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LuckyVitamin’s Anti-gravity Supplement










Nine out of 10 scientists and 10 out of 10 cosmonauts agree that there’s no healthier, more convenient way to experience the sheer joy of total weightlessness than with LuckyVitamin’s new and exclusive Anti-Gravity Supplement!

At, we adhere to only the highest quality and safety standards, and provided you refrain from loitering underneath telephone wires, windmills, ceiling fans and idling helicopters , our Anti-Gravity Supplement is no exception!

For years, you’ve dreamt of soaring amongst the clouds, high above the earth, and now, thanks to our patented gravity-defying formula, you can. The journey toward complete freedom from the laws of gravity begins with just two capsules, which will keep you flying high for up to 24 hours.1 But amazing your friends and family with your death-defying aerial acrobatics only scratches (the Earth’s) surface of what you’ll be able to do!

Here are just some of our Anti-Gravity Supplement’s amazing benefits:

You’ve watched the balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now you can be one!

Be the first of your Facebook friends to “check in” to the mesosphere!

You’re one wheel-less skateboard away from finally living out all of your childhood hoverboard fantasies!

Gutters need cleaning? Cat need saving? Leave the ladder in the shed!

Act out all of the best scenes from “Gravity” without having to float perilously through the terrifying vacuum of space!

With Lucky Vitamin’s amazing new Anti-Gravity supplement, the sky is… err… the possibilities are endless!

Learn more about our exclusive formula!


1Or Less.2

2Ok, much less.3

3Oh, fine. Not at all.


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How To Choose An Omega-3 Fish Oil

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 11:25 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author








BENEFITS TO CONSIDER - Taking fish oil has numerous benefits and plays an important role in health. That’s because the omega-3 in fish is high in two essential fatty acids crucial to our health: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA.)

EPA is the most beneficial oil and is good for your joints, skin and heart. It can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, and can even aid in fighting off allergies. Ours brains are highly dependent on DHA and is needed for neuronal and cognitive development in children. It has also been associated with maintaining positive moods and helping depression.

HOW TO READ THE LABEL – When it comes to reading your fish oil label, it is important that you look at the dosage of EPA compared to DHA. Many supplements vary in the ratio of EPA and DHA that they contain. It is best to buy supplements which list the actual dosage of both EPA and DHA. Since EPA is more beneficial, you want a supplement that contains more EPA than DHA.

POTENCY CONSIDERATIONS - The recommended dosage of fish oil can vary. For healthy adults, a combined daily total of 500 milligrams (mg) EPA + DHA is recommended. Once you buy your fish oil supplement, check the label carefully to see if it recommends refrigeration to prevent spoiling. In most cases, you will want to store your fish oil in the refrigerator after opening to help ensure freshness.

NOT ALL FISH OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL - When shopping for fish oil, purity is key. Supplements should be free from rancidity, PCB’s, mercury, dioxin and other chemicals. To minimize contaminants in an unrefined supplement, it’s best to find a fish oil made from small oily fish like anchovy, sardines or mackerel.

Other things to look for:

  • Oil was extracted using cold press techinique
  • Supplement was molecularly distilled
  • Wild-caught & not farm-raised fish
  • Companies that follow Good Manufacturing Practices



  Dr. Jeremy Wolf is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician (N.D.). He completed his four-year medical training from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and Health Sciences graduating with high honors. Prior to receiving his Doctorate, Dr. Wolf received his Bachelors in Science with a focus in Biology from Towson University. Dr. Wolf’s medical focus is based on Herbal Medicines, Health Supplements, Homeopathy, Pediatrics, Nutrition and Physical Medicine. He has also had extensive training in Therapeutic Nutrition. Dr. Wolf’s medical philosophy is based on a healthy balance of diet, exercise and proper nutrition to aid in the reversal of disease and stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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The Amazing Benefits of Lemon Balm

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Herbs at 8:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author









What if I told you there was an herb that can help with hyperthyroidism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, IBS, and other GI complaints related to nervous origin, while at the same time contains anti-viral properties against herpes? You would want to know what this herb was, correct? The herb is Melissa officnalis, or more commonly known as lemon balm. Lemon balm is a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family and is native to the center-southern region of Europe. It has been used medicinally for years.

