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Testosterone…What You Need to Know

Filed Under: Men's Health,Supplements at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

The testosterone debate never ends. Rightfully so. Testosterone is a major hormone in every men’s life impacting health, fertility, physical activity, confidence, self-esteem and many other conditions. Testosterone levels decline with age, known as hypogonadism, causing a variety of health problems. In order to help you understand a little more about it, here’s a list of what you need to know about testosterone.

1. Overweight Affects Testosterone Levels

Extra body weight has a significant impact on testosterone levels. The extra fat uses testosterone, removing if from the blood and reducing energy and libido. Fat around the abdomen is believed to extract the most testosterone, so make sure to exercise and stay lean and fit, or, at least, not too fat.

2. Low Testosterone Affect All Ages

Yes, it’s more common as men age, but a drop in testosterone levels can start as early as men in their 20s as well as teenagers. Common symptoms for a drop in testosterone include feeling tired, weak, and depressed but the most common and noticeable one is decline in sex drive.

3. Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone supplements can be an excellent option for men of any age who have below-normal levels. Regular supplementation can avoid a variety of health issues such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

4. Exercise Helps

Moderate exercise helps but isn’t the only way to fix the problem. Exercising can boost testosterone levels to a certain degree, preventing extra fat, as discussed above, an issue to maintain healthy levels. Low testosterone makes it harder to exercise on a regular basis due to lack of energy and stamina which can lead to a vicious cycle of inactivity and reduced hormone levels.

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Think Beyond the Pink

Every month it seems is an “awareness” month and October is one of the biggest with “Pinktober” where everything feels like it turns pink!  Since most of us are already aware of women and breast cancer, we want to expand your awareness so you know there is more than women and pink. There are men too!

Yes, it’s true that 1 in 8 women (about 12%) will most likely be diagnosed with breast cancer but do you know that men can be diagnosed as well? This year it is projected that over 2,240 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease.  Although a large percentage of breast cancers are not genetic, many are due to a genetic or hereditary background.  Approximately  5-10% of breast cancer can be caused from a variety of gene mutations including the BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene).  50% of BRCA carriers are male! In general there is a 1% chance of a man being diagnosed with breast cancer (1 in 1000) however this percentage increases up to 7% if a man is a carrier of the gene mutation.

There are many factors that increase the risk for men regarding breast cancer.

First, do men (or women) acknowledge that men have breast? Aren’t they just pecs?!

Is there a family history of breast and other cancers as most don’t equate this with a male breast cancer risk.  Learning about your hereditary health can save your life. If you have a family member with early age diagnosis of Prostate, Melanoma, Pancreatic, Breast and other cancers, then you may be at a higher risk. Even if you are a carrier of the BRCA or other gene mutation this does not mean you will get breast cancer, it just means you are at a higher risk and need to take the necessary precautions and be educated.  Perform a self breast exam more often or having frequent mammograms (yes men can have a mammogram and should do self exams!) are important tools for early detection. Unfortunately since no is checking, men are often diagnosed far too late.

In addition to knowing your risk factors, changes in your diet, supplementation, exercise programs and meditation may also help. Choosing more organic foods with little to no hormones added has been found to be helpful as breast cancer is often hormonally driven in men. A diet filled with organic cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale along with berries can also be beneficial.  Since we can’t always eat our nourishment, taking additional supplements or choosing green powders for drinks can help get the proper daily intake as well as supplements such as Vitamin D, Turmeric, Green Tea and natural products that works as an anti-inflamatory or antioxidants.

So this month while everything is turning pink, think about turning your lifestyle a little green. Now that you’re aware, become educated with your genetic background, know your risk and make healthier choices. And remember this month it’s not just about the women, it’s about the men too!

