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Healing and Recovery with Arnica

Filed Under: Homeopathy,Supplements at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Pain relief products are available in many different forms but if you are looking for a natural and efficient way to minimize your pain, arnica products may be your best choice.

Arnica is an excellent product for healing and recovery of muscles as well as treating bruises, sprains and other minor injuries. Arnica can also be used in the treatment of muscular strains, wounds and swelling. Originally from Europe, arnica montana is a flowering plant that has been used medicinally in liniment and ointment preparations for over 200 years.

Found in several homeopathic products, topical arnica preparations have shown to act as an anti-inflammatory and assist normal healing processes by facilitating transport of blood and fluid accumulations through a dilating action of subcutaneous blood capillaries. It is considered by many specialists to be the best product for treatment in early stages of an injury when there is swelling. Arnica can be used immediately post workout when injury may occur due to poor stretching or muscle fatigue.

A recent study showed that arnica gel applied twice daily may reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee. Additionally, another double-blind study reported that a combination of topical arnica ointment and oral homeopathic arnica tablets reduced pain in people recovering from hand surgery. Arnica montana contains arnica solution watered down hundreds of times to form a homeopathic ultra-dilution. Thousands of practitioners and patients swear by arnica’s remarkable curative powers, particularly in the treatment of swelling and bruising. Arnica homeopathic remedies are available in different potencies or dilutions.

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Winter’s Slips and Spills

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Homeopathy at 8:42 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

With winter rapidly approaching, temperatures will quickly drop.  Whether it’s heading out with friends to the slopes or making snowmen with kids, there’s lots of fun to be had in the snow. However, this fun can lead to a snowballing of slips and spills, increasing the chances of injuries.

Homeopathic remedies are very useful in first aid circumstances. Remedies are prescribed on the principle that ‘like cures like’ in a tiny dilution. The following indications are what a healthy person would feel if taking the actual substances.

Arnica montana produces conditions upon the system quite similar to those resulting from injuries, falls, blows or contusions. Symptoms include a sore, lame or bruised feeling. Arnica may also be used for any injury resulting from overuse and commonly worsens from the slightest touch or motion.

But let’s say you’re on the slopes with your friends or are walking out your door and slip on some ice. You fall and land on your tailbone (we’ve all done it before). Then you may want to consider the homeopathic remedy hypericum perfolatium. Hypericum perfolatium produces conditions upon the system similar to those from crush injuries.

If either or those remedies don’t work you can always consider combination remedies like traumeel.  Traumeel can easily be rubbed directly onto the injured area for pain relief.

Other treatments to consider include rest and ice. Remember in the first 72 hours ice is your friend and heat is your enemy. When applying the ice you should follow the acronym CBAN (cold, burn, ache, then numb), and avoid applying ice directly to the skin. Instead use a thin fabric to create a barrier. Once you feel the numbing sensation, remove the ice pack. If you think your injury is serious remember check with your doctor.

This winter season don’t let falls, bumps and bruises keep you down. Check out LuckyVitamin.com for all your natural remedies.

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The Nausea Of Pregnancy

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Homeopathy,Women's Health at 11:50 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Did you know that approximately 80% of pregnant women experience nausea during the first trimester of pregnancy?  The term most people use to associate with the nausea of pregnancy is “morning sickness.” However these symptoms can strike at any time and, for most women, last all day long. Doctors and scientists are not sure what causes nausea during pregnancy.  Anti-emetic drugs can be used to help with nausea but are often times limited due to risk of birth defects.  So today we are going to look at some alternatives to help treat the nausea associated with pregnancy.

Common dietary recommendations include eating small, frequent meals and avoiding spicy, fatty foods. It is also recommended to avoid foods and smells that cause nausea. One study found that high protein meals were more effective at preventing nausea then high carbohydrates or high fat meals.  Let’s look at some other alternatives besides dietary changes to help combat the nausea.

Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) has anti-nausea and antiemetic effects and has been used successfully help combat nausea associated with chemotherapy and other drugs, motion sickness and postoperative nausea.  There have been at least 4 randomized controlled trials that have found Ginger powder or extract to be an effective treatment for the nausea of vomiting associated with pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has also been found to be as effective as ginger in the treatment of nausea.  In uncontrolled trials, 75% to nearly 100% of women experienced marked improvement or complete relief of symptoms after taking Vitamin B6.  Another useful modality for nausea is homoepathy. A common homeopathic remedy for morning sickness is Sepia Oficinalis. The characteristic symptoms of Sepia are nausea first thing in morning or from the smell of food/odors, a sick feeling in the stomach and nausea that is soothed from eating.