There have been many studies on the positive effects lemon balm can have on overall health. One study looked at its effect on herpes. Researchers found that lemon balm extract shortened the healing time, aided in the prevention of spreading, and also helped with the tingling, burning, itching, swelling, and redness commonly associated with the infection. In another study, scientists found that it inhibited the replication of the herpes simplex virus.  In vitro studies conducted on lemon balm and Grave’s Disease have shown that lemon balm blocks the attachment of the antibodies that cause Grave’s disease. One final study found that insulin resistant high fat diet fed mice given lemon balm had reduced hyperglycemia (blood sugar), insulin resistance, and LDL/VLDL cholesterol levels after 6 weeks.

Another benefit of lemon balm is the calming effect it can have. The ability to increase relaxation makes it effective in the treatment of ADHD and anxiety.  Studies have shown that  lemon balm increases GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) in synapses (decreased levels of GABA have been associated with anxiety). There are many uses for lemon balm and Lucky Vitamin is proud to carry a variety of extracts, supplements, essential oils, and more.


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Premium Brand Spotlights

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 11:32 am | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor



 is excited to offer its customers an exclusive, limited-time offer on four high-end brands. These products are rarely offered at discounted prices so the time to take advantage is now! Learn more about what makes these sought-after brands so unique.

Pure Essence Labs – Cellular Concept Of Health

At Pure Essence Labs, their mission is your health. They’ve spent over 35 years identifying the world’s most powerful whole-food, science based nutrition, which they combine with the ancient wisdom of the world’s most profound holistic medical systems.  They use Nature as the model by which to build and maintain good health. By joining the best of the old with the best of the new, makes it all available to you as the most holistic, and most effective dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

Davinci – Laboratories of Vermont

For over 35 years, DaVinci Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation from their home state of Vermont. Their dedication to higher integrity, and insistence on superior quality are a reflection of Vermont values. They are a family-owned and managed company that continues to set new standards for quality and product innovation so they can keep you as healthy and informed as possible.  

Interplexus – Price, Quality & Service

InterPlexus is a premier purveyor of high quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ayurvedic herbs, and essential fatty acids. They are committed to using the highest quality ingredients in their entire product line and equally committed to bringing the latest research to their list of fine products. Established in 1989, InterPlexus’ mission remains the same: To deliver the finest specialty products at a reasonable price and always with good service.

Designs For Health – Using Scientific Research For Optimal Results

By holding itself to extremely high standards and delivering results, Designs for Health has established itself as one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements, selling exclusively to the health professionals market. Led by a talented and committed team of professionals whose ultimate goal is to help people lead healthier lives, Designs for Health delivers on its promise to provide the highest quality nutritional products available — and the dedicated relevant support needed to ensure optimal results.

For a limited-time save an extra 15% off these exclusive brands with promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT314’ at checkout.

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Premium Brand Spotlights

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 3:40 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


 is excited to offer its customers an exclusive, limited-time offer on four high-end brands. These products are rarely offered at discounted prices so the time to take advantage is now! Learn more about what makes these sought-after brands so unique.

 Metagenics – Genetic Potential Through Nutrition

Science uses genomic and proteomic research to identify plant-based extracts and derivatives that communicate with specific proteins. These proteins send signals to promote healthy functioning and “amplify” healthy messages from food.  Metagenics uses these discoveries to become readily available medical foods and nutraceuticals that offer uniquely effective and powerful formulas for both targeted and broad health applications.  Their in-house scientific staff and technologically advanced facilities conduct adequate research and evaluation. That’s what enables them to continue to provide innovative formulas of the highest possible quality to help you make a noticeable impact on health.

Herb Pharm – Liquid Herbal Extracts From “Seed to Shelf”

Since 1979, Herb Pharm has been emphasizing the necessity of using the best quality organically cultivated and sustainably wild crafted herbs to produce safe and effective herbal extracts. By growing their own herbs and having such a close liaison between their manufacturing department and farm, they are able to optimize cultivation techniques, time of harvest, and handling of herbs far better than by sourcing these herbs from other growers. It is on Herb Pharm’s certified organic herb farm and plant sanctuary where their quality comes to life and begins to grow.

Lane Labs – Award-Winning Innovation Since 1994

Lane Labs offers unique natural supplements and topicals, recognized for their safety and superior efficacy in controlled research. Winner of the “2010 Best of Supplements” and “2011 Taste for Life Essentials” awards, Lane Labs 17 brands are backed by 18 approved or pending patents and 97 scientific articles. With potency and recommended usage comparable to that used in clinical research, it’s clear that Lane Labs provide superior value to their customer through innovation.  Their performance claims are based on scientific evidence and their research is used by US Courts and Medical Journals.