For more information on Male Breast Cancer, to purchase awareness products or to donate, visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness (a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization);


Breast Cancer: What the Medical Professionals Don’t Talk About


WARNING! This is NOT just “another” story for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Read on to learn something most people and medical professionals don’t know or talk about…

Let’s face it, if you’re a man you probably tune all the “pink stuff” this month right out!  But what if the pink ribbon had a little BLUE in it? Then would you notice it? Do men even know they have breast tissue? And if so, how many of you really DO anything with this awareness?

Ask yourself these questions and see how educated you really are?

(Questions below should be answered by both men and women);

  • Do you know or talk about a family history of ALL cancers for both genders?
  • Do you know that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer?
  • Do you (men and women) perform a self breast exam once a month?
  • Have you changed or improved your diet or nutritional intake to increase prevention?
  • Do you fit in at least 3-5 hours of exercise a week?
  • How much alcohol is “ok” to consume if you’re concerned about breast cancer?
  • Has anyone in your family (men and women) been tested for the BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene) mutation?
  • If you have family members (with or without a gene mutation) with Prostate, Ovarian, Melanoma, Pancreatic and other cancers does this increase your risk of Breast Cancer?
  • Does your family doctor, gynecologist or urologist talk to you about your risks due to a family history of cancer(s)?
  • Does your doctor perform a routine breast exam if you’re a man? If not, who is checking you for this if you do have a family history?
  • Can a man have a mammogram?
  • Do men have breasts?


Most of us know the stats on breast cancer in women (1 in 8 women will be diagnosed) but do you know;

  • This year it is projected that over 2,240 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease.
  • 50% of the worlds BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene) carriers are male and there is an increased risk from 1% closer to 6% of a diagnosis as a male if a carrier of the BRCA gene.
  • Percentage fatality rate is often higher for men diagnosed with breast cancer as usually no one is checking, men don’t notice the symptoms, men are not aware they can be diagnosed with breast cancer and are not screened on a regular basis with the current insurance regulations.
  • Male breast cancer treatment consist of mastectomy due to limited amount of tissue and often followed with some or all; radiation therapy, chemo therapy and hormone therapy

This October, we need to stretch the boundaries of breast cancer awareness to include men and really help educate. Let’s add some blue to the pink and help men to learn they too can be affected by this disease. Men need to know they do have breasts and what their risk factors are. Women need to be informed not just for themselves, their sisters or daughters but for their husbands, brothers and sons. Let’s show what awareness is really all about and educate all genders.

For more information on Male Breast Cancer, to purchase awareness products or to donate, visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness (a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization);

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Aging: Keep the Good & Reverse The Bad

Filed Under: Men's Health,Vitamins and Minerals,Women's Health at 8:45 am | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor

Did you know if you live until 2050, some scientists believe you may not need to get older?

Granted, there are wonderful things about aging: wisdom, experience, lasting friendships or retirement (even getting closer to it!). But in an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a decline in immune function, fine lines or wrinkles, memory loss and slower movement to go with it. Luckily for us, it may not have to.

New science has profoundly expanded our understanding of what’s possible in human wellness and anti-aging. Optimal anti-aging potencies have been discovered to help prevent premature aging – and in some cases reverse it*. SuperNutrition has capitalized on these discoveries and released a new line of multivitamins specifically formulated for cell protection and rejuvenation, to help put an end premature aging.

SuperNutrition’s AntiAging Potency Multivitamins for Men and Women contain the world’s highest anti-aging potencies. These radically different multivitamins are based on published scientific studies that have determined the potencies that provide optimum anti-aging effects*.  They contain:

  • Research-level potencies of eleven bone-building nutrients
  • Hair, skin & nail support (for women)
  • Folic acid, vitamins E, C, B6 and selenium to support heart health
  • Vitamins for immune support including D3, real retinol vitamin A and zinc
  • An effective balance of stress reducing, energy enhancing B vitamins

Keep the wisdom and gain the energy. For a limited time, shop SuperNutrition at up to 50% off retail prices. Take advantage of our incredible savings today and try SuperNutrition’s AntiAging Potency Multivitamin for Men or Women!