Some experts are unsure whether pharmaceutical drugs are safe during pregnancy. So try some of these safe and effective alternatives to helping combat your nausea associated with pregnancy.

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The Sweet Wound Healer

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Health Foods,Homeopathy at 10:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author
Bee making honey

Honey has been regarded as a valuable part of wound treatment for many centuries. It was first documented as a wound treatment by the Egyptians in 2000BC (Gelbart 1999).  A document in 1932 detailed its use in wound care management during the Middle Ages. Presently, honey is a topic of clinical and scientific research in wound care.  In recent studies, honey has been used to treat Fournier’s Gangrene, skin burns and chronically infected meningococcal skin lesions.

In an article by Efem (1988), it is suggested that the hygroscopic properties and low pH of honey are antibacterial. He also suggests that the barrier honey forms on a wound surface prevents bacteria from penetrating and thus colonizing. Honey has been found to have significant antibacterial activity against the major wound-infecting species Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a laboratory study performed by Cooper 1998 and Molan 1999.

The antibacterial effect of honey results from the presence of hydrogen peroxide – an oxidizing agent released by the action of the enzyme peroxidase, added by bees to the nectar they collect. While this compound has been found harmful to wounds when added as a rinse, honey continuously provides a consistent antibacterial, non-toxic level that is approximately 1,000 times lower than in rinse solutions.

Honey may have deodorizing effects on wounds as well. This is due to the anti-bacterial properties of honey, which kill the organisms that cause foul smells. This deodorizing effect has been found useful for wounds like abscess, diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers.

Most honey available on the market is not intended for application to wounds. Honey that is for consumption is not sterilized and cannot be recommended for use on wounds. Commercial honey intended for use on wounds is sterilized by gamma irradiation.

Application of honey is different for all healing agents and you must follow the instructions of that agent. The antibacterial activity of honey varies on plant source. Honeys from the Leptospermum species, for example, Manuka honey, have an exceptionally high level of plant derived antibacterial component. A variety of Manuka Honey may be found at LuckyVitamin.com, but remember to be careful and read the labels or contact the company to find out how their products are made.

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Reduce, Stop Snoring

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Homeopathy,Supplements at 4:45 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

A good and restful night of sleep can be the differential for a better life. Studies have shown that better nights of sleep may provide you more energy and less respiratory issues. But what can you do when you hear that you’re snoring like a bear?

Snoring is generally caused by partial blockage of air movement during breathing while sleeping. The respiratory system produces noises as parts of the system may be vibrating due to irregular airflow.

Snoring can be easily reduced or even fully stopped by following a couple of simple, easy steps. First, try to change your sleeping position. For example, sleeping on your back is an indication you’re most likely to snore. In fact, sleeping on the side may be the easiest way to stop snoring. You will not block your throat with your tongue if you are able to sleep on the side of your body for the entire night. Second, adding a pilot to your back can also help minimizing snoring. You may use a large, medium pillow on your back, preventing you from rolling over. This good old trick can get you surprisingly good results. Other factors are also known for causing snoring. For example, smoking and heavy drinking can increase snore frequency. Smoking normally clogs the throat, significantly reducing the air intake. Smokers should avoid smoke at night to prevent air blockage before going to bed.

Snoring aid products may help you fighting this unhealthy and annoying habit. Nose clips are simple devices to increase air intake as you sleep. A few homeopathic products may also help and are safe to be taken on a regular basis. Click here to check our selection of snore aid products.

Image source: healthwise.com

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Food Poisoning

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Homeopathy at 6:10 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that foodborne illnesses are two times more common during the summer months than during other parts of the year. This is because the bacteria that causes food poisoning grows faster in hot and humid climates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 76 million people fall ill with food poisoning each year. Older adults, young children and anyone with a weakened immune system may be more susceptible to food poisoning.

First let’s talk about prevention. Prevention is just as important as the treatment of food poisoning. Food poisoning may be prevented by keeping perishable foods refrigerated or in a cooler with ice. Food left out of refrigeration for more than two hours may not be safe to eat. In temperatures higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, food should not be left out for more than one hour. But what if you still somehow get sick, despite taking preventative measures?

Arsenicum Album is a commonly used homeopathic remedy for the treatment of food poisoning. Keynotes for its use may include: diarrhea following rancid food, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, and great thirst but only for small quantities of cold water.

