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What You Feed Your Pets Is Important Too!

Filed Under: Pet Care at 6:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
B15 PCYour pets’ nutrition is important too. Every owner wants their pets to be happy and active but, in order to accomplish that, it is essential that pets eat a healthy diet too. Just like us, pets need a complete and well-balanced diet which contains all the essentials such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fresh water: lots of water.

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has set nutritional standards that provides the complete source of nutrition required for your dog or cat. This information is extremely important for manufacturers of pet food as every single product should be manufactured in accordance with AAFCO standards to provide complete nutrition for your pet.

Extensive research goes into the development of pet food. Manufacturers are always working to increase their knowledge of pet nutrition, ensuring food is palatable, healthy and completely meets the nutritional requirements of your pet.

Table scraps do not offer the nutrition that most pets need and may add unneeded calories to their diet. While it may seem safe and nutritious to prepare your own pet food, there are a number of important factors to consider. Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs than humans and it may be quite difficult for pet owners to know and to meet these requirements. Additionally, improperly prepared food may become contaminated with bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella which can make your pet sick.

Natural and organic pet foods represent the safest and most balanced food choice for pets. It’s important to remember that the most appropriate choice of food should be made in consultation with your veterinarian, taking into account your pet’s lifestyle, age and overall health.


New Brand Spotlight: TurboPUP

Filed Under: Nutrition,Pet Care at 7:22 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
TurboPupLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce a premium brand of nutritional bars designed especially for pets to our customers: TurboPUP.

TurboPUP is a unique brand that offers a complete line of canine meal bars on the go. The company has crafted nutritional bars made with only all-natural, top-quality ingredients. These compact meal replacements are perfect for your dog wherever you go.

TurboPUP bars provide all the nutrition needed for active dogs as they have been formulated to exceed AAFCO standards for all stages of life for dogs with added vitamins, minerals and omega-3s. Packed with 28 grams of protein, these unique bars are the ideal meal on the go. Each TurboPUP bar has 250 calories and are baked with 93% pure whey protein isolate, a highly digestible form of protein with a complete profile of amino acids. Using isolate is very important for dogs as lactose, which can be problematic for dog’s sensitive stomachs, is filtered out when it is made. Just like humans, dogs are unable to make all the amino acids needed for repairing muscle and tissue but whey protein contain all the essential amino acids needed for this process.

Additionally, TurboPUP is the official dog food of the National Association for Search and Rescue and the company donates 5% of all profits to organizations supporting veteran and canine causes.

You can save even more when you purchase TurboPUP products at Just enter the promotional code NOV15NEW15 at checkout to save 15% on all items of this new brand.


Does Your Pet Need Joint Supplements?

Filed Under: Pet Care,Supplements at 7:30 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Pet JointJoint pain can really impact your pets’ quality of life. Arthritis is a common joint issue for dogs and cats normally affecting hips and elbows. Joint supplements developed specifically for pets can be very helpful to minimize the pain and promote a better life for your pet.

Just like in humans, pets feel pain in the joints when production of the fluid filling the space between the bones is low or not lubricating the joints properly. Aging is the problem as, just like us once again, joint fluid production decreases with the years creating more friction between the bones. Each bony end is covered in a smooth cartilage, which protects the joint from damage. Articular cartilage contains a high concentration of nerve fibers, and when anything touches the cartilage, your pets will feel pain. So, it is essential to maintain enough fluid around the cartilage to prevent joint issues.

Natural joint supplements designed specifically for pets can be a great way to provide nutrients to minimize the lack of this fluid. The majority of products contain three nutrients that can help lubricate your dog’s joint fluid and can even repair damaged joint cartilage. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid are found in a good number of joint supplements for humans as well as pets.

Pets supplements are available in chewable tablets, wafers or snack, treats making it easier for your pets to absorb its contents. Lucky Vitamin is now having a special Natural Pet Sale. Click here to check out all the products of this very special offer.


