 46 million disposables from the waste stream, upcyled up to 805 thousand plastic bottles through our fabric, inspired over 150 micro-entrepreneurs around the globe through donating 1% of sales to organizations such as Kiva.org and Whole Planet Foundation, and inspired thousands of Americans to join the green journey.

In 2012, BlueAvocado partnered with Lauren Conrad, reality-star-turned-designer, to create the stylish XO(ECO) collection, “a collection of sustainable lifestyle products for travel, beauty and shopping.”

BlueAvocado’s dream is to build a brand that creates products that inspire through design, invite change through purpose, and deliver results through use.

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XO Eco – (ECO) Brush Boxe Tuxedo Stripe – CLEARANCE PRICED
XO Eco – (ECO) Shopper Birds On A Wire – CLEARANCE PRICED

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