Another homeopathic remedy to consider is Podophyllum Peltatum. Keynotes for Podophyllum Peltatum include: watery, profuse, painless, gushing and/or offensive diarrhea that drains you dry. Symptoms are often worse after eating or drinking. You will typically feel weak after passing stool and may also be experiencing painful cramps in the lower abdomen.

If you feel a little queasy, Ginger Tea can help settle nausea. Ginger is loaded with potent anti-inflammatory compounds that help to suppress nausea and gastric distress. Probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, can help rebuild the presence and balance of good bacteria in the gut. (Daily use of probiotics may also be helpful in preventing the onset of food poisoning by boosting beneficial bacteria in the gut.)

It’s always important to contact your Primary Care Physician or go to your nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room whenever you suffer from long-lasting or severe food poisoning. If your primary care physician decides you need an antibiotic therapy, consider taking probiotics a couple hours after taking the antibiotic.

Source: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/food-poisoning-000064.htm#ixzz2VvJRZ1p6

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Leaves of Three, Let Them Be.

Filed Under: Homeopathy at 4:11 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Toxicodendron radicans, more commonly known as Poison Ivy, is a poisonous North American plant.  The rash associated with this plant is caused by contact with an oil (urushiol) found in poison ivy, oak, or sumac. The oil is present in all parts of the plants, including the leaves, stems, flowers, berries and roots. Urushiol is an allergen, so the rash is actually an allergic reaction to the oil in these plants.  Toxicodendron radicans is most active in the early spring, and can remain active up until the fall. Let’s take a look into natural remedies and treatments that can help with poison ivy.

The homeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron is a solution made from the Toxicodendron Radicans (poison ivy) plant. If you know you are going to be exposed to poison ivy and want to avoid a reaction to it, take Rhus Toxicodendron in either the 30C or 200C potency (one-three pellets dissolved under the tongue) before heading out. Doing so will often offer a significant degree of protection. If you have unfortunately already been exposed to the plant and now have a rash don’t worry. Rhus Toxicodendron, taken as soon as a rash appears (30C or 200C – one-three pellets), and then taken as needed, will often clear the matter quickly. Other alternatives may also be used to help stop the itch.

Oatmeal Baths are a safe, gentle and great alternative treatment to help relieve the itch of poison ivy.  Avena sativa (oat) are mucilaginous and therefore soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory if used topically.  Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe the inflammation associated with your body’s reaction to allergens found in the plant. Itchy, dry skin often has a high pH level, but oatmeal can help normalize your skin’s pH, which can relieve itchy, uncomfortable skin. But that’s not all! Oatmeal Baths are also a popular remedy for sunburns, dry skin and conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. They soften and moisturize your skin, which helps lock in moisture and protect skin from exterior irritants. A bath can be made by putting oats into a sock or muslin bag and added to the bath.  Allow oats to steep in the bath. Wring the sock several times before entering bath.

This summer don’t let poison ivy keep you from doing all the outdoor activities you love to do. Consider these alternative treatments the next time you find yourself covered in a poison ivy rash.

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The “Pain” With Cooking

Filed Under: Flower Essences,Health Concerns & Ailments,Homeopathy at 4:00 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Are you one of those chefs burning more than just your food in the kitchen? I constantly find myself burning my hands and fingers while preparing meals.  Most burns suffered during cooking are either first-degree or second-degree burns.  Today we are going to learn about alternative treatments you may want to try for burns.

First, let’s take a look at homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a medicine that was founded by Samuel Hahnemann and focuses on the principle that likes cures like. The most common homeopathic remedy for first degree burns is urtica urens. Urtica urens is used when the pain is stinging, burning and worse from warmth. If you think about it, this is very common in your typical cooking burn. Now let’s say the burn is a little worse – you grab a burning hot pot right out of the oven without an oven holder. Don’t worry! Causticum is what you may need. It’s very commonly used to treat more extensive second degree burns, the keynote symptoms for which are slow healing and blistering. Another homeopathic product to consider when suffering from a burn is calendula gel. However, homeopathy is not the only alternative treatment for burns.

Lavender Essential Oil is excellent for healing and disinfecting wounds and tissues. In fact, one of the most recognized benefits of pure lavender oil is its ability to soothe and heal burns. To apply it, dab the oil gently to the burn using your fingers or a cotton ball.

