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Lose Weight the Natural Way with Garcinia Cambogia

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Diet & Weight Loss,Herbs at 1:38 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor










Garcinia Cambogia, or tamarind, is a small, green, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is used in many traditional Asian dishes for its sour flavor. Tamarind has also been used as a digestive aid in certain ayurvedic medicinal treatments. The skin of the fruit contains the “magic” weight loss ingredient that is advocated by celeb health guru, Dr. Oz.

How It Works

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) extract from Garcinia Cambogia blocks fat by inhibiting an enzyme called ATP-citrate lyase. This enzyme helps convert excess carbohydrates (sugars) into fats. When HCA inhibits citrate lyase the fat-making process is halted, and the production of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides decrease. Simply put, Garcinia Cambogia “flips the switch” on one of your body’s primary fat-burners.


There is conflicting evidence in the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia. Studies in rats show that the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia can inhibit a fat-producing enzyme – the aforementioned Citrate Lyase — and increase serotonin levels, which lead to significant weight loss.  Another study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association was less enthusiastic about Garcinia Cambogia’s fat-shedding capabilities. Results of the study revealed no significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo. However, it should be noted that this study was administered with a high-fiber diet rather than a carb-rich diet, which some believe may have influenced its results.

What To Look For

If used short-term, Garcinia Cambogia is considered to be generally safe and features no adverse side effects. Long-term effects, however, remain unknown. When buying Garcinia Cambogia it is best to purchase a brand with at least 50% Hydroxycitric acid. The most common dosage is 500 mg, three times per day, 30 minutes prior to a meal. Remember to consult your doctor before adding any herbal supplement to your regimen, especially if you are currently taking prescribed medication. Garcinia Cambogia is not to be used by people with diabetes’s, Alzheimer’, or dementia, or by women currently pregnant or lactating.

Have you tried Garcina Cambogia? Did you have weight loss results? Let us know…


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Improve Your Sleep with Valerian

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Supplements at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

A recent study shows that nearly 60% of Americans say that they experience a sleep problem every night. The most common issues reported were difficulty falling asleep, waking up one or more times during the course of the night, and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

Sleep aids supplements have been helping people for years and some of the most popular products may help improve overall sleep. For example, valerian supplements have shown the ability to improve the quality of sleep as well reduced the average time to fall asleep.

Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) is an herb that has been used as a sleeping aid for more than 1,000 years. Studies have concluded that valerian root supplements may work just as well as a prescription sleeping pill for insomnia. Researchers think that valerian works due to a combination of compounds. The herb seems to have a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Valerian is available in a variety of different forms: tablets, capsules, liquid extracts, and teas. Herbal experts recommend drinking valerian tea at bedtime to help you drop off to sleep. Valerian supplements may vary in potency and most products are considered generally safe when used as directed. Occasionally it might cause headache, insomnia or vivid dreams. Valerian has been used safely in human studies for up to 28 days but as with other sleeping pills, its effectiveness may wear off over time. Avoid valerian when operating dangerous machinery or during pregnancy. Talk with your doctor before start taking valerian.

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The Amazing Benefits of Lemon Balm

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Herbs at 8:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author









What if I told you there was an herb that can help with hyperthyroidism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, IBS, and other GI complaints related to nervous origin, while at the same time contains anti-viral properties against herpes? You would want to know what this herb was, correct? The herb is Melissa officnalis, or more commonly known as lemon balm. Lemon balm is a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family and is native to the center-southern region of Europe. It has been used medicinally for years.

There have been many studies on the positive effects lemon balm can have on overall health. One study looked at its effect on herpes. Researchers found that lemon balm extract shortened the healing time, aided in the prevention of spreading, and also helped with the tingling, burning, itching, swelling, and redness commonly associated with the infection. In another study, scientists found that it inhibited the replication of the herpes simplex virus.  In vitro studies conducted on lemon balm and Grave’s Disease have shown that lemon balm blocks the attachment of the antibodies that cause Grave’s disease. One final study found that insulin resistant high fat diet fed mice given lemon balm had reduced hyperglycemia (blood sugar), insulin resistance, and LDL/VLDL cholesterol levels after 6 weeks.

Another benefit of lemon balm is the calming effect it can have. The ability to increase relaxation makes it effective in the treatment of ADHD and anxiety.  Studies have shown that  lemon balm increases GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) in synapses (decreased levels of GABA have been associated with anxiety). There are many uses for lemon balm and Lucky Vitamin is proud to carry a variety of extracts, supplements, essential oils, and more.


