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Lucky Cyber Monday

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Cyber MondayToday is Cyber Monday and as you get ready for some online shopping, we present you a little bit about the history of this recent and real great day for shopping.

Cyber Monday has become an international marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. It was first used by online retailers in the United States but today the term is used in many countries around the world. Since its debut back in 2005, Cyber Monday online sales have been growing year after year. The deals are online-only and generally offers great prices plus the great advantage of home delivery.

The term “Cyber Monday” was first used within the ecommerce e community during the 2005 holiday season. It was coined based on 2004 research showing “one of the biggest online shopping days of the year” was the Monday after Thanksgiving. Retailers also noted the biggest period was December 5 through 15 of the previous year. Cyber Monday grew out of the observation that millions of Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of window shopping, were returning to high-speed Internet connections at work Monday and buying what they liked.

Here at Lucky Vitamin, we are happy to announce our special sales day: Welcome to Lucky Cyber Monday!

Stock up on popular health and wellness products such as vitamins, supplements, diet, personal care, sports nutrition, teas, housewares, natural foods, pet products and much more. Treat yourself to healthy savings with an extra 10% off your order SITEWIDE. But hurry, sale ends 12/1/2015 at 9:00 AM ET, 6:00 AM PT. Just enter the promo code “CBRM1115” at checkout for additionally savings.


Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Some offers are limited. Promotional code-based offers cannot be combined. Cyber Monday and promotional code ‘CBRM1115′ expire 12/1/2015 at 9:00 AM ET, 6:00 AM PT. Not eligible for bulk/wholesale purchases over $1,000. See site for further details and expiration dates where applicable. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this message was sent; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit the site.



New Brand Spotlight: Dr. Lip Bang’s

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22 Dr. Lip BangsLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another cool brand of lip balm products to our customers: Dr. Lip Bang’s.

Doctor Lip Bang’s offers a 100% natural and 100% cool line of lip balm products created with super healthy moisturizing ingredients that will leave your lips soft and highly irresistible. The company uses only the best and healthiest ingredients because Dr. Lip Bang’s believes that what you put in and on your body should be good for you.

Dr. Lip Bang’s products are powerful, genuinely work and are good for your body. This new, cool brand believes that no matter what your shape, size, or hair color is today, you should rock it. Tattoos? Cool. Glasses and braces? Right on. If you want to wear a suit and tie, sports jersey, or festive holiday sweater? Dr. Lip Bang’s just want to say, “Hey, we like your style!”

Dr. Lip Bang’s lip balms are 100% natural and made with essential oils and the result is an excellent moisturizer product that feels electrifying. The company also wants to be a good human and do something good in the world as a portion of all the proceeds from Doctor Lip Bang’s goes to charity. When you buy Doctor Lip Bang’s products, every customer is making the world a better place. Every little bit helps!

You can save even more when you shop Doctor Lip Bang’s products at Just enter the promotional code NOV15NEW15 at checkout to save 15% on all items of this new brand.



Yurrku Brand: 3 Great Products to Give It a Try!

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One of our latest additions, Yurrku is a unique brand of personal care products inspired by the ancient knowledge of indigenous Australians. The Jingulu Aboriginal word for nectar, Yurrku offers a premium line of products created with the amazing properties of wild-harvested Australian super fruits and native nectars to help you rejuvenate and celebrate your natural beauty. Now, we are happy to present you 3 amazing products from this new brand.

1. Yurrku Utopia Night Cream

This unique night cream contains three incredible ingredients: banksia, jacaranda, and wild rosella. Banksia is traditionally used as a bush food by Australian Aborigines as is made of hundreds of individual flowers and contains an abundance of nectar. Jacaranda is a violet colored trumpet shaped flower rich in antioxidant and anthocyanins. Utopia Night is a rich and emollient cream that is easily absorbed due to its high unrefined shea butter and cocoa butter content. A great option for cooler weather, it can be used as a day and night cream in winter, particularly in very cold and dry climates.