One last interesting treatment for burns includes honey. Honey has been used as a folk remedy of burns for years. It has known antibacterial activity helping to keep the wound clean and also promotes healing of the epithelium. In fact, in a randomized controlled trial, topically applied honey was found to be superior to conventional burn dressings.

So the next time you find yourself suffering from a burn, instead of reaching for the ice cubes, consider reaching for one of these alternative treatments for burns found here at LuckyVitamin.com.

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Swimmer’s Ear

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Homeopathy at 5:27 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Summer is fast approaching! With kids getting out of school to play in the sun and soak in the pool, let’s take a look into alternative treatments for “swimmer’s ear.”

Otitis Externa, also known as Swimmer’s Ear, is the inflammation or infection of the external ear canal. Repeated exposure to water can result in the removal of cerumen (earwax) and drying of the external auditory canal, which increases risk for infection. According to eMedicine, “Otitis externa is one of the most common medical conditions that affect aquatic athletes and pool going individuals.  Individuals with allergic conditions, such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, or asthma, also have a significantly higher risk of developing this condition.”

Mild cases of otitis externa may respond well to acidifying the ear. Acidify ears with a 50% vinegar and 50% isopropyl alcohol mixture. To treat, add 5 drops, 3 times per day for 7 days into the ear canal. If you’re prone to otitis externa, 4-5 drops can be used as a preventative method post swimming and bathing.

Garlic mullein oil is a combination of herbal extractions from the plants Verbascum Thapsus (Mullein) and Allium Sativa (Garlic). Mullein flowers are sedating and reduce inflammation. Mullein oil is often used to treat earaches and is indicated for treatment of otitis externa, otitis media, and serous otitis media. Garlic is a known anti-microbial plant and is also anti-inflammatory.  It is one the main antibiotic plants used by alternative doctors. Best benefits are obtained by gently heating the garlic mullein oil, or applying heat after the oil is applied inside the ear.

Allium Cepa, also known as onion, is also very anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. A very gentle, easy and effective treatment involves boiling an onion until it is soft. Take the onion and squeeze out the juice. Allow the juice to cool until it is luke-warm and place 2 drops into the ear. You can also make your own onion poultice to the infected ear. A poultice is a soft moist mass, often heated and medicated, spread on cloth over the skin to treat an aching, inflamed or painful part of the body. To make an onion poultice, gently simmer 1/2 of a chopped onion in 1/4 cup of water for a few minutes, stirring so it won’t burn. Wrap the simmered onion in several layers of cheesecloth or a thin, soft cloth. Allow the mixture to cool just enough so it doesn’t burn the skin. Then, place over the ear for at least five minutes.

Other alternative means to treatment of otitis externa involve increasing overall immune system functions. This may include using products like Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin A. As always, please consult your doctor first regarding any dietary or herbal supplements or treatments you would like to try.

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What is Homeopathy?

Filed Under: Homeopathy at 4:29 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Homeopathy offers a safe, gentle and effective means of restoring the body to health.  Homeopathy comes from the Greek words “omoios” meaning similar and “pathos” meaning suffering. Samuel Hahnemann defined homeopathy as treating disease with medicines that are chosen in accordance with the law of similars.  The law of similars states that a disease can be cured by a medicine that elicits symptoms similar to those the patient experiences as healthy individual. In other words the law of similars means “like cures like.” Therefore an important aspect of homeopathy is to determine all of the symptoms the patient is experiencing or looking at the symptoms as a whole.  In homeopathy this is defined as the “totality of symptoms”. A symptom in homeopathy is anything – whether it’s subjective or objective – that we experience as deviations from our normal harmonious bodily functions. If symptoms are what we classify as deviations from harmony, then what maintains this harmony?

Vitalism believes that the bodily functions are due to a vitalisitic principle existing in all living creatures. This vital principal in homeopathy is coined as the vital force and is what maintains all the functions in health; it organizes the body, it’s reactions, and everything else involved. Because no two people have the same vital force, we must not classify a disease as always presenting with the same symptoms. Therefore, each patient will get sick in slightly different manners. In homeopathy this is defined as individualization. When prescribing remedies a homeopath will prescribe a remedy that is individualized to the patient.

The common medicines of Hahnemann’s day were usually very toxic and prescribed in large doses. Hahnemann wanted to find a better way to treat his patients. He found that as long as a remedy was made under the principle that “like cures like” the size of the dose did not matter. He then found that not only were the smaller doses less harmful to the patients, they were also more effective in the treatment.

Homeopathy incorporates the principal of holism within its realm of practice. It brings a holistic approach to medicine by focusing on the totality of symptoms and treating the whole person at what is believed to be the root of the disease. By finding the root of the disease homeopathic remedies restore the individual’s vital force to it’s harmonious balance relieving it of this dis-ease.

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Decrease Calories, Lose Weight With HCG

Filed Under: Homeopathy,Supplements at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

HCG supplements have suddenly become one of the best selling weight loss products at Lucky Vitamin. As studies continue to look into its efficiency, many people are just trying to find a little bit more information about HCG.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone generally used to assist dieters to lose weight and curb appetite. HCG interacts with the hypothalamus gland, increases metabolism and allows the body to use fat as energy. Homeopathic HCG supplements have been shown to be just as effective on the diet in aiding with weight loss as the regular HCG products.

Considered a weight loss breakthrough by many men and women, HCG is available in thousands of brands and hundreds of combinations but some HCG products have been unable to produce results for many people. HCG diets are very controversial because experts will point the reduced calorie diet plan is responsible for the weight-loss, not the product.

HGC supplements are commonly mixed with four essential amino acids which can help promote energy, fat burning, healthy skin, and appetite control. The ingredients in HCG may help promote and stimulate your body’s own natural hormone production. Even though individuals reduce their caloric intake, the body consumes as much as 3,500 additional calories each day directly from the abnormal fat stores. Hunger is rarely an issue because HCG helps curb the appetite, reducing hunger to a minimum.

Moderate exercise is highly recommended as some people may be able lose up to one pound per day, when combine with taking HGC supplements. However, the unofficial average is about 20 pounds per month, slightly less than a pound per day.

As always, it’s highly recommended that you consult with your physician before starting taking HCG supplements or any other diet program.

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Treating Shingles Naturally

Filed Under: Herbs,Homeopathy at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a disease caused by the virus Varicella zoste, the same virus that triggers chickenpox. Shingles causes painful inflamed blisters to break out with eruptions appearing on parts of the back, sides, abdomen, and sometimes on the face.

Symptoms include pain and itching, prior to the appearance of a severely painful skin rash of red, fluid-filled blisters that later crust over. The rash is typically located on the trunk or face and only affects one side of the body. Pain may resolve rapidly or persist in the area of the rash for months to years after the rash disappears.

Shingles usually affects the elderly or people with compromised immune function. Nerve pain that persists after other symptoms have cleared is called postherpetic neuralgia. Although no cure exists, treatments are available to relieve the rash and nerve pain.

A few number of self-care steps may be helpful to treat shingles. Consider a topical ointment to soothe pain, applying products containing capsaicin, a substance found in cayenne peppers. The hot component of cayenne pepper, known as capsaicin, is topically used to relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia.

You can also try peppermint oil for topical use for postherpetic neuralgia. One case report has been published concerning an elderly woman with postherpetic neuralgia who experienced dramatic pain relief from topical application of 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil to the affected area 3 or 4 times per day.

Additionally, homeopathic remedies are often very helpful for pain relief and recovery. The following homeopathic substances may help treating rashes: arsenicum album, apis mellifica, clematix, iris versicolor, mezereum, ranunculus bulbosus, and rhus toxicodendron. Although homeopathic remedies are generally not known to cause serious side effects, discuss any new treatment program with your healthcare practitioner.

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Fighting Allergies This Fall

Filed Under: Homeopathy at 5:40 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Allergies are common in the spring and early summer but many people suffer from allergies in the fall months. The allergy triggers might be slightly different in the fall, but some people feel the same symptoms of allergies such as runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Fall allergies are generally caused by mold, ragweed and dust mites.

Mold is one of the main triggers for fall allergies as its spores can easily get airborne. Mold thrives in damp areas such as piles of leaves in yards and streets and basements and bathrooms at home.

Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger in the fall. This yellow-flowering weed typically begins pollinating in August but it can linger well into the fall months. Most people who are allergic to spring pollen-producing plants are also allergic to ragweed and its pollen can travel for hundreds of miles on the wind.

Dust mites are another common indoor allergen but are more frequent in summer months. Dust mites continue to make their way into your nose during the fall, triggering sneezes, wheezes, and runny noses.

Understanding allergies is quite simple. When foreign invaders enter the nose, the immune system mistakenly releases antibodies, which attack the allergens, leading to the release of chemicals called histamines into the blood. Histamines trigger the runny nose, itchy eyes.

Homeopathic allergy products are one of the best ways to prevent allergies in the fall. Many people do not feel comfortable taking regular allergy products because of some of the ingredients used.

However, homeopathic supplements for allergy relief work with your body trying to stimulate the natural defenses and are safe to be taken daily.

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Safe Choices for Children’s Medicines by Boiron

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Homeopathy at 11:15 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Children’s Oscillococcinum

Parents will always protect their babies. It’s human nature.

Animals are the same way, protecting their puppies against potential predators.

Treating children is a challenge. Many parents are concerned when giving their kids over-the-counter drugs.

Unlike adults, babies may not be able to inform their conditions, such as how sick they feel, or what part of the body is hurting. The lack of communication is definitely a major concern for parents.

Homeopathic medicines have been for used for years to support multiple health issues. It’s the safest way to self treat issues such as the common cold, cough and flu.

Homeopathic products do not contain any questionable ingredients for use in youngsters. There’s no side effects and no risk of overdose. These wonderful natural medicines do not interact with other medicines and do no make children jittery or drowsy.

How is possible for a product to promote significant results and, at the same time, be 100% safe to use by children?

The secret of homeopathic is the ability to activate the body’s natural defenses to rebalance itself and heal.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine used to treat an ill person by using a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness. Think of it like treating a snake bite with diluted snake poison, or a flu shot.

For example, a cough suppressant works against the body. A homeopathic cough syrup acts as an expectorant, helping the body to do what it does best to heal itself.

The number of health complications caused by giving regular medication to children has increased in the recent years and so have the parents’ concerns. Confusing directions, unsafe ingredients, reactions with other substances and overdose are just a few reasons parent should stay away from conventional drugs.

Some parents still hesitate before buying homeopathic products, especially for their kids. The main reason for the disbelief in homeopathy is the lack of information on these products by the mass media. However, homeopathic companies take safety as a priority on the production of their medicines.

Boiron, the world leader in homeopathy, offers several reliable medicines to safely ease children’s winter woes during the always busy flu season.

Boiron has been treating and healing for more than 75 years and their products are sold in more than 80 countries. The top-selling products are Oscillococcinum, a flu medicine, and Arnicare, a line of pain relievers.

The majority of products are not body-mass dependent, consequently there’s no need to give more or less medicine based on the children’s body weight. As a pharmaceutical company, Boiron maintains the highest standards in manufacturing, complying with U.S.Food and Drug Administration – FDA – regulations, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and drug Good Manufacturing Practices.

Boiron’s has become the leading US homeopathic medicines supplier, providing top products and making homeopathics available to consumers and physicians. Boiron’s staff consists of medical doctors, pharmacists, and lab technicians.

It’s time to give homeopathic products a chance to make your life healthier. Look for Boiron products next time you are shopping, particularly for your kids and enjoy the success of safe and effective homeopathic medicines.

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Learning Homeopathy

Filed Under: Homeopathy at 2:53 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Homeopathic products

Understanding homeopathy is one of the most difficult tasks when shopping for natural supplements because homeopathic products are very confusing.

LuckyBlog has decided to help our customers, providing a quick guide for homeopathy. A simple guideline to be used by anyone, from first time buyers to long time supplements shoppers.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine used to treat an ill person by using a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness. Think of it like treating a snake bite with diluted snake poison, or a flu shot.

The most confusing part of homeopathy is the strength of products.  Labels generally have numbers representing a serial dilution to remove the toxic effects of the substance and to retain the essential qualities.

Vitamins and minerals use milligrams, micrograms and International Units – IU.

Homeopathic products, however, use a unique measurement system. All potencies are indicated with roman numerals. X is for 10, C for 100. You also find regular numbers, such as 6, 9 and 30, associated to roman numerals.

For example, 6X means one part product to 10 (representing the X) parts distilled water is diluted 6 times. A product labeled as 30X has basically the same process but repeated 30 times.

You may think that the more diluted a product is, the weaker is the strength of the product. Wrong.

In homeopathy the more diluted a product is, the stronger it is; therefore, X is stronger than C and C is stronger than M.

In addition, the original dilution is done several times and, as a result, the more times the product is diluted, the stronger it is. As a result, 30 is stronger than 9 and 9 is stronger than 6. The strongest product is 30M or 1:30 1000 times.

Stronger products (30s) are used for acute conditions and are not recommended for long term use. Weaker products (6s) are used for ongoing chronic conditions and may be taken on a regular basis.

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