5 Tips for Holistic Pet Care

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  1. Quality & Quantity of Food – If YOU eat organic shouldn’t your furry family members, too? Look for foods that are grain-free – studies have linked grain-based diets to a host of feline health issues – as well as lacking artificial colors and preservatives.
  2. Bond with some Omegas – Boost your pet’s health with Omega-3 fatty acids. Supplementing Omegas in your pet’s diet helps them maintain healthy skin, coat, joints, and overall development. Our tip: Rub a dollop of coconut oil between your hands and let your pet lick 2/3rds of it off. Work the remaining oil through your pet’s fur for a sleek, shiny coat.
  3. Natural Alternatives for Pain – Like us, as dogs and cats age their joints lose mobility, and in some cases, can lead to chronic pain. Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin are easily absorbed natural substances that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans which help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissues.
  4. Travel Easily – For both cats and dogs, travel can be an exhausting experience. For an upset stomach try ginger, peppermint or catnip. For anxiety, try skullcap or valerian. Other holistic remedies include Bach’s Rescue Remedy or two pellets of Arnica Montana 30C, taken 30 minutes prior to travel.
  5. Exercise – The obesity epidemic hasn’t been limited to just those of us with two legs. Our four-legged friends have been hit just as hard. Sunshine fresh air and at least 20 minutes of exercise are imperative for your most pet breeds, especially dogs. If your access to the outdoors is limited, try to keep your pets physically and mentally stimulated by introducing new and challenging toys and games on the regular.


Not Just For Humans?

Filed Under: Pet Care at 8:00 am | By: Dr. Jeremy Wolf, ND & Lead Wellness Advisor
pet health


Did you know that LuckyVitamin is not just for humans?  While you are shopping for your supplements, protein powders, snacks, and personal care needs, don’t forget about the important dogs, cats, birds or other animals in your life.

For the dog lovers out there, LuckyVitamin carries many all-natural products to keep that special pup in your life feeling great. We offer a wide array of all natural dog treats, dog foods and dog bones to spoil your dog with. You can also shop our site for your dog’s entire grooming needs. Shampoos, teeth cleaning  and coat care products are just some of the items you can find to keep your dog looking its best.  Concerned about your dog’s joint or hip problems? Don’t worry, we have a large selection of joint and hip formulas to help support your dog’s needs. Worried about taking your dog in the car on that long road trip? LuckyVitamin has that covered too! We carry many formulas, such as Rescue Remedy to keep your pet calm throughout the trip, as well as eco friendly pet clean up bags.

But maybe you are more of a cat person. No worries since LuckyVitamin also has an assortment of cat treats, catnip, cat foods that are all-natural and organic. We sell a variety of hairball formulas like the Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball Relief supplement that helps remove hairballs and minimize hairball formation and shedding. While on our site you can also shop products to help keep your cat calm with products like King Bio Natural Pet Anxiety and Stress Relief for Felines.

LuckyVitamin has something for almost all of the animals in your life. Check out our Equine formulas and other pet products here.  We’ve thought of everything, including those products that help get rid of the unwanted smells that pets can sometimes make. Try this link and see what products we have to help keep your home smelling like a home. This holiday season don’t forget to take care of and spoil all the animals in your lives.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Lumino

Filed Under: Environment,Pet Care at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Lumino products to our customers. Lumino offers a unique line of environmentally friendly pet products to promote health and well-being naturally and at affordable prices.

Many pet owners are looking for all-natural solutions and Lumino pet products are the perfect alternative to toxic chemicals, keeping dogs and cats happy and healthy. Lumino’s pet product line comes from the experience of using Lumino Spa Origins skin and body care products on pets. These spa-quality products are created with natural and organic ingredients, and contain no toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or petroleum by-products.

So, Lumino has made some minor formula changes to ensure that all the ingredients used are absolutely safe for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Many pet owners are turning to all-natural solutions rather than pharmaceutical drugs to deal with their pet’s stress-related emotions and behavior.

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth is an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic commercial flea and tick treatments. It contains a fine powder composed of the crushed fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic diatoms. This is a remarkable substance that actually dries out the waxy outer layer of fleas, causing them death by dehydration. In tests performed by the USDA, as well as a number of consumer trials, diatomaceous earth has proven to be an effective non-chemical insect control.

Diatomaceous Earth is pure organic food grade it is a pleasure to use, with no chemical odors or harsh feelings on your hands. Using only all natural ingredients, Lumino products are a great value for the money and much superior than cheap products produced with petroleum by-products and an array of potentially harmful chemicals.


Dogs Get Arthritis Too

Filed Under: Pet Care at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Dog Arthritis

Dogs get arthritis too and, just like in humans, it is more likely to get worse with age. In fact, arthritis is a common disease that affects older dogs, and larger breeds are more likely to be affected than small breed dogs. Additionally, heavy and overweight dogs are more likely to experience symptoms because of the extra strain placed on ligaments and joints. Some dog owners may not notice the first symptoms of arthritis in dogs. Reduced activity, limping, and difficulty getting up from a lying down position are very commons signs. Chewing or licking at joints is also another sign your dog may be suffering from arthritis.

Several joint support supplements for pets can help reduce arthritis pain. Fish oil supplements for dogs can be very useful as veterinarians often recommend omega-3 fatty acids products for arthritis. Nutraceutical supplements that improve joint health for pets include the same ingredients as human’s products. The majority of products contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and these supplements can be quite effective in reducing pain and symptoms for arthritic dogs. Once again, just like with humans, regular exercise is essential to maintain healthy joints in dogs.

Arthritis is a painful condition for all affected dogs and treatment is generally geared toward reducing pain, maintaining muscle mass and joint mobility. This is best accomplished by using a combination of treatments rather than relying on only one medication or treatment option.

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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Redbarn

Filed Under: Pet Care at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is introducing another premium brand of pet products: Redbarn.

Redbarn Pet Products offers an extensive selection of high quality, innovative pet treats at competitive prices. The company engages in continuous research and development directed at maintaining the highest standards of quality as well as continuously refreshing product selection. Customer feedback is always welcomed in order to improve products and services.

All Redbarn Pet Products are manufactured in company’s own plant with strict quality control standards so you can feed your dog with confidence, each and every day. At Red Barn, quality is number one. All Redbarn Naturals dog treats come from free range, grass-fed bulls raised eating a healthy grass diet, as nature intended. The result is all natural goodness manufactured that you can feed your pets with confidence, each and every meal.

With strict control specifications, Redbarn ensures the freshest products are made for your dog to enjoy. Redbarn’s formulated treats, those containing more than one ingredient, are self-manufactured in the company’s Great Bend, KS facility. All ingredients used are bought from major suppliers and are sampled and inspected by quality assurance staff prior to being released to production. A Certificate of Analysis is required from all suppliers for each lot of material shipped to the Redbarn facilities.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Goodpet

Filed Under: Pet Care at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top quality brand of pet care products: Dr. Goodpet.

The Dr. Goodpet line includes homeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, digestive enzymes, pure hypoallergenic shampoo, non-toxic flea control solutions, and all-cotton stain-control garments.

Since 1984, the company has been promoting the good health of dogs and cats through high-quality and award-winning products.

All supplements are made with pure human grade ingredients and contain no yeast, wheat, corn, lactose, salt, sugar, malto-dextrin, artificial flavors, artificial colors or any other potentially harmful or allergenic ingredients. Dr. Goodpet encourages you to read labels on food and other related products very carefully and try to avoid ingredients like the ones mentioned above that may be harmful to your pet.

Starting with a single product in 1984, the company has grown steadily and now sells over 30 products, with new items being added all the time. Dr. Goodpet products are the first choice of many veterinarians, breeders, groomers, trainers, and pet owners.
Dr. Goodpet homeopathic remedies have the distinction of being the first in the U.S. made exclusively for pets. Based on advanced European combinations used for many years, these remedies help relieve such problems as itching, flea-bite allergies, scratching, skin conditions, motion sickness, hyperactivity, diarrhea, foul breath, ear infections, pain and stiffness from arthritis, and minor eye irritations.

Dr. Goodpet vitamin and trace mineral supplements feature unique formulas to boost resistance against illness and allergies, develop healthier skin, and compensate for nutritional deficiencies in less-than-perfect commercial pet food. The Dr. Goodpet plant-based digestive enzyme formulations work well for problems like pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome and bloat.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Zuke’s

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Pet Care at 4:30 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin continues to add new brands to our site providing our customers more options for a one-time shopping experience. When you are shopping for your supplements, don’t forget about your pets, they need to eat healthy as well. Our latest addition makes some of the best pet supplements in the market: Zuke’s.

Zuke’s supplements offer a complete line of premium, all natural pet treats and chews. Unlike other treats that are comprised of unrecognizable 14 letter ingredients, Zuke’s is formulated to provide the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. Zuke’s products include the finest meats, premium grains, fruits, vegetables and oils available. With Zuke’s treats you’ll never find any harsh preservatives like BHA, added animal fat, nasty by products or artificial colors or flavors.

Zuke’s is a company devoted to making healthy, affordable treats and chews using top-quality ingredients and formulas that reflect the latest scientific developments in animal wellness and nutrition. Zuke’s dog and cat treats are made with care and all meats, grains, fruits and vegetables are sourced in the United States, with the exception of lamb and venison, which are supplied from New Zealand.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering this sensational selection of all natural dog treats, biscuits and chews as well as cat treats at our discounted prices.


Renew Life Presents: Supplements for Dogs

Filed Under: Pet Care at 4:02 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Renew LifeWe can always find top-notch vitamins and supplements for us. We always find good quality products from babies to elderly people, and pretty much every single segment possible: men’s, women’s, teenagers, vegetarians, etc.

Dogs have been a little left out of the natural supplements market, despite the increasing number of new pet products recently. But they were still lacking top quality products.

Not anymore.

Renew Life has a new line of prime supplements for dogs. This line offers much more than just regular vitamins. Products may help with joint support, digestion problems, relaxation and even detox for dogs.

One of the highlights of this new line is the veterinary strength omega-3, a product much needed for dogs. Omega-3 supports kidney and brain health and also the nervous system function. It promotes healthy skin and joints, an area which pets have had only a few choices available. This product comes in a gel capsule form, increasing absorption and maximizing benefits.

The Healthy Skin and Coat is another unique product, promoting a natural healthy glow to your dog’s coat. Continue use of the product helps minimizing itchy ears and irritated skin.

Lucky Vitamin decided to do a “taste test”. First, we gave the product to a couple cats, Sparkles and Fluffy, just to check if they would eat the chewable tablets. The product is “for use in canines only”, and indeed, the cats did not care for the tablets. We moved to a second part of the test. We gave the product to a couple different dogs, Rex and Deuce, and they loved it.

In conclusion, Renew Life new line of supplements has been luckyvitamin dog approved!


A Cat Has Nine Lives – One Is Yours

Filed Under: Pet Care,Sexual Health at 2:45 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
CatOver the past several weeks, cats have continuously proven their resilience. Gracie Mae survived a flight from Florida to Texas inside her owner’s luggage where she revealed herself to a man who had mistakenly grabbed the wrong suitcase.  Meatloaf, oddly also of Florida, crawled into a container bound for Arizona. Three weeks later, he emerged much skinnier but none the worse for wear.  Gracie Mae and Meatloaf are shining examples of just how well cats can take care of themselves. And you, along with all other cat owners, are an example of just how well they can take care of their people.

A study of nearly 4,500 men and women over 20 years found that those who owned a cat were significantly less likely to die of a heart attack or separate cardiovascular event.  Those who had never had a cat were 40 percent more likely to succumb to a heart attack and 30 percent more likely to die as a result of a stroke or heart failure. How is this possible? It’s not that cats possess a magical ability to heal the cardiovascular system but that their presence reduces stress, calms you and enables you to feel well. Continue Reading >>


Suck ‘Em Up

Filed Under: Pet Care at 12:11 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
PuppyYou have fleas. It’s undeniable. Sparky’s incessant scratching can no longer be written off as a causeless tic. The little buggers are currently hopping furiously through your home, covering every available surface and driving you mad. You want to kill them, eradicate them from your life and stop the needless itching. But you are nervous about the sprays. Aren’t there enough chemicals in your life already? Aren’t you inundated daily with news of what one toxin or another will do to your health? Besides you can’t afford an exterminator, and you can hardly be trusted to properly spray your entire house without ingesting some of the chemical yourself. What should you do? You HAVE to get rid of the fleas, but how?

Break out the Dust Buster. Vacuuming effectively kills 96 percent of adult and 100 percent of young fleas. The physical trauma they are put through roughs them up to the degree that the vacuum bag is a veritable graveyard. Thoroughly vacuuming your entire house from the elusive nooks and crannies to Sparky’s well worn bed will eliminate the fleas in your home. But what about Sparky himself? You can’t very well vacuum him, can you?

No. That wouldn’t end well, and I doubt you could get Sparky to sit still long enough to be properly hosed, which is why there are dips, powders and sprays. Any one of them can kill the insects currently making themselves at home on your loyal pet. Once you’ve rid Sparky of the fleas, see your vet for prevention treatments. Many require monthly dosage – a minimum amount of work for a maximum amount of relief. 


Doggie Drool to the Rescue!

Filed Under: Pet Care at 4:43 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
doggie-drool.jpgHere’s a new one for you.  Doggie Drool.  We all know puppies are cute and cuddly, but that drool!  Forget it.  And the larger they grow, the bigger the puddle that proliferates when your pal flops himself good naturedly onto your lap.  But now, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals provides a product that decreases that puddle and helps keep your buddies gums healthy.  Not a bad idea. Unfortunately, this product has not been tested on humans.



Filed Under: Pet Care at 1:29 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
SkunkIf you and your pet are city dwellers, you’re probably wondering what kind of crazy person would buy, let alone manufacture, a product that totes the title “Skunk Odor Remover.” But let me tell you, if you’re camping out in the woods and your pet returns with a new scent, you’ll gladly make like Jett Clampett for the nearest skunk-be-gone retailer. An avid camper myself, with a history of family pets that love to chase anything furry, I’m wishing that this product had been around back then. So for all you pet owners out there, I would recommend keeping a bottle handy. Or you could learn the hard way that tomato juice is actually a good home remedy for removing that noxious skunk odor…as long as a majority of the tomato stays on your pet. Gives new meaning to the words “labor of love.”