2. Yurrku Tamborine Cleanser

Tamborine is a gel foaming cleanser that is rich in vitamin C and helps with skin brightening. This top quality cleanser has a very unusual ingredient: caviar lime. Also known as finger lime, caviar lime is native to the sub-tropical rainforest regions of the eastern seaboard of Australia and is considered a highly prized bush food. Naturally occurring citric acids gently exfoliate the skin for a smoother complexion and the high Vitamin C content helps to reduce dark spots and pigmentation.

3. Yurrku Kakadu Day Cream

Another best-seller from Yurrku, Kakadu Day Cream contains three very special ingredients: kakadu plum, davidson plum, and illawarra flame tree. Kakadu Plum contains the world’s highest concentration of Vitamin C from a natural plant source and helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation.

You can earn 20 times the LuckyReward Points on all items of this brand when you purchase Yurrku products at Click here for more information about the LuckyReward program from


New Brand Spotlight: Cocokind

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CocokindLucky Vitamin is proud to introduce a new line of top quality personal care products to our customers: Cocokind.

Cocokind has developed an organic skincare line centered on virgin coconut oil. All products use only the most pure ingredients and are dedicated to providing long lasting moisture that is free from chemicals. In fact, each and every ingredient stands alone as powerful nutrient sources for the skin without the addition of any preservatives or chemicals. Cocokind doesn’t even add any water.

Most commercial skincare moisturizers contain a long list of chemicals, parabens, and are water-based. Those buffer ingredients suck your skin in and actually dry you out but the process at Cocokind is completely different. The company’s base ingredient is the amazing organic virgin coconut oil which not only provides deep and long lasting moisture but also delivers key antioxidants. Coconut oil is well known for its health benefits not only for skin nutrition but for your whole body.

Cocokind believes in delivering a skincare line that is not only effective and good for you, but also good for the world. As a socially conscious company, Cocokind donates proceeds to give clean water, meals, and books to children in need all over the world.

In addition, you can save even more when you shop these incredible Cocokind products at Just enter the promotional code NOV15NEW15 at checkout to save 15% on all items of this new brand.


4 Tips For Healthy Hair

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iStock_000045748732_SmallHair coloring is supremely popular, especially for women. A study done by Clairol in 2008 revealed that 75% of American women dye their hair and that 88% of women feel their hair has an effect on their confidence. Although this study was done a number of years ago, just imagine what those numbers must be like now. Four years ago I started coloring my hair…well bleaching it to be exact. Three years of that was enough to do some serious damage to my hair. Now it’s been almost a year without coloring and the process of growing out the overprocessed, unhealthy leftovers is still underway. The only way it will ever be permanently gone will be for me to be patient and let it grow until I can cut every last dyed piece off.

This process is what started my research into what makes hair grow. I wanted to know what I could possibly do to grow my hair out as quickly as possible and I was willing to try anything. So I looked around, watched videos, read articles, and experimented. Here’s what I learned over the better part of a year trying to get back naturally healthy hair.

1. Conditioning is Key. Since bleach dries out hair and everyday styling can be harsh, it was really important for me to moisturize and condition my hair. One of my favorite products to use for this is coconut oil. Not only does coconut oil moisturize hair, but it helps strengthen and protect hair as well. To use, melt the coconut oil and massage into hair, leaving on as long as possible as the benefits only increase with time. Shampoo to remove the oil and you’ll instantly feel the benefits!

2. Eat a Healthy Diet. A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is essential to healthy hair growth. Make sure to include foods high in vitamins A, B, C, and E, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium and even omega-3 fatty acids. Adding in a variety of foods like milk, poultry, eggs, fish, whole grains, spinach, broccoli, carrots, avocado, oranges, and nuts are great to help nourish your hair and scalp. Overall, eating a healthy diet matters. Make sure to feed your body healthy and nutrient foods.

3. Use Natural Hair Care Products. Look for products that are free from parabens, pthalates, preservatives, and SLS as these potentially dangerous chemicals have been associated with negative health impacts. The best thing you can do? Keep them off your hair. There are many great natural shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that work just as well as the standard products!