*To read more, visit to access an extensive database of scientific abstracts.

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Smooth After Shaving!

Filed Under: Men's Health,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Aftershave products are one of the best ways to keep you skin smooth and soft. Some men may have to shave every day and the skin often gets rough and dry. That’s the perfect situation to add aftershave products to your shopping list.

Aftershave lotions and gels have long been a popular product among men as these specially developed products have the ability of soothing, nourishing and healing skin after shaving is completed. Aftershave products can offer additional benefits other than moisturize your skin and minimize the harm of shaving. Regular use of aftershave products can be very helpful to keep the skin pores clean and prevents them from getting blocked with bacteria. Blockage of tiny pores is the main reason for acnes and other skin irritations.

Today, several aftershave products are created with important ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that nourish and soothe razor burn. Some products also offer antiseptic and astringent properties that calm small shaving wounds.

Lastly, pleasant fragrance is another great reason to benefit from using aftershave gels. Many products are created with wonderful perfumes and can provide a mild to significant fragrance which can be very nice for several occasions. It’s important to remember that a good number of aftershave lotions and gels contain alcohol which may be an issue for sensitive skin and can cause irritation. You should consider your skin type in order to know best aftershave for your face.

Give it a try. Start using aftershaves and your face will feel soft, smooth and relaxed.

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Best Supplements for Prostate Health

Filed Under: Men's Health,Supplements at 9:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Prostate health is an important subject for men over 40, the average age when men normally start having prostate problems such as prostate infection, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and prostatitis. These problems are caused by an enlarged prostate and common symptoms include urination problems, lower back pain, dysuria, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Additionally, preventive measures may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

A recent Italian study concluded that saw palmetto definitely has a positive impact on the symptoms of those who are suffering from BPH. Italian researchers found that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels showed a stabilizing or downward trend with regular use of saw palmetto. Measuring PSA levels helps indicate potential prostate problems, such as BPH. Overall there was also a substantial decrease in the amount of patients presenting severe prostatic symptoms with the use of saw palmetto. Researchers concluded that saw palmetto could help in treating the side effects of BPH.

However, saw palmetto is not alone as you can quickly list other natural supplements designed to improve overall health of the prostate gland and also decrease the risk of the development of prostate disorders. Herbs such as nettel root, pygeum, lycopene, red clover, and green tea (EGCG) have also shown positives results in studies to support prostate health. Nettle root is an effective natural supplement for prostate health as regular supplementation reduces obstruction of urinary flow. Pygeum improves urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Found in tomatoes, Lycopene contains powerful antioxidants and is a natural solution for prostate health. Red clover contains an antioxidant that fights cancerous growth and inhibits DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) formation. Lastly, green tea (EGCG) may prevent prostate cancer by acting as a natural inhibitor of an enlarged prostate.

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Prostate Support: Most Popular Supplements

Filed Under: Men's Health at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

If you are looking for natural products for prostate support, we have good news for you: plenty of options are available.

Natural supplements to treat BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia, have been top selling items at Lucky Vitamin, with an impressive number of consumers reporting they are from happy to completely satisfied with the results. Several products have positive reviews online as well.

BPH, or commonly known as enlarged prostate, is a non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland, characterized by frequent urges to urinate. A man with BPH has to urinate more often, especially at night, and experiences less force and caliber while urinating. If the prostate enlarges too much, urination is difficult or impossible, and the risk of urinary tract infection and kidney damage increases.

Natural supplements for prostate support can help to relieve prostate pressure. Several ingredients have been shown to produce results, particularly saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, rye pollen extract, nettle, garlic, pumpkin seeds, and pygeum. Herbal supplements are considered an alternative medical treatment for BPH. However, men wishing to take them should be monitored by a physician.