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Sniff and Sneeze No More

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Supplements at 9:25 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author









Winter may finally be coming to an end and spring is quickly approaching. The end of winter means warmer weather, longer days, and the beautiful flowers of spring. However, with these flowers come the allergens associated with them.  Each year, 35 million Americans fall prey to seasonal allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever. Today we are going to look at some natural alternatives to allergy relief.

An easy and effective treatment for seasonal allergies is Nasal Saline Irrigation. This therapy uses a salt and water solution to help flush out the nasal passages. By flushing out the nasal passages you remove the pollens and other allergens that can cause irritation and inflammation.  There are several different methods of irrigation.  These methods include: Neti Pots, Nasal Syringes, Saline Sprays, and many others. When using this therapy, it is imperative to make sure you use clean water.  It is recommended that you boil distilled or tap water and allow it to cool to room temperature before use.

Another well-known alternative treatment for seasonal allergies is Quercetin. Quercetin is a yellow crystalline pigment found in plants. This substance belongs to a group of plant pigments called flavonoids. Flavonoids, like that found in Quercetin, act as antioxidants. In a recent study, researchers found that Quercetin inhibited histamine by decreasing mast cell activity. Histamine is the major trigger for runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms of allergies. Quercetin has been found to be most effective if taken before allergy season begins and continued throughout.

One final alternative treatment for allergies is Stinging Nettles (Urtia dioica). This herb acts in many of the same ways as prescription drugs on the market. It can regulate histamine and block inflammatory processes in the body. Stinging Nettles can be taken in a supplement form or drank as a tea. A study found in the Journal of Allergy showed that increasing omega-3 fatty acids and decreasing omega 6 fatty acids aided in the prevention of allergy symptoms.  This spring don’t fall hostage to your allergens; shop Lucky Vitamin for all your alternative treatments to allergens.

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Spice Up Your Health with Turmeric

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Curcumin, the main ingredient o turmeric spice, has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.  Studies about curcumin supplements have been conducted for years but the results of a new research have concluded that curcumin has great potential in the treatment of cancer and management of other diseases.

The new study conducted at Baylor University Medical Center found that curcumin may improve cancer treatment, both directly with its activity against cancer cells and indirectly by sensitizing cancer cells to the effect of chemotherapy. In a cancer preventative role, this specific type of curcumin called BCM-95 was also shown to reduce cellular DNA damage that can lead to cancer. The study involved colorectal cancer cells that were treated with either 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU), a common chemotherapeutic agent used for colorectal cancer, or a combination of 5-FU and curcumin. It’s important to remember that this type of curcumin has high absorption and inclusion of turmeric essential oil, and results may not apply to other forms of curcumin.

Curcumin contains several active components that target the ten causative factors which may promote the formation of cancer cells in the body. Combating just one of these factors can already give a person great chances of preventing cancer from forming, but curcumin can combat all ten of these causative factors.

“One of the problems with chemotherapy is that cancer cells can become resistant to its effects, so higher and higher doses of the chemo must be used. This results in a great deal of damage to healthy tissue and an increase in serious adverse effects. We wanted to see how curcumin might improve chemotherapy’s ability to kill cancer cells,” said Ajay Goel, Ph.D., one of the study’s authors at Baylor Research Institute.

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More Benefits from Saw Palmetto

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Saw Palmetto has been one of the most popular herbal supplements to support prostate health. Multiple studies have shown that saw palmetto supplements are the leading natural treatment for BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and regular used of this herb has been shown to help keep symptoms in check.

Now, even better news. Recent research is discovering that saw palmetto may offer additional health benefits. A new study shows that saw palmetto supplements can be slightly to moderately effective for hair regrowth but the herb is usually not very effective if used alone. Although saw palmetto is widely used as an alternative natural treatment to prevent hair loss, it is not typically lauded for stimulating hair follicles or engendering regrowth. Reports show that saw palmetto can stop hair loss but new hair does not appear as a result of it. Some moderate growth of hair has been possible for people who use saw palmetto for hair regrowth in conjunction with other hair boosting botanicals or supplements.

For example, the combination of saw palmetto supplements with around 100 mg of beta-sitosterol may boost hair growth up to 60 percent according to a study. Researchers support theories that saw palmetto can block and slow baldness as some users claim to see a definite increase in the rate of hair growth, usually after three months of use.