4. Supplement If You Need To. Trying everything but still not seeing a significant difference? Maybe a supplement can help. I started taking biotin (part of the B-complex vitamins) to help support my healthy hair growth since it’s water soluble (we excrete what we don’t need) and hasn’t been shown to have side effects. Other recommended supplements to support healthy hair growth – vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor if you’re thinking about starting a new regimen of supplements! Remember, you can’t replace a bad diet with supplements so it’s best to use a combo approach.


A Better Alternative to Salon Hair Color

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hair dyeIf you are considering making the switch from traditional hair dye products to natural, organic dye products, understanding the difference is the first step. For many years, natural hair dye products had the reputation of being less effective and many people often complained about the results. These days are long gone as the natural hair industry has vastly improved the quality and efficiency of its products.

With similar results regarding the final look of your hair, the main difference, and perhaps the most important one, is the advantages of using natural products instead of conventional ones. Standard, non-organic hair dye contains many chemicals such as ammonia, sodium laurel sulphates, parabens and other potentially dangerous ingredients. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and other personal care products often contain these ingredients as well and with many people switching to natural formulas, why not doing the same for hair dye products?

Traditional hair dye products tend to dry your hair particularly if you dye it hair several times a year. On the other hand, natural, organic products have a much softer impact on the quality of your hair as the majority of these products contain mostly ingredients that are naturally derived such as aloe vera leaf, grapefruit seed extract, orange peel extract and many others. Additionally, the absence of synthetic ingredients often result in a lighter, soft, more vibrant hair, without the headache-inducing effects of the harsh smelling ammonia dyes you always smell at hair salons’.

If you are still not fully convinced the natural, ammonia-free products can be just as efficient, talk to people that have tried or have made the switch. Every day, more and more people are changing to natural dye products not only because it’s a healthier, chemical-free option, but also because of its great results.


5 Tips for Winter Skin

Filed Under: Beauty,Personal Care at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor
winterskinDry skin, chapped lips, cracked soles. Ugh!

When winter weather hits, your skin can pay a steep price for the (even steeper) drop in temperature. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help keep your skin feeling healthy and supple.

Drink Up — Your skin is 64% water, so it really does make sense to keep your skin hydrated. Aim for eight, eight-ounce glasses of the good stuff every day. Also, although we tend to drink warmer liquids in the winter, like cocoa and tea, don’t forget that your skin needs hydration and water is the best way to do so. Plus, water is just plain good for overall health!

Shorten Shower Time – Don’t leave your skin feeling parched from a hot, steamy shower. While a hot shower on a chilly winter morning may feel good, it actually dehydrates and strips away your skin’s natural oil.  If you’re going to indulge, keep it to once a week and follow up with our next tip.

Nourish Your Skin – In order to banish dry skin in the winter months, it’s best to sub out your water-based moisturizer for an oil-based product that shields the skin with a protective barrier that locks moisture in.

Love Your Lips – Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips by choosing a natural lip balm. In a jam, with no lip balm around? Try any of the following substitutes: coconut oil, shea butter or aloe vera gel.

Fatty Acids for Supple SkinOmega-3 fatty acids will add much needed moisture to dry skin as well as prevent inflammation that can aggravate winter skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Try a supplement or start incorporating foods such as salmon, flaxseeds, walnuts and beans to your diet.


5 Foods that Promote Dental Health

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oralcareDiet and oral health are definitely related. When you can’t brush, reach for some of the items below for healthier gums and oral hygiene. Ensure a healthy mouth by avoiding sugary, sticky and acidic foods.

Eat your way to a cleaner mouth!


The organic compounds found in carrots are a great source of mineral antioxidants. If that wasn’t enough, chowing down on the crunchy root veg also stimulates the gums and induces excess saliva which helps keep germs that cause bad breath under control. Next time you’re thinking about gargling some of that neon green stuff that burns like battery acid in your mouth, reach for a carrot instead!


Although they may cause killer breath, onions can actually prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Especially when eaten raw, onions boast powerful bacteria-busting properties that kill germs inside your mouth.

Sweet Potatoes

Highly nutritious, these tubers have high amounts of Vitamin A, which is essential for tooth enamel formation and promotes the healing of gum tissue.