Saw palmetto supplements have become the leading natural treatment for BPH. When used regularly, this herbal extract has been shown to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to its more active form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Studies have shown that saw palmetto extract taken twice daily reduced nighttime urination in 73% of patients and improved urinary flow rates significantly. Saw palmetto may be as effective as drugs without side effects, such as loss of libido.

Another popular supplement is beta-sitosterol, a compound found in many edible plants. Reports show that men taking beta-sitosterol had a significant improvement in urinary flow and an improvement in symptoms.

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The Natural Aphrodisiac: Horny Goat Weed

Filed Under: Herbs,Men's Health at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Products for erectile dysfunction seem to be everywhere. Commercials on TV, full page ads in magazines and newspapers, billboards, even Internet pop-ups are constantly promoting products to support this very common issue for men.

Many men hesitate to try products for erectile dysfunction, or ED, for several reasons. First, unfortunately, male impotence is still seen as a taboo in many areas of our society and some men don’t feel comfortable talking about this issue with their partner.

Second, men are often afraid of side effects and other health issues which may be caused by some of the ingredients used in these types of products. This part of the problem is often mentioned in commercials and adds as you can often come across the term “talk to your Doctor” if this product is right for you.

Lastly, some people may face a financial issue as most products for ED are expensive, and can hurt any family budget.

Natural supplements can be a nice alternative for all of these issues. Safe and affordable, many different products are labeled as the “herbal Viagra” as well as “natural sexual enhancers”.

Horny Goat Weed is one of the most popular natural sexual enhancement products and many men have experienced excellent results from this herbal supplement made from the Epimedium plant. Many species of Epimedium are alleged to have aphrodisiac qualities, particularly Horny Goat Weed.

The story behind the funny name of the product is quite interesting. According to legend, this property was discovered by a Chinese goat herder who noticed sexual activity in his flock after they ate the weed.

Today, Horny Goat Weed is sold as a health supplement, available in raw herb, tablet, or capsule form and sometimes blended with other supplements, particularly maca, in special formulas labeled as “natural sex enhancers”. Horny Goat Weed has shown efficacy in improving sex drive and has been used traditionally to treat sexual disorders.

 4 Comments, latest by Dr. Ishfaq Ali

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Affordable Workout Kits

Filed Under: Men's Health at 5:36 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Getting in shape isn’t easy. Several factors are important to have a successful workout. A healthy diet is essential but a strong and consistent workout plan is just as important.

Gym memberships have become expensive and the struggling economy has led many people to make some budget cuts. Unfortunately, when you need to re-budget expenses, gym memberships are often on the “cut list”.

However, it does not mean you have to stop exercising as there are plenty of ways to keep up your workout going without a gym membership.

Nice weather is an invitation to outdoor exercise. Parks and recreational centers offer plenty of areas for running, jogging, biking or waking. Some public places offer workout areas at no cost and you can enjoy fresh air, something generally hard to find in crowded fitness centers.

Workout kits can also be a superb product to maintain your exercise routine at very affordable prices. Some of these kits offer the best instructions for daily workouts with a variety of specific options such as weight loss, body sculpting, yoga, pilates, and much more.

Some kits consist of an exercising ball and a DVD and you will be shocked how much that can do for your body. Instructional videos will provide the exercise you need do tone and sculpt your abs, hips, and thighs.

Your entire body can benefit of these specifically designed workout kits to enhance conditioning, sculpting muscles quickly and effectively, and increasing strength as well.


The Health Benefits of Yoga

Filed Under: Men's Health at 10:50 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Yoga is good for you. You hear it all the time but may still wonder what the health benefits of yoga are.

Many people are not familiar with this tradition ritual for physical and mental discipline. Originally from India, yoga is now popular everywhere in the world as one of the best activities to promote mental and physical relaxation.

More than 11 million Americans enjoy the health benefits of yoga on a regular basis. Yoga promotes flexibility, posture and strength and is safe and affordable. Some yoga classes are designed purely for relaxation. However, class style may vary depending on the instructor.