Nature’s Secret – Total Body Wellness For Overall Health

Nature’s Secret is the leader in cleansing health products that focus on total body wellness. The conventional approach to health sees the body as a set of separate parts, each needing their own separate treatments. However, nature and wisdom knows there is no separation between any of our systems. They are all intricately connected and Nature’s Secret uses this philosophy when developing their products.  They combine a delicate mixture of healing herbs and botanicals to treat imbalance itself, not just the symptoms of imbalance.

For a limited-time save an extra 15% off these exclusive brands with promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT214’ at checkout.



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Premium Brand Spotlights

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 3:13 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor is excited to offer its customers an exclusive, limited-time offer on four high-end brands. Save an extra 20% off these exclusive brands with promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT126’ at checkout. These products are rarely offered at discounted prices so the time to take advantage is now! Learn more about what makes these sought-after brands so unique.


Nordic Naturals – Not Your Everyday Fish Oil

There are three main components to quality omega-3 fish oil: freshness, purity and taste. Consumers can rely on objective proof of purity from third-party analysis to validate these attributes. Today, the leading health organizations and industry experts have set strict purity standards for supplements, and Nordic Naturals meets every one. All oils used in Nordic Naturals products show no detectable heavy metals, dioxins or PCBs, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to Nordic’s large contingent of loyal customers. After all, Nordic is known for applying the strictest ethical and socially responsible environmental practices as they strive to eliminate the global omega-3 deficiency.


ResVitále – Anti-aging Compounds found in Organic Grapes from France

Clinical research has discovered that the key active ingredient in red wine is trans-Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. Resveratrol has been shown to help boost cellular energy production and rejuvinate DNA by supporting ‘longevity gene’ activation. ResVitále starts with award-winning grapes, grown in one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, and uses a patent-pending Resveratrol extraction process enhanced with wildcrafted Polygonum cuspidatum to create some of the finest Resveratrol available for anyone hoping to slow the advances of Father Time.


Biotics Research Corporation – In the Vanguard of Research, Development & Manufacturing

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for pharmaceuticals affect everyone. Consumers expect that each batch of medicines they take will meet quality standards that guarantee their safety and effectiveness. Biotics Research Corporation manufactures their branded products on-site, in state-of the-art facilities, allowing for complete control of the entire manufacturing process. Within their laboratories, the highly skilled members of their Quality Control Unit utilize modern, sophisticated technologies and validated analytical methods to test incoming raw materials, monitor manufacturing processes, perform in-process testing, and test all finished products prior to their release for shipment. In fact, many aspects of their cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) exceed the new, recently enacted FDA guidelines for dietary supplements in order to ensure the highest level of quality standards.


Nutritional Therapeutics – Free Radical Protection at the Cellular Level

A phospholipid membrane protects the outermost layer of the cell by controlling what goes in and out of the cell. Damaged membranes interfere with absorption of nutrients and energy production which can lead to aging and disease.  For over 25 years, Nutritional Therapeutics Inc. focuses on the scientific research concerning cellular restoration, which they believe is at the core of effective nutritional health and well-being. Currently, their leading formula (patent-pending) is NT Factor. This is a proprietary blend of phospholipids designed to fight fatigue and foster healthy cell function.



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Tips for Optimal Health: Green Formulas

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 6:13 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


“Eat your fruits and vegetables.” Sure, you’ve heard this before, but science shows it’s good advice.

Consuming five to nine servings of fruits and veggies is recommended by most health professionals to maintain good health. Yet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, less than nine percent of American adults consume the recommended number of servings.

One way to ensure you are receiving the nutritional benefits of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables is through green food supplementation. With just one scoop of Greens Today, you can get all your nutrients plus more!

Greens Today Original Formula is specifically designed to provide a Health Promoting, Energizing, Cleansing, Immune Boosting, Alkaline Promoting, and Complete Daily Nutritional Supplement. Greens Today Original Formula is an advanced phyto-nutrient superfood which uniquely combines nutraceutical ingredients, powerful antioxidants, digestive enzymes, plant fibers, probiotics, herbal extracts, plant fibers, vegetables and naturally occurring whole food source vitamins that work synergistically to provide optimally balanced nutritional support.

Specially formulated with 72 superfoods, Greens Today has 1900 mg of spirulina per each serving. One scoop contains 100% or more of numerous essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform at its best. You can mix Greens Today with water, juice, soy, rice or almond milk.