Consuming pastured dairy is vital to maintaining good overall health. Specifically, cheese protects your pearly whites from acid erosion. Our mouths are slightly acidic, so eating a small amount of cheese can boost pH, neutralize and restore levels to where they should be.


Protect your teeth with H2O. Water is as effective as mouthwash at swishing away stuck particles and residue from teeth. It also keeps your gums hydrated while stimulating saliva – the best defense against bacteria.


Fluoride or Not to Fluoride

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FluorideOne of the most intriguing questions about oral health is regarding the use of fluoride.

Fluorides are compounds that combine the element fluorine with another substance. Some fluorides occur naturally in soil, air, or water, although the levels of fluoride can vary widely. Just about all water has some fluoride and, once ingested, fluorides are absorbed into the blood through the digestive tract. They travel through blood and tend to collect in areas high in calcium, such as the bones and teeth.

For decades, fluoride has been used to improve dental health based on evidence that toothpastes which contain fluoride can reduce cavities up to 30%. Additionally, after scientists noted that people living in areas with higher water fluoride levels had fewer cavities, water fluoridation began in the United States in 1945. By 1962, the United States Public Health Service (PHS) recommended that public water supplies contain fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

However, possible health effects of drinking water with fluoride has been a cause for concern, particularly the possible link between water fluoridation and cancer. Most of the concern about cancer seems to be around osteosarcoma as fluoride tends to collect in parts of bones where they are growing, causing the cells in the growth plate to grow faster, which might make them more likely to eventually become cancerous. In addition, studies have found that fluoride ingestion harmed children’s cognitive abilities and development as well as may interfere with the functions of the brain and the body.

The major sources of fluoride for most people are water and fluoride-containing dental products such as toothpastes and mouth rinses. These dental products are generally not swallowed which may cause less concern for possible health issues but children might be at risk since they may ingest a significant amount. Fluoride-free toothpaste for children is the best way to prevent any issues.


How To Prevent Chapped Lips

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Untitled-2.fwI love summer as much as the next person and although it pains me to say it, summer is ending and fall is right around the corner. Soon temperatures will start to drop and the humidity we complained about all summer long (especially if you’re on the east coast) will soon disappear. The lack of humidity and colder temperatures often means dryer skin and cracked lips. Unlike other parts of our skin and body, our lips don’t contain oil glands, which makes them more susceptible to drying out and cracking. Don’t worry! There are steps you can take to help keep your lips looking and feeling healthy.

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Use a humidifier in the home as needed.
  • Try to avoid cold weather and winds by wrapping a scarf around your mouth.
  • Avoid licking your lips: While it may seem helpful at the time, licking your lips actually causes them to dry out. What happens is the saliva on your lips evaporates, causing them to become drier then they were to begin with.
  • Avoid picking and biting at your lips as much as possible.
  • Use a lip balm to help lock in the moisture – see how to make your own below.

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

This recipe makes roughly 3 oz of lip balm, so make sure you have enough containers to hold it all (the average stick of lip balm is .15 oz). Reduce the amount it makes by cutting the recipe in half.

Item/Ingredients Needed:
Measuring Cup
3 Tablespoons beeswax
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
1 Tablespoon shea butter
1 Tablespoon cocoa butter
20 drops food grade peppermint oil
10 drops food grade lavender oil
Large Saucepan with water
Glass Jar
Lip Balm Containers

The first step requires you to prepare for later on in the recipe. It’s best if you lay out all the containers on the countertop first. Take off the lids/caps and if you’re using lip balm stick containers, twist them down to the bottom. Measure the wax, the butters and the coconut oil out and add them into a glass jar (measuring cup) until you have the right amount. Fill a large saucepan or double boiler with 1-1.5 inches of water. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the glass jar to the center of the saucepan or pour the oil/butter mixture into the top pot of the double boilers. Every few minutes, stir the ingredients. Continue for about 10-15 minutes or until the ingredients are melted and combined.

Once all the wax is melted, remove it from the heat. Allow the mixture to sit and cool (about 3-5 minutes). After the mixture is cooled but not hardened, add the drops of the essential oils. Stir the mixture again to evenly disperse the oils throughout. Pour the mixture into your desired lip balm containers. Allow the mixtures to cool. Enjoy!

Helpful Tips:
If you desire a harder consistency for your lip balm you can add more beeswax (roughly 1 Tablespoon to the mixture). If you wish for your lip balm to be softer you can add an additional Tablespoon of coconut oil. You can also add a little Vitamin E oil once the mixture is cooled for preservation and antioxidant support.


New Brand Spotlight: Dr. Jacobs Naturals

Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids,Personal Care at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Castile soaps have been one of the most popular personal care items for many years. This natural, all-vegetable oil based soap is known for its benefits and is available in liquid form as well as bars. Originally from Castile, Spain, today castile soap is made with vegetable oils including olive, coconut, and hemp. In order to provide another top-quality brand of this incredible product, Lucky Vitamin is proud to present a premium brand of castile soaps to our customers: Dr. Jacobs Naturals.

Dr. Jacobs Naturals offers 100% natural products, free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives. This unique soap is made with pure Castile and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. As an all-natural soap, made from olive oil, Dr. Jacobs Naturals will leave skin smooth and silky by forming a protective barrier, helping the skin hold in moisture. Olive oil soap is the perfect addition to a regular skin care routine. Dr. Jacobs Naturals soap is environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable, and free of harsh chemicals. Plus, the company also uses recyclable containers. Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile liquid soap does not have any artificial ingredients, colors, parabens, phthalate, propylene glycol, lauryl/laureth sulfates, and triclosan.

Dr. Jacobs Naturals is very versatile as it can be used as an alternative to shampoo, body wash, and facial cleanser. The pure olive oil Castile soap is non-greasy, will not clog pores and it can also be used as a great household cleaner, laundry detergent, and dish soap.

Additionally, you can save even more when you shop Dr. Jacobs Naturals products at Just enter the promotional code SEPT15NEW15 at checkout to save 15% on all items of this new brand but hurry, offer ends September 30th, 2015.


5 Natural Ingredients for Beautiful Skin

Filed Under: Green Living,Personal Care at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor
facecareOftentimes the best things for beautiful, healthy skin can’t be created in a lab. Reveal your inner glow by incorporating some of these natural wonders into your skincare regimen.

Vitamin E Oil – From reducing scars to diminishing fine lines, vitamin e oil is a true wonder for the skin. It helps prevents water loss and blocks free radicals from the body to help slow down the aging process.  Make you own homemade eye cream by combining one teaspoon of vitamin E oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Use at night for best results.

Coconut Oil – So much more than a great butter substitute, coconut oil is an excellent smoother and won’t irritate those with sensitive skin. Just remember that it’s slightly comedogenic, meaning if you’re prone to breakouts, do not use it on your face! If you have more normal to dry skin than go for it!  Start with baby steps, such as using a dollop as a natural eye make-up remover.

Honey – Honey’s chemical properties can speed up healing, prevent infection and lock in moisture for those with dry skin.  Blend one apple with one tablespoon of honey to form a thick paste. Apply to skin, leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Baking Soda – Minimize the appearance of those pesky pores on your face. Take two tablespoons of baking soda and add small amounts of water until a paste forms. Massage the paste onto your skin for two minutes while in the shower to reveal a healthy glow!

Jojoba Oil – This skin nourishing oil (it’s actually a wax) has a molecular structure similar to sebum, the oil your face produces naturally, which is why jojoba oil is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. For a gentle cleanser combine six ounces of castile soap and distilled water with one tablespoon of jojoba oil. Add six drops of tea tree essential oil. Perfect for acne and blackheads and it won’t dry out your skin!


Facing the Facts: What to Look for in Face Care Products

Filed Under: Anti-Aging,Personal Care at 6:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
FPFinding the right ingredients for face care products can be a challenge. With so much information available, people often get confused on what to look for in products for facial care. Since there is no perfect combination of ingredients, we can suggest and talk about the most common and efficient ingredients used in face care products.

The majority of products have the exact same claims: help reduce aging skin, erase wrinkles, diminish age spots and repair sun damage. The first word we should look for is antioxidants. Known to counter the free radicals that damage DNA, these natural substances are made up of vitamins and minerals and are an excellent product for skin treatment. Antioxidants are known to reduce wrinkles, minimize dry skin as well as improve the skin appearance, particularly reducing dark circles under the eyes. Products with high amount of antioxidants usually contain ingredients such as acai, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, and vitamin C.

In addition, a couple other ingredients can make the difference for facial skin. Retinol is made from vitamin A and is added to creams to go on your skin. Known to boost collagen production and plumps out skin, retinol can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as improves skin tone and color. The amazing Coenzyme Q10 is another premium face care ingredient. The human body naturally makes CoQ-10 to neutralize free radicals in cells but as we age, production significantly reduces, making the skin cells more vulnerable to damage by free radicals. Products with CoQ-10 can help reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

Lastly, hyaluronic acid is a helpful ingredient too. Included in skin care products to reduce the signs of aging, the body also produces hyaluronic acid naturally, keeping tissues cushioned and lubricated. It’s found in skin, joint fluid, and connective tissues. Once again, as we age the amount of the acid reduces and products containing hyaluronic acid may help smooth out skin. Hyaluronic acid is especially effective when combined with vitamin C products.


Honey Helps Promote Healthy Hair

Filed Under: Beauty,Personal Care at 6:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
HoneyHoney offers an endless number of health benefits not only as a food but also as an ingredient for personal care products. Honey contains vitamins and minerals, is antibacterial, acts as a humectant, (attracts moisture), and has incredible healing properties. Honey is known to promote healthy, beautiful hair for many reasons.

First, honey is an emollient which means it is a natural softener, making it a great hair conditioner that smoothens your hair. Used in many shampoos and conditioners, this natural ingredient has the ability to bring back that lost sheen and shine of your hair. Honey works great if your hair is dry due to direct sun exposure or excessive pollution, bring “life” back to your hair.

Additionally, studies have shown that honey can be a useful ingredient to promote hair growth. Honey is a natural antioxidant which tends to make your scalp healthy and stimulate hair growth. Plus, as an emollient, honey can also improve the health of the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth. Researchers believe that proper use of honey for hair treatment may help wake up the sleeping hair follicles which boost the growth of hair. Boosting hair growth is an important factor to battle the problem of hair loss.

Lastly, honey contains antibacterial and antiseptic qualities which can prevent the scalp from infections or psoriasis and tends to keep scalp clean and bacteria-free, keeping dandruff and itchiness away from your scalp. A humectant, honey prevents the loss of moisture from your scalp improving overall hair quality.


Chemicals to Avoid in Hair Care Products

Filed Under: Beauty,Green Living,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Dangerous ChemicalsShampoos, conditioners, hair coloring, hair styling, gels, and sprays. All these products are created to make your hair healthy and beautiful. But what if, instead, the products you are using contain a variety of ingredients that can actually damage your hair?

We can easily list five or six ingredients that you should try to avoid at all costs but this list can be much longer. The downside to your hair care starts when you shop conventional products that use harmful, potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

Possibly the most dangerous ingredients in hair care products, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) should be avoided as these ingredients can strip off the essential oils your hair needs to stay healthy. Used as detergents and surfactants, SLS and SLES can cause even more serious issues such as malformation in children’s eyes, damaging to the immune system, and skin problems. Studies have indicated that SLS easily penetrates through the skin and enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, the liver, the lungs and the brain.

In addition, try to avoid ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, a solvent and denaturant often found in hair color rinses. This petroleum-derived substance is also used in antifreeze and as a solvent and will dry your hair out and break it off. Mineral oil is another one to always be avoided. Derivative of crude oil/petroleum, this dangerous ingredient coats the hair and skin just like plastic wrap, hindering normal respiration, transpiration by keeping oxygen out. Fragrance is another one to be checked as this ingredient. Also labeled as perfume, it contain hundreds of highly toxic synthetic ingredients that can cause nausea and allergic reactions.

Lastly, it becomes quite difficult to find a hair care product without all of these ingredients but, if you can, carefully check labels and try to avoid also the following ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), chlorine, PEGs, FD & C color pigments, DMDM hydantoin, DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (momoethnanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine).