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What’s New? Acli-Mate

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition,Supplements at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to work hard to bring you the very best in online shopping for nutrition, natural products, vitamins, supplements, beauty, green living, bodybuilding, foods, health, and wellness at fabulous everyday prices. Today’s announcement is a top quality brand of sport supplements just added to our site: Acli-Mate.

Acli-Mate offers natural sports drinks created by Dr. Roanne Houck for health conscious individuals seeking optimal hydration, vitamin and mineral replacement, natural energy and acclimatization. Dr. Houck founded Acli-Mate in 2003 with the introduction of Acli-Mate Mountin Sport Drink, a natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement in a powdered drink mix formula.  Acli-Mate Mountain was formulated specifically to aid mountain visitors and athletes with acclimatization and performance at elevation, as well as to promote optimal performance and efficient recovery at any elevation.

Based in Gunnison, Acli-Mate Formulations, LLC uses post-consumer recycled material in their boxes, #2 recyclable plastic tubs, and encourage their buyers to recycle these containers after use. Sales of Acli-Mate Mountain sport drink continued to increase and 2010 saw the introduction of Endurance, a sport performance and energy drink mix supplement made from the same high quality ingredients targeting the health conscious athlete seeking a natural electrolyte replacement with simple and complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Acli-Mate products at our discounted prices and, for a limited time, you can save an additional 10% on these featured new items. Just enter promo code ‘FEB14NEW10′ at checkout to save an extra 10% on all Acli-Mate products.

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Acli-Mate – Mountain Sport Drink Colorado Cran-Raspberry – 13.8 oz.
Acli-Mate – Mountain Sport Drink Mountain Grape – 30 Packet(s)
Acli-Mate – Mountain Sport Drink Colorado Cran-Raspberry – 30 Packet(s)


Broccoli May Prevent Arthritis

Filed Under: Health Foods,Supplements at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Broccoli is considered by many people as a staple of health food. Often used as a figure to promote and display health diets, broccoli may provide even greater benefits than we thought. A recent study has discovered that a compound found in broccoli could be the key to preventing or slowing the progress of the most common form of arthritis.

The research led by the University of East Anglia in England shows that sulforaphane slows down the destruction of cartilage in joints associated with painful and often debilitating osteoarthritis. The study, which also examined human cartilage cells and cow cartilage tissue, was funded by medical research charity Arthritis Research UK, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council’s (BBSRC) Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) and The Dunhill Medical Trust.

Sulforaphane is released when eating cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and cabbage, but particularly broccoli. Previous research has suggested that sulforaphane has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, but this is the first major study into its effects on joint health. The researchers discovered that sulforaphane blocks the enzymes that cause joint destruction by stopping a key molecule known to cause inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease affecting the hands, feet, spine, hips and knees in particular. Aging and obesity are the most common contributors to the condition and there is no cure or effective treatment for the disease other than joint replacement or pain relief, which is often inadequate.

Arthritis Research UK’s medical director Prof Alan Silman said: “This is an interesting study with promising results as it suggests that a common vegetable, broccoli, might have health benefits for people with osteoarthritis and even possibly protect people from developing the disease in the first place.

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Sproutman – Organic Sprouting Broccoli Seeds – 4 oz.
Boericke & Tafel – Triflora Arthritis Gel – 2.75 oz.
Ridgecrest Herbals – Arthritis Relief – 120 Vegetarian Capsules


What’s New? Eco Nuts

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another top quality, environmentally friendly brand to our customers: Eco Nuts.

Eco Nuts offers a unique selection of premium natural cleaning aids which are designed to have little to zero impact on the environment. The company leads by example with socially and environmentally responsible business practices, using only sustainable, non-toxic ingredients with zero hazardous waste generation. All products offer superior quality, are cruelty and paraben-free, and utilize recycled or recyclable packaging.

With the goal to be as plastic free as possible, Eco Nuts wants to truly make the entire package as eco-friendly as possible from contents to container. Every box of Eco Nuts purchased is one less plastic detergent bottle, making it into a landfill or using precious resources in order to recycle that plastic. The choice of recycled cardboard for the Eco Nuts is obvious but the company had to study the choice of aluminum for liquid products. Aluminum can be recycled endless times and it is more energy-efficient to recycle aluminum than ever before. It conserves energy as well as supporting small towns that depend solely on the aluminum production plants.

Eco Nuts was conceived as a company that could transcend the cleaning industry in becoming a leader in environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, the company supports local and global charities, environmental and community groups in the best way possible.

You can save even more on all these brand new items from Eco Nuts. Just enter the promo code FEB14NEW10 for an additional 10% on all items of this new brand at Lucky

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Eco Nuts – Organic Laundry Soap Nuts 10 Loads – 0.5 oz.
Eco Nuts – Organic Veggie Wash – 10 oz.
Eco Nuts – Artisan Bar Soap Lavender – 4.3 oz.


No More Sugar

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Health Foods at 8:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

A recent U.S. study suggests that excess sugar may triple the risk of heart problems. Researchers also concluded that most Americans eat more than the safest daily amount of sugar since a lot of sugar intake comes hidden in many processed foods, substantially raising the risk. So, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to seriously considering cutting sugar out of your diet.

According to researchers, your chance of dying prematurely from heart problems is nearly three times greater than for people who eat only foods with little added sugar. For someone who normally eats 2,000 calories daily, even consuming two 12-ounce cans of soda substantially increases the risk. Sodas and other sugary drinks are often the main source of added sugar. Lead author Quanhe Yang of the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention called the results sobering and said it’s the first nationally representative study to examine the issue.

Yang and colleagues analyzed national health surveys between 1988 and 2010 that included questions about people’s diets. Authors used national death data to calculate risks of dying during 15 years of follow-up. Overall, more than 30,000 American adults aged 44 on average were involved, with death data on almost 12,000 adults, including 831 who died from heart disease. Other factors known to contribute to heart problems such as smoking, inactivity and excess weight were included. As sugar intake increased, risks climbed steeply.

Most health experts agree that too much sugar isn’t healthy, but there is no universal consensus on how much is too much. The U.S government dietary guidelines issued in 2010 does not recommended a daily limit for sugar consumption but the American Heart Association is suggesting men consume no more than nine teaspoons a day. For women, the recommendation is a maximum of six teaspoons a day.

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Kal – Xylitol Powder – 6 oz.
NOW Foods – Xylitol – 1 lb.
Stevita – Spoonable Stevia All Natural Sweetener – 16 oz.


What’s New? Bathtime Baby

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Personal Care at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to promote natural personal care products made with safe natural ingredients. Today, we are happy to introduce the latest brand of natural baby care products added to our site: Bathtime Baby.

Bathtime Baby is a luxurious baby skincare line that is safe and gentle, formulated with organic plant and fruit extracts, along with skin nourishing vitamins and antioxidants that will protect and care for your baby’s delicate skin. The company wants to raise awareness of environmental toxins and health risks in personal care products.

Bathtime Baby offers non-irritating and non-toxic products for babies and children to make bath time an enjoyable and bonding experience. The company uses all natural biodegradable formulas that are safe for our environment and every single product is made only with natural and organic ingredients. Bathtime Baby products contain antioxidants, vitamins, and soothing anti-inflammation botanicals and are paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, hypoallergenic and phthalate and petroleum-distillates-free.

Bathtime Baby products are vegan friendly, gluten free, and cruelty free. Additionally, Bathtime Baby uses BPA and phthlate free packaging, both ecofriendly and recyclable, and bottles are #2 HDPE with caps made of BPA-free polypropylene.

Regular skin care products contain surprisingly low amounts of beneficial ingredients and large amounts of preservatives, petrochemicals, skin sensitizers, irritants, and estrogen-like hormonal imitators. Even natural/organic baby products contained potentially irritating oils, estrogen-like paraben preservatives or other skin irritants like propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, ethanolamines and petroleum distillates.

Bathtime Baby was created to develop a better, safer skin care line to use on babies sensitive skin, more absorptive than adult skin. The result is a collection of natural and organic baby products that protect, nourish and enhance the appearance of skin.

You can save extra on these fantastic new products from Bathtime Baby. Just enter promo code FEB14NEW10 for an additional 10% off on all items of this new brand.

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Bathtime Baby – Silky Smooth Body Powder – 6 oz.
Bathtime Baby – Purely Pampered Massage Oil – 4 oz.
Bathtime Baby – Baby Butter Moisturizing Lotion – 3 oz.


Weekend Weight Gain May Not Affect Your Diet

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Health Concerns & Ailments at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Many people on weight loss diets are able to eat well and exercise according to the “plan” Monday through Friday. Then, the weekend comes and it all falls apart. Overeating, snacking, drinking and, in two days, the results from a hard-working week are gone. That’s not entirely true.

A recent study shows that overeating during weekends may not significantly affect your weight loss results. Small weight gains on weekends are normal, and as long as you can compensate during the week, indulging a bit may even help you lose weight long-term.

The study, “Weight Rhythms: Weight Increases during Weekends and Decreases during Weekdays,” was published in the journal Obesity Facts. Researchers analyzed data from 80 adults, ranging in age from 25 to 62 years old, who recorded their weight each day after waking up. The participants were grouped according to their weight changes over the study period: weight losers who lost at least 3% of their body weight; weight gainers who put on at least 1%; and weight maintainers who stayed in between those minimums.

All three groups recorded higher weights on Sundays and Mondays than other days of the week but those who successfully lost weight had lower weights during the week, with their lowest generally recorded on Friday. This shows they managed to compensate for the weekend gain during the work week, researchers say.

“There is a clear weekly rhythm to weight variation for most people,” says one of the study authors, Anna-Leena Orsama, a research scientist with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. “On the weekends there is more variability and unpredictability in what we eat.”

Weight loss success depends primarily on your ability to compensate for those splurges on other days of the week. So, allowing yourself that brownie or beer on Friday night may help you sustain overall healthy eating habits over time.

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Rainforest – Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleanse with Caralluma Fimbriata – 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Applied Nutrition – 14-Day Acai Berry Cleanse – 56 Tablets
Garden Greens – AcaiCleanse 48 Hour Acai Berry Detox Liquid with Lemon Maple Syrup & Cayenne – 32 oz.


Tom’s of Maine – Good for you. Good for the Planet.

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Environment,Personal Care at 4:20 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


Tom’s of Maine is known for being a socially responsible organization that cares about the planet and people. They provide natural, personal care products and never use artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives or test on animals.

Aside from the company’s everyday commitment to the environment – all of which can be seen in the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Report – the company actively involves employees in activities to help the environment. What could be more inspiring than that?

One activity is their annual Goodness Day. Each spring the company gathers together to spend one day, team building and volunteering for a good cause. The charities differ from year to year, but one thing never changes – their commitment to the earth. In 2013, Tom’s employees pitched in at Mt.Agamenticus, a local conservation region, helping to improve visitor experience through a variety of activities. You can watch the video here.

Employees at Tom’s of Maine, like Community Manager, Bridget Burns, are committed to making earth stewardship a central part of who they are and what they do. “Since working at Tom’s, I have increased my recycling at home, started a compost pile, and recommitted to using reusable bags at the grocery store. These may sound like small actions, but every little bit counts! I am proud to work for a company that constantly reminds its employees of this, and encourages all of us to do what we can to help the earth.”

What three “MAINE” ways do you care for the environment? Click here to tell us and you could win a fantastic variety of Tom’s of Maine products. Also, save an extra 10% off all Tom’s of Maine products with promo code ‘TOMS10’ at checkout.

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What’s New? New York Superfoods

Filed Under: Health Foods,Supplements at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of health food products to our customers: New York Superfoods.

New York Superfoods offer premium superfood snacks made with the best ingredients and created to inspire and promote good living. The company started selling products in 2011 and has quickly grown to supply delicious and nutritious foods for everyone.

New York Superfoods is a family-owned, family-run company that specializes in creating healthy, minimally processed snacks and food products while putting a creative and nutritious spin on household staples such as energy bars and peanut butter. With the mission of making gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO products with only clean ingredients, the company’s first line of products was designed based on the Central American ancient food nutritional powerhouse: the chia seed.

Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) are a mild-tasting member of the mint family and have been used by Aztec warriors to fuel their bodies for battle. It is now popular with modern day runners, endurance athletes and fitness-minded people because of its great hydration properties and high fiber content. New York Superfoods Chia Charger was the first ever raw chia health energy bite.

The initial idea was to create versatile and satisfying superfood products that people would incorporate into their daily eating habits. By definition, superfoods are calorie sparse, nutrient rich, and typically superior sources of antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Your body can’t produce it, but it is required for normal body functioning. Today, New York Superfoods has accomplished this goal providing a superior line of health bites and unique chia peanut butter products.

You can save extra on these fantastic new products from New York Superfoods. Just use code FEB14NEW10 and save an additional 10% on all items of this new brand.

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New York Superfoods – Chia Charger Coffee – 10 Individually Wrapped Bites
New York Superfoods – Chia Moxie Peanut Butter with Chia Seeds Classic – 12 oz.
New York Superfoods – Chia Moxie Peanut Butter with Chia Seeds Coffee – 12 oz.


Fortifying Your Memory with Vitamin E

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Vitamins and Minerals at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Vitamin E supplements have been helping people for many years but it’s always nice to hear about new findings. A recent Finnish study discovers that elderly people with high serum vitamin E levels are less likely to suffer from memory disorders than their peers with lower levels. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Experimental Gerontology.

Researchers found that various forms of vitamin E seem to play a role in memory processes. Traditionally, studies investigating the link between vitamin E and memory disorders have usually focused on a single form of vitamin E, namely α-tocopherol, which is also used in the majority of vitamin E supplements. However, vitamin E exists in eight different natural forms, tocopherolsand tocotrienols, all of which have antioxidant properties.

In this specific study, researchers followed a sample of 140 over 65-year-old Finnish persons with no memory impairment at the onset of the study over an eight-year period. During the course of the investigation, researchers discovered that higher total serum levels of vitamin E, and higher levels of γ-tocopherol, β-tocotrienol and total tocotrienols in particular, seemed to protect against memory disorders. According to the investigators, the results show that the entire vitamin E family plays a role in memory processes. The study was carried out in cooperation between the University of Eastern Finland, the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, Karolinska Institutet, and the University of Perugia.

Click here to check out vitamin E products at Lucky

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Country Life – Natural Dry Vitamin E 400 IU – 100 Tablets
Solaray – Vitamin E 400 IU – 100 Softgels Formerly E D-Alpha Tocopherol
A.C. Grace – Unique E Optimum Vitamin E Complex – 120 Capsules


What’s New? Level Naturals

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Personal Care at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Blog continues to showcase what’s new at Lucky, a weekly update segment of brands recently added to our site. Today’s latest update is a premium brand of personal care products: Level Naturals.

Level Naturals offers a superior line of personal care products including soaps, shower gels, candles and much more, all created from only natural ingredients. Level is a vegan, gluten and cruelty free company. Al products are certified by Peta and contain the Leaping Bunny logo, certifying that no products are ever tested on animals.

An all-natural company, Level Naturals is based in downtown Los Angeles, California at a location named The Brewery, the world’s largest artist colony. Founded by partners Jonathan Dubuque and Sabrina Roberson in 2009 on their organic farm in Hawaii, the company is the result of two people combining both of their resumes with a shared passion for a green living. The business started when Jonathan, a skin tech and cosmetologist with experience in design and product development, and Sabrina, an aromatherapist, massage therapist, worked out plans and started pouring soap in Sabrina’s garage.

Today, the company offers an incredible selection of soaps, bath bombs, shower bombs, and candles, all produced at The Brewery. All products are still made by hand, despite the company growth. Level Naturals believes you can change the world just by showering with them. So grab a bar and hop in, there is plenty of room for everyone.

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Level Naturals – Body Butter Original – 8 oz.
Level Naturals – Bar Soap Spiced Dragon’s Blood – 6 oz.
Level Naturals – Bar Soap Peppermint Volcano – 6 oz.


Healthy Raw Chocolate

Filed Under: Health Foods,Supplements at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Did you know that chocolate can be healthy and one of its main ingredients can be considered a superfood? OK, it’s not that simple but it’s also not a false statement.

The cocoa tree, sometimes referred to as cacao tree, produces seeds that are normally dried and roasted before being used in the production of raw chocolate and cocoa powder. The pulp from these seeds is sometimes used to prepare a refreshing juice. Each seed contains a significant amount of fat as cocoa butter, and the most noted active constituent is theobromine, a compound similar to caffeine.

Also known as cacao nibs, these seeds may offer a variety of health benefits and are considered by many nutritionists as a superfood. Cacao nibs are a rich source of antioxidants such as procyanidins and also contain high levels of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health. In addition, cacao nibs contain minerals such as magnesium, iron, chromium, copper, and zinc, as well as serotonin, an important nutrient for the brain, which may have important implications for learning and memory.

Cacao nibs can be used to produce different grades of chocolate and are often used as snacks. The nibs are slightly bitter and may be sweetened with honey or used in baked goods. Cacao nibs and dark grades of chocolate may provide important health benefits. Studies have found short term benefits in LDL cholesterol levels from dark chocolate consumption. As a dietary fiber, cacao may help to keep your bowel movements regular. The fiber and polyphenols in cacao may work together to help control your blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

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Navitas Naturals – Goji Super Food Power Snack Cacao – 8 oz.
Garden of Life – RAW Meal Beyond Organic Meal Replacement Formula Chocolate Cacao – 2.7 lbs.
Earth Circle Organics – Organic 100% Balinese Cacao Powder – 16 oz.


What’s New? Better Life

Filed Under: Environment,Natural Cleaning Aids at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Natural cleaning products have become very popular in recent years for a great reason. The dangers of traditional cleaners cannot be ignored when we often use products containing toxic ingredients that will be all over our homes. Lucky Vitamin already offers a great selection of natural cleaning aids but now we are happy to introduce another top quality brand of cleaning products to our customers: Better Life.

Better Life was founded with a mission to create household cleaning products which are unmatched in safety and unbeatable in performance. The company has developed all products in-house from the ground up in order to create the safest and best performing products without compromise.

Instead of dangerous toxic ingredients, all Better Life’s products are plant-derived and contain no sulfates, petroleum or fragrances. Additionally, all products are GMO-free and cruelty-free. The company started when Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs decided to create a new line of cleaning products that would not only set the standard in safety but also work better than any other brand.

In order to achieve that, Better Life uses none of the following ingredients listed with possible health concerns they may cause:

Dyes: have been linked to cancer, can be toxic to animals, and are slow to biodegrade.

Alcohol: respiratory and skin irritant, flammable, and can act as an aggressive solvent which may damage surfaces in the home.

Synthetic Fragrance: central nervous system depressant, respiratory and skin irritant, slow to biodegrade, and toxic.

Sulfates (such as SLS & SLES) and Sulfanates: irritating to skin and eyes, and may contain 1,4-Dioxane.

Ethoxylates (Petroleum Based Cleaning Agents): ethylene oxide/petroleum based, may contain1,4-Dioxane, many pose threat to marine life,  and linked to cancer and sterility.

Petrochemical Solvents: petroleum based, many are respiratory and skin irritants, toxic, and may damage surfaces in the home.

Better Life uses only the absolute highest standards keeping all dangerous ingredients out of the products. You can save an extra 10% on all Better Life items at Lucky Just enter the code JAN14NEW10 at checkout for an additional 10% on these featured new items.

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Better Life – Cool Calm Collected Natural Lotion Citrus Mint – 12 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED


Premium Brand Spotlights

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 3:13 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor is excited to offer its customers an exclusive, limited-time offer on four high-end brands. Save an extra 20% off these exclusive brands with promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT126’ at checkout. These products are rarely offered at discounted prices so the time to take advantage is now! Learn more about what makes these sought-after brands so unique.


Nordic Naturals – Not Your Everyday Fish Oil

There are three main components to quality omega-3 fish oil: freshness, purity and taste. Consumers can rely on objective proof of purity from third-party analysis to validate these attributes. Today, the leading health organizations and industry experts have set strict purity standards for supplements, and Nordic Naturals meets every one. All oils used in Nordic Naturals products show no detectable heavy metals, dioxins or PCBs, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to Nordic’s large contingent of loyal customers. After all, Nordic is known for applying the strictest ethical and socially responsible environmental practices as they strive to eliminate the global omega-3 deficiency.


ResVitále – Anti-aging Compounds found in Organic Grapes from France

Clinical research has discovered that the key active ingredient in red wine is trans-Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. Resveratrol has been shown to help boost cellular energy production and rejuvinate DNA by supporting ‘longevity gene’ activation. ResVitále starts with award-winning grapes, grown in one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, and uses a patent-pending Resveratrol extraction process enhanced with wildcrafted Polygonum cuspidatum to create some of the finest Resveratrol available for anyone hoping to slow the advances of Father Time.


Biotics Research Corporation – In the Vanguard of Research, Development & Manufacturing

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for pharmaceuticals affect everyone. Consumers expect that each batch of medicines they take will meet quality standards that guarantee their safety and effectiveness. Biotics Research Corporation manufactures their branded products on-site, in state-of the-art facilities, allowing for complete control of the entire manufacturing process. Within their laboratories, the highly skilled members of their Quality Control Unit utilize modern, sophisticated technologies and validated analytical methods to test incoming raw materials, monitor manufacturing processes, perform in-process testing, and test all finished products