Here’s just a few of the ingredients in Greens Today and what they can do for you –

·         Contains chlorella and spirulina that help detoxify the body and are rich in nutrients

·         High in natural sources of antioxidants which fight free-radicals

·         Features a blend of fiber and ginger as well as probiotics and enzymes that support digestion

·         Contains Fo-ti and horsetail, which are thought to stimulate hair growth

·         Contains dandelion and artichoke, which detoxify the liver

·         Contains ginkgo biloba, which may improve blood flow to the brain

·         Contains bee pollen, a complete food rich in nutrients which boasts more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight


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Battling Migraines

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Migraines are very painful headaches that usually begin on only one side of the head and may become worse with exposure to light. Today is Monday, “scientifically proved” to be the most common day for migraine headaches. So, no better day to inform you a little bit more about this painful condition and show a few good natural ways to treat migraines.

Around 18% of American women and 6% of men are affected by migraine headaches but mainstream medicine has yet to find a safe, long-term way to prevent this debilitating condition. Scientists have recently uncovered that migraines may cause lasting brain damage that is closely related to the changes seen in seizures, strokes, and dementia.

Migraines are commonly preceded by warning symptoms such as depression, irritability, restlessness, loss of appetite, and visual disturbances. Migraines may also involve nausea, vomiting, and changes in vision. Smoking and birth control pills can be additional contributing factors in migraines.

A few natural substances have now been found to be effective in preventing and often in treating migraine headaches. Studies have shown that magnesium, butterbur, feverfew, and vitamin B2 are great alternative ways to battle migraines.

Magnesium targets the underlying mechanisms of migraines, improving brain blood flow and restoring balance to the brain chemicals neurotransmitters. Taking 200 mg of this mineral in a well-absorbed supplement two or three times a day may help reduce migraine frequency and relieve symptoms.

Butterbur extract has been shown to significantly reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, when taking about 75 mg twice a day of an extract standardized containing at least 15% petasins.

Feverfew is the most frequently used herb for the long-term migraine prevention. Continuous use of standardized feverfew extract delivering 250 mcg of parthenolide per day may reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches.

Lastly, vitamin B2 can also be effective at reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

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NOW Foods – Butterbur with Feverfew – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Herb Pharm – Feverfew Extract – 1 oz.
Life Extension – Magnesium Caps 500 mg. – 100 Vegetarian Capsules


Tired of Being Tired?

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 10:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

If you are tired of being tired, it’s time for a change. Recharge your body batteries can be the start of a new life. Many people suffer from mental and physical fatigue without knowing that they may have a very simple problem. People often spend more energy than they consume and they results of this unbalanced exchange is lack of energy and tiredness.

Caffeine or energy drinks may boost energy levels but these options may work better for the short-term. These products do not create natural energy in your body as they only temporarily squeeze adrenaline from your cells, eventually creating a much bigger deficit. So, if you want to target the body’s source of energy, you may want to take a different approach.

The human body is loaded with cells that produce a vital energy molecule known as adenosine triphosphate or simply ATP. Fatigue, lack of energy and exhaustion are clear indications of insufficient ATP levels. The solution is quite simple as you can safely boost your energy reserves. Two traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have been found to work at the cellular level to boost your body’s own natural energy source.

Cordyceps sinensis, a potent medicinal mushroom, and the root of the ginseng plant (Panax ginseng) provide sustainable energy by utilizing your body’s own energy resources. Studies have shown that these two products have the ability to naturally boost energy by ramping up ATP production. Cordyceps enhances the ability to burn fuel more efficiently and store its energy as ATP. Ginseng root supports ATP production at the much higher levels possible when oxygen is available, as in a long-distance run or a prolonged task. Check out our energy enhancers section and stop feeling tired right now.

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New Chapter – LifeShield Cordyceps Strength & Endurance 100% Vegan – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Life Extension – Adrenal Energy Formula – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Country Life – Ginseng Supreme Complex Balanced Energy – 60 Vegetarian Capsules


Frizzy Hair Rescue – Learn The Secret Kitchen Ingredient To Moisturize Hair Naturally

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Personal Care at 9:30 am | By: admin


For years I fancied myself a “Long/Frizzy Hair Guru” of sorts. As a cosmetologist, I know about the structure of hair and how to take care of it; as an employee of LuckyVitamin I have access to all of the best, natural hair care products. So, I was pretty confident I had all the answers.

Six months ago, however, I was humbled. While I was visiting a good friend of mine I mentioned to her that I was having a hard time keeping the ends of my hair hydrated and healthy. I believe my exact words to her were, “I can’t stand my hair anymore! I look like a frizzy poodle!” … but I digress.