High in beta-carotene, saw palmetto has proven effective in preventing baldness because the herb can successfully thwart the effects the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for male-patterned alopecia. DHT is an androgen that reduces the size of hair follicles, choking off new hair growth and causing hair to fall out. Daily intake of saw palmetto can lower the amounts of DHT being produced and absorbed by follicles on the scalp. The standard daily amount for effectiveness in arresting DHT-linked hair loss is 320 mg of the extract or 160 mg of saw palmetto powder.

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Stronger Immune System with Oregano Oil

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

If you are looking for something to boost your immune system, you may want to consider trying oregano oil supplements. Oregano oil is an extract from the oregano plant, yes the same herb often used in cooking, pizzas, pastas, and breads. Oregano oil supplements are sourced from wild-crafted true oregano (Origanum vulgare), an aromatic herb originally from the Mediterranean region and can not only enhance your immune system but also offer some additional health benefits.

Oregano oil is well-known for enhancing the immune system. This natural oil is a potent anti-fungal agent that has similar germ-killing properties as various antibiotics and is capable of destroying resistant fungal forms. Supplementation has been tested and proved against many different types of infection to exert a high degree of anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions. Moreover, regular intake of oregano oil supplements may provide additional benefits such as regulating the digestive system and aiding joint lubrication and restoring mobility.

Multiple studies have shown that oregano oil is high on antioxidant activity which is one of the most important factors for healthy digestion. Oregano oils thymol and caryacrol are believed to be the main sources of its benefits and regular intake may help cure mild stomach problems and regulate bowel movement.

Additionally, oil of oregano aids joint lubrication and restore mobility and may be an alternative for people struggling with products such as glucosamine and chondroitin. The high potency of oregano oil active substances can definitely improve joint health and reduce extreme pain, inflammation and stiffness of joint.

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Holiday Teas

Filed Under: Herbs,Teas at 8:38 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

‘Tis the season for holiday flavors! Coffee companies nationwide are promoting pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint mochas, gingerbread lattes and eggnog lattes. It can be hard to avoid those sweet temptations. However, LuckyVitamin.com carries a variety of seasonal teas that are just as delightful and flavorful, and deliver a countless number of health benefits.

Peppermint “mentha piperita” is a great tasting herb commonly used as an anti-spasmodic herb for the gastrointestinal tract. In the digestive tracts peppermint can be used for IBS, pain, bloating, spasms, nausea and morning sickness.

Ginger “zingiber” is another common holiday flavor with many health benefits. Ginger is a carminative, which means that it is used to relieve gas and griping, soothes the gut wall, and eases spasms. It’s a warming herb that can improve circulation, help relieve nausea (motion sickness and morning sickness) and stimulate appetite.

Benefits that come from cranberry include aiding in the prevention of urinary tract infections. It also has anti-infective, anticancer and antioxidant effects, which may be considered as positive for different age-related conditions. In addition, components in cranberry may induce positive cardiovascular and metabolic changes, and can improve neuropsychological activity.

One last holiday flavor herb with many health benefits is licorice “glycyrrhiza glabra”. Licorice is an adaptogen. It increases resistance and resilience to stress, and aids the body’s ability to adapt around problems, avoiding deeper health repercussions. Licorice increases the body’s production of interferon, resulting in increased antiviral activity. It is also hepatoprotective and can aid people with hepatitis.

Although the use of these herbs are considered safe, some herbs have contraindication properties and it is recommended that you consult with your physician before trying any of these to treat your symptoms.

This holiday season, do more for your body than drink those sweet caffeinated concoctions. Come check these and other holiday flavors out at LuckyVitamin.com today and save!

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Long Life Rhodiola

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Herbs at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Rhodiola supplements have been considered energy enhancers for many years. Along with decreasing fatigue, the antioxidant properties of rhodiola have been used for centuries by Scandinavians and Russians to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Studies have shown additional health benefits in humans including boosting mood, memory and stamina; and preventing altitude sickness.

A recent research may add another health benefit to the list as preliminary studies have concluded that rhodiola may help promote longevity. The herbal extract of a yellow-flowered mountain plant was found to increase the lifespan of fruit fly populations by an average of 24 percent, according to UC Irvine researchers. Study leaders Mahtab Jafari and Sam Schriner concluded that rhodiola works in a manner completely unrelated to dietary restriction and affects different molecular pathways. Dietary restriction is considered the most robust method of improving lifespan in laboratory animals, and scientists have been scrambling to identify compounds that can mimic its effects.