A traditional yoga class is one of the greatest ways to develop flexibility. By safely stretching muscles, the body releases the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and is generally the cause of stiffness, tension, fatigue and pain. Yoga also stretches the soft tissues of the body, including ligaments and tendons, and is perfect to prevent injuries.

Power yoga is a different style of yoga. It’s normally more intense with focus on improving muscle tone. It’s a great exercise to develop body strength, particularly for hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominal muscles.

Furthermore, yoga promotes better posture. Most standing and sitting poses develop core strength because the body relies on deep abdominals to support and maintain each pose.

So, what do you need to buy if you are interested in starting yoga? Not much. A yoga mat is basically all you need but music for relaxation may add a nice touch. Instructional videos for yoga are helpful if you do not want to join a class and prefer to do it on your own.

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The Benefits of Sports Creams

Filed Under: Men's Health at 5:32 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Pain relief cream

A recent report raises the question about the efficiency of sport creams for pain relief.

The article claims topical analgesics do not work.

The conclusion for such a powerful statement is based on the fact that studies have found only limited evidence that topical analgesics are helpful for any type of pain.

The research on pain creams is so minimal and inconclusive that there is no science to support the effectiveness.

Athletes have been using pain relief creams for many years. In general, the majority of people find it to be effective. Let’s be honest: if these products would not be effective, or at least help to minimize pain from sport injuries, how would they be able to stay in the market for so long?

The report says research is minimal. Perhaps that’s the reason we cannot see more positive results. A higher number of studies would prove that most creams actually work and many people may benefit from using a safe and natural product.

The same old saying can be used for sports creams: people are different and react differently to products. Some people may get incredible benefits from using pain relief gels or creams and some other people may only get minimal results.

In addition, a few more factors should be considered. First, how often you apply the cream to the injured area. Second, people should know how to apply to ensure superior skin penetration. Lastly, what are the expectations for the product? Some injuries will not improve from using sports creams.

Sport topical analgesics work best in minor injuries such as bruises, minor cuts, strains, sprains and scrapes. Most products can relieve muscle and joint pain from over-exercising or sports injuries.

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Stay Fit, Save Money!

Filed Under: Men's Health at 4:47 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Jump rope exercise

Lucky Vitamin knows the importance of a fitness program. A good workout starts with the right tools. That’s the reason Lucky offers top quality exercise and training equipment to help you get the most out of your workout.

Gym memberships and monthly fees have significantly increased in recent years. We are fighting to save money with the economy struggling these days. Unfortunately, some of us needed to cut some expenses to keep up with our necessities and obligations.

You don’t need to stop working out just because you had to cancel your gym membership. Walking, running and biking are a few options for a “free workout”.

In addition, you can buy some affordable accessories to keep your fitness program running. Jump ropes, exercise mats, exercise balls and strength-training equipment can keep you exercising without spending hundreds of dollars. Push up and pull up bars can also be purchased to keep your workout rolling.

How about if you are not sure how to exercise properly? Don’t worry. Lucky has the answer for this question too.

DVD and exercises guides are available at affordable prices. Personal trainers are very expensive these days but you may not need one if you find the prefect guide.

Need to check your results? Heart rate monitors, pedometers, scales, body fat analyzers are available to provide a complete fitness experience.

You can find most of what you need for your workout at Lucky’s Exercise and Fitness department. It may be cheaper than a monthly fee for any gym.

So, what are you waiting for? Save money and stay in shape!

 3 Comments, latest by Healthier Living

Valeo Inc. – Foam Exercise Mat


Fighting Muscle Cramping

Filed Under: Men's Health at 10:20 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Muscle cramps

Staying healthy is one of the most difficult obstacles in any fitness program. Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or attempting to reach a professional fitness level, injuries and setbacks are often faced when trying to reach your fitness goals.

Minor injures are most common when people do not exercise regularly but it can also happen to anyone working out on a regular basis.