Her response, “Here, put some Coconut Oil in your hair.”

Like it was nothing. Like she didn’t just reveal to me the best possible solution for dry, frizzy hair – a solution that is cheap, easy to use, smells great, and is a staple in my kitchen.

If your hair is frizzy, it’s dry. Period. A lot of people think frizzy is just how their hair is, and that there is very little they can do about it. Not true. The answer is hydration. If you look at many of the products on the market targeting frizzy hair, they all strive to add moisture through oils or other oil-based creams. Based on my personal experience I believe they have the general idea correct, but the delivery falls short. Let me explain…

Typically, most hair products just coat the hair cuticle and do not fully penetrate it.  This prevents the hair from getting the moisture it needs. Luckily, I have been introduced to a solution, that through much experimenting, I have fine-tuned to perfection. I know you’re jealous, but really there’s no need to be. I am more than willing to share.

Hydrating Coconut Hair Mask


1.            Scoop out a heaping tablespoon of Coconut Oil.

2.            Rub your palms together (the heat from your hands will melt the oil)

3.            Apply the oil to the ends of your hair and sparingly on your scalp and roots

4.            Repeat the steps above until Coconut Oil is distributed through all of your hair

5.            Allow to sit for at least 20min. Length of time may vary depending on hair type.

6.            Apply a generous amount of shampoo to scalp and massage vigorously

7.            Rinse and apply conditioner

**Note – You can alter the amount of Coconut Oil you depending on hair type**

So there you go! My wisdom has been bestowed to you.  Let us know how it works!

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Healthy Skin During Winter Weather

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Personal Care at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Winter weather can be pretty harsh on your skin. So, don’t wait until February to start protecting and treating your skin now.

Exposure to cold or dry weather can cause dry, flaky skin. Most people normally notice the first signs of dryness in hands and facial areas as they are most exposed to winter conditions. Shopping for lotions and moisturizing creams is the first step but you need to remember to apply it often to maintain your skin fully hydrated. Lucky Vitamin offers an extensive selection of skin care products from top quality brands including, all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic products.

Additionally, dry skin can be the result of inappropriate nutrition. For example, deficiency of essential fatty acids (EFA) can result in dry and scaling skin. EFA supplements can be easily added to your diet providing additional benefits to your health. Essential fatty acids regulate blood pressure, immune responses and liver function, as well as help with blood clotting and breaking down cholesterol. Flaxseed oil and sunflower oil are also excellent sources of essential fatty acids.

Winter weather may also increase the risk for dry, cracked lips. So, check out Lucky Vitamin’s great selection of lip care products available at our discounted prices.

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Dr. Woods – Shea Vision Castile Soap With Organic Shea Butter Baby Mild Unscented – 32 oz.
Alaffia – Body Cream Virgin Coconut – 4 oz.
Derma-E – Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Hand Creme – 2 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Jakemans

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

As the weather gets cold, sore throat is a very common problem during the transitional months. Going from your warm home to freezing cold outside, and then back to a warm room at work or school can be a little bit too much for you. So, now it’s the perfect time for Lucky Vitamin to introduce another top quality brand of lozenges to our customers: Jakemans.

Jakemans uses the finest ingredients to create a great taste product that really works. All lozenges are specially created to give soothing relief from throat and chest discomfort, through a delicious blend of soothing menthol and plant flavors.

A sensible alternative to battle sore throats, Jakemans lozenges contain natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, anise, and eucalyptus oil and are completely free from harsh chemicals. Available in pocket-sized bags, these delicious lozenges can quickly relief throat and chest discomfort and are affordable too. Jakemans was established in 1907 and is a privately owned, independent company specializing in quality menthol based confectionary. Based in Boston, England where the company has always been, right from the start, Jakemans dedication to using quality natural ingredients joined the LanesHealth family in 2007. LanesHealth are leaders in providing alternative natural remedies to many common ailments.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Jakemans products at our discounted prices including Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Honey and Lemon, Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Anise, Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Anise, and the new Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Chili & Lime.

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Jakemans – Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Anise – 30 Lozenges
Jakemans – Throat & Chest Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Chili & Lime – 30 Lozenges


Sun Exposure and Vitamin D

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Vitamins and Minerals at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

The right amount of sun exposure is essential to maintain optimal vitamin D levels in the human body. Several studies have shown that people who do not get enough sun exposure may need vitamin D supplementation, particularly in northern countries where sun exposure is minimal during the winter months.

With an extensive list of ongoing studies on this subject, a new study is set to take place in Australia, examining whether people are getting too little, too much or just enough sun exposure. Many people have low vitamin D levels in Australia but the country has also a high incidence of skin cancer. Thus it is a difficult task in making sure people get the right balance of sun exposure, enough to make vitamin D but not too much where you start to burn. Universities and research centers are teaming up with Cancer Australia and are gathering about 1,000 people for the Sun Exposure vitamin D Supplementation (SEDS) study.

The subjects will be given sun exposure advice, a vitamin D supplement or placebo, and some will receive a dosimeter wristband, which will measure precisely how much sun exposure they’re getting. Furthermore, the dosimeter will alert the participants when their skin has gotten adequate sun exposure. The goal is to establish an understanding of the amount of sun exposure, if the behavior needs to be modified, and ultimately answer the question of whether people should seek more sunlight, or look to supplements. The study has just finished gathering its participants and hopes to have all data collected to begin analyzing in December 2014. Taking vitamin D supplements during the winter is one of the best ways to ensure adequate levels of this important vitamin.

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LuckyVitamin – Vitamin D-3 1000 IU – 240 Tablets
Rainbow Light – Vitamin D Sunny Gummies Sour Lemon 1000 IU – 100 Gummies
Nature’s Answer – Vitamin D-3 Liquid Drops 4000 IU – 15 ml.


Hot Tea: Many Wonderful Choices

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Teas at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Once upon a time people would ask a simple question for your choice of tea: black tea or green tea?

Today, the universe of teas has grown to an extensive variety with hundreds of different ingredients, and incredible combinations to fit all tastes and types. It seems that this list is not going to stop growing as tea makers continue to try new combinations, adding unique ingredients and creating new formulas for this legendary hot beverage.

Herbal teas have long been a popular choice particularly as a caffeine-free type of tea. However, in recent years tea makers have developed multiple caffeine-free green teas and even caffeine-free black teas can now be found. It makes sense since you can have caffeine-free coffee, why not offer the same for black tea lovers?

As the market continues to grow, the latest addition seems to be a unique style of hot tea. Mixing tropical fruit scents to traditional formulas creates a delicious beverage with a wonderful scent. These specialty teas are somehow an exquisite warm, tropical beverage. Even coffee lovers should give it a try to some of the new blended teas. A good number of these teas have great taste and can be a good alternative for the ones looking to try something different for a day or two.

Teas are a healthy beverage that can offer many health benefits. Teas can also be a replacement for unhealthy beverages such as soda and artificial juices and it may be the perfect beverage to sip all day at work or while studying. Lucky Vitamin offers a sensational selection of teas from top-quality brands from around the world. Click here to check our premium selection of teas.

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Bigelow Tea – Eggnogg’n Winter Tea – 20 Tea Bags
Bigelow Tea – Black Tea French Vanilla – 20 Tea Bags
Celestial Seasonings – Sugar Plum Spice Holiday Herb Tea – 20 Tea Bags CLEARANCE PRICED


Preventing and Fighting Cold and Flu Naturally

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

The battle to prevent colds has started. It’s that time of the year when chances of catching a cold normally increase as the weather gets colder across the country. Preventing a cold is easier than you think and you can use three “helpers” to keep you healthy this winter.

Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea supplements have been helping people to prevent colds and the flu for many years. Studies have shown that a daily dose of vitamin C may help to reduce the length and severity of colds. However, despite some significant study results, zinc and Echinacea have proved to provide better protection against the cold and flu than the traditional vitamin C.

Research has shown that people taking Echinacea regularly are up to 30% less likely to catch a cold. The roots, seeds and other parts of Echinacea plants have been used for many years in herbal remedies that people believe protect them against colds. Echinacea is also considered very safe and can be taken on a daily basis.

Zinc is one of the best products to battle cold and the flu. This amazing mineral is available in lozenges, syrup or tablets and has been shown to reduce average cold length. A 2011 Cochrane review of studies into zinc and the common cold suggests that taking zinc supplements within a day of the symptoms starting will speed up recovery from a cold and lessen the severity of symptoms. The flu vaccine can prevent you from catching flu but, aside from that, the best way to protect you from colds and flu is to have a healthy lifestyle. If you want to prevent colds and the flu this winter, consider adding these three products to your wellness list.

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LuckyVitamin – Vitamin C Timed Release With Bioflavonoids 1000 mg. – 100 Tablets
LuckyVitamin – Zinc 50 mg. – 100 Tablets
Gaia Herbs – Echinacea Goldenseal Liquid Phyto Capsules – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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