“We found that rhodiola actually increases lifespan on top of that of dietary restriction,” Jafari said. “It demonstrates that rhodiola can act even in individuals who are already long-lived and healthy,” he added. The researchers proved this by putting flies on a calorie-restricted diet as they expected that if rhodiola functioned in the same manner as dietary restriction, it would not work in these flies, but it did. They also tested Rhodiola in flies in which the molecular pathways of dietary restriction had been genetically inactivated with positive results. Not only did rhodiola improve lifespan an average of 24 percent in both sexes and multiple strains of flies, but it also delayed the loss of physical performance in flies as they aged and even extended the lives of old flies.

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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Celebration Herbals

Filed Under: Herbs,Teas at 8:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Attention tea lovers! Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another premium brand of organic teas for our customers: Celebration Herbals.

Celebration Herbals offers an extensive line of organic herbal teas with unique formulas and made only with the best ingredients. You can choose from the traditional Chinese green tea to the exotic yerba mate with mint, and much more. The company is fully committed to make the difference, creating great quality herbal products that can be effective, great tasting, organic, and are an inexpensive alternative to prescription drugs.

Celebration Herbals’ first product was “C” Blend Tea, followed by a few Psyllium Fiber products, and then an extensive line of herbal teas. The company continues to develop new products and, in the past two years, has also created a very extensive line of bottled herbs and spices. Organic is a passion for Celebration Herbals. Organic produce is better tasting, more nutritious, more environmentally friendly, and has a noticeable absence of health depleting chemicals.

Today, Celebration Herbals offers every type of tea you can possibly imagine. Aside from the endless selection of herbal teas, the company has a wide variety of black teas, chai, green teas, ginger, white teas, as well as specialty teas for detox and laxative teas. You can also find a great selection of caffeine-free teas with some healthy ingredients such as elderberry, cranberry, fenugreek, papaya just to mention a few. Click here to check Celebration Herbals teas available at LuckyVitamin.com.

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Magic Yohimbe Bark

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Herbs,Sexual Health at 8:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

If you could find an herbal supplement that can help with weight-loss, increase athletic performance, work as an appetite suppressant, and it is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac, you wouldn’t be wrong if you call it the “magic pill”, right?

Yohimbe bark supplements are one of the most interesting herbal supplements available. Known for its aphrodisiac properties, yohimbe contain a compound called yohimbine which acts on fats cells in the body by increasing adrenaline levels and inhibiting a regulatory process found on fat cells that normally suppresses the fat burning process, leading to an increase in fat burning. Yohimbine is found naturally occurring primarily as an alkaloid in the pausinystalia yohimbe tree, sometimes referred to as corynanthe yohimbe, and can be found in the plant known as Rauwolfia Serpentina, as well as the Rauwolfia family of plants in general. Considered by some herbalists to be as effective as ephedrine, an average dosage of 0.2mg/kg bodyweight has been used with success to increase fat burning without overly significant implications on heart rate or blood pressure.

However, yohimbe works better on an empty stomach as its effects seem to be partially negated with food intake. A great supplement to take during short term fasts or for prolonged periods between meals, yohimbe is also known to aid to erectile dysfunction, as well as a general stimulant. Caution should be taken at higher body weights since the cardiovascular system may not be as prepared to handle a stimulatory agent such as yohimbine.

When supplementing yohimbine for the first time, always start with a half-dose and assess tolerance before proceeding. As always, consult with your health care professional before starting yohimbe supplements.

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Discovering Guaraná

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

During last month’s FIFA Confederations Cup held in Brazil, the Tahitian national soccer team made headlines when players discovered guaraná, Brazilian’s famous drink. Tahitian athletes started to drink guaraná during their stay and the majority of them really enjoyed the taste of this tropical beverage. Known for its good taste and easy-to-drink flavor, guaraná is also a great energy booster.

Guaraná is originally from the Amazon region and very popular in Brazil and other South America countries. The tropical fruit contain very high levels of caffeine in its seeds as one seed of guaraná contains five times more caffeine than an average coffee bean. Several energy drink products are now including guaraná in their formulas not just because of its potent energy levels but also for its delicious taste. Guaraná is also used in sweetened or carbonated soft drinks but with significantly lower levels of caffeine.

In addition, guaraná products are available in supplement form and are considered efficient, safe energy boosters. Natural energy supplements may also contain guaraná in formulas designed for fat burner, weight-loss, athletic performance enhancers, and products to stimulate the mental function. In the United States, guaraná holds a GRAS-status, i.e. generally recognized as safe but, like any other energy booster, it’s recommended to take it wisely and avoid higher doses before bedtime.

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The Nausea Of Pregnancy

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Homeopathy,Women's Health at 11:50 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Did you know that approximately 80% of pregnant women experience nausea during the first trimester of pregnancy?  The term most people use to associate with the nausea of pregnancy is “morning sickness.” However these symptoms can strike at any time and, for most women, last all day long. Doctors and scientists are not sure what causes nausea during pregnancy.  Anti-emetic drugs can be used to help with nausea but are often times limited due to risk of birth defects.  So today we are going to look at some alternatives to help treat the nausea associated with pregnancy.

Common dietary recommendations include eating small, frequent meals and avoiding spicy, fatty foods. It is also recommended to avoid foods and smells that cause nausea. One study found that high protein meals were more effective at preventing nausea then high carbohydrates or high fat meals.  Let’s look at some other alternatives besides dietary changes to help combat the nausea.

Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) has anti-nausea and antiemetic effects and has been used successfully help combat nausea associated with chemotherapy and other drugs, motion sickness and postoperative nausea.  There have been at least 4 randomized controlled trials that have found Ginger powder or extract to be an effective treatment for the nausea of vomiting associated with pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has also been found to be as effective as ginger in the treatment of nausea.  In uncontrolled trials, 75% to nearly 100% of women experienced marked improvement or complete relief of symptoms after taking Vitamin B6.  Another useful modality for nausea is homoepathy. A common homeopathic remedy for morning sickness is Sepia Oficinalis. The characteristic symptoms of Sepia are nausea first thing in morning or from the smell of food/odors, a sick feeling in the stomach and nausea that is soothed from eating.

Some experts are unsure whether pharmaceutical drugs are safe during pregnancy. So try some of these safe and effective alternatives to helping combat your nausea associated with pregnancy.

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Dreaming of a Good Night of Sleep? Valerian May Help

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Supplements at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Are you having troubles falling asleep? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again? If you are having these problems at night, a natural herbal supplement may be able to help you. Valerian supplements have been known for its sleeping properties for many years. Results from studies have indicated that the extract from this flowering grassland plant may reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and help you sleep better.

An efficient supplement for insomnia and anxiety, Valerian should be taken at night, half hour before bedtime, for optimal results. Doctors suggest anywhere between 350mg to a max of 500mg of Valerian extract for people fighting insomnia. For anxiety, Valerian can help promoting overall body relaxation. Students taking Valerian supplements were able to lower their stress levels, minimizing nervous conditions during final exams according to a study.

Valerian products are also available for kids and are safe to use. It might be helpful if you can’t calm down your kids late at night, or after physical activities. Valerian in liquid is perfect for kids because it can be added to their beverages without altering the taste. Researchers suggest that Valerian does not have major side effect and does not lead to addiction or dependence. Valerian is a safe natural product that might be taken on a regular basis.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Yerba Mate

Filed Under: Herbs,Teas at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Yerba mate can be considered a fountain of nutrients as this traditional South American beverage contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain a healthy life. Yerba mate has become a popular choice in health food stores as it is a good source of not only vitamins but also minerals, and nutrients. Yerba mate contains vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B5, niacin (B3) as well as important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, potassium, and phosphorus.

The interesting fact about yerba mate is that it’s often considered a tea and an herbal product but, technically, yerba mate is neither a tea nor an herb. Though the plant is called yerba in Spanish and erva in Portuguese, (both mean herb in English), it is a tree and not an herbaceous plant. It is native to subtropical South America in northeastern Argentina, Bolivia, southern Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.It was first used and cultivated by the Guaraní people, and also in Tupí communities in southern Brazil, prior to the European colonization. The mate plant leaves contain caffeine and yerba mate beverages can promote a boost of energy. However, yerba mate is much more than an energy enhancer. Studies have shown that yerba mate can help regulate cholesterol levels, increasing HDL and reducing LDL. Researchers believe that drinking yerba mate infusions may also reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Yerba mate can be considered one of the healthiest plants as researchers have concluded that it’s difficult to find a plant which can match mate’s nutritional value. Mate is more nutritious than green tea and studies have shown that mate can edge all the commonly used stimulants such as coffee,green tea, kola nut, cocoa and guarana, as it delivers more energy and nutrition.

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