Muscles cramps often occur during and after workout but there are several ways to control it. First, let’s have a better understanding of the reasons for this problem, and then, we can focus on preventing and treating muscle cramping.

Muscle cramps are a natural reaction of the human body normally caused by the lack of nutrients. A well-balanced diet is necessary to everyone on a fitness program to ensure a strong and healthy body. Drink plenty of water and make sure to stretch your muscles before and after exercising.

Muscle cramping generally happens when your muscles are in need of nutrients, especially minerals. Everyone knows potassium is a very important mineral to prevent cramping but calcium and magnesium also play an important role on nourishing your muscles.

Replenishing the minerals levels is essential to maintain healthy muscles and to prevent cramps and muscle fatigue. Mineral imbalance can easily be prevented with a diet rich in minerals and regular intake of non-carbonated sports-drinks. Supplements can help to maintain the minimum levels required by your body.

Multi-minerals can fortify your muscles providing high levels of calcium and magnesium. Studies have showed that magnesium citrate is the most recommended form to support strong and healthy muscles.

Staying healthy is vital if you want to get in shape or stay fit without any setbacks.

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Lucky Resolutions: Part Four

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Men's Health at 5:14 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Weight lifting

Exercising is a great New Year resolution. Perhaps 2009 is the year you spend more time sweating and less time on the couch watching television.

LuckyVitamin is helping you to make 2009 a healthy year.

Let’s get going, running, biking, swimming, playing sports, jogging, walking, dancing; whatever your favorite activity is, it’s time to sweat.

Many people kickoff the New Year in high gear. It’s time to burn off all the calories from holiday overeating right? But it’s also an opportunity to establish a solid workout plan and perhaps finally get rid of a few extra pounds.

Fitness is extremely important for a healthy life. Exercising isn’t only about “looking good”. Fit people are less likely to have many health issues because the human system works better when regularly active.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in any exercise program. Many products may aid you in fulfilling all of your diet, energy and athletic needs.

Several people really want to exercise and get into the workout routine. The lack of nutrients, however, may cause fatigue and that’s why you feel tired and start skipping days and avoiding the gym.

Most people do not get enough nutrients from their diet. Supplementation may be necessary if you are looking to get in shape or add muscle mass. Protein, vitamins and minerals are essential for a successful workout program.

LuckyVitamin has a diverse selection of products to help you get in shape. We hope you can start the New Year fresh, moving towards a better and healthier life.

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Fighting Muscle Pain

Filed Under: Men's Health at 9:48 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Exercising is wonderful. It feels great when you are able to accomplish a great workout, followed by a nice shower and a delicious meal.

Many people have this very enjoyable time at least three times a week.

However, if you are regularly doing physical activity, you are completely aware of a very common problem: muscle pain.

Muscular pain is part of life and it will happen to you no matter how much you try to prevent it.

People have sore muscles from time to time, even if they are doing the exact same activity every week, stretching all muscles prior and after exercise, taking supplements, etc.

It’s just normal. We are all humans and our muscles have the “right” to feel “tired”. Yes, there are many ways to prevent muscle pain, but sometimes it just happens to you. Plus, we are always aging too, and so are your muscles. Many people cannot continue to do the same activity they used to do a few years ago.

Knowing your limits is an essential part of a successful workout.

When this time comes to you, look for natural supplements to treat muscle discomfort, particularly arnica. Several people have experienced significant and quick results after using muscle pain relief products.

Companies are making supplements in various types, ointments, gels and lotions for use externally, as well as tablets and liquid form for internal use.

If in pain, don’t hesitate. Look for a pain relief and continue to enjoy the great experience of physical exercise.

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NOW Foods – Glucosamine MSM Arnica Lotion – 8 oz.
Boiron – Arnicare Arnica Gel Pain Relief 2.6 oz. (75g) Twin Pack – 5.2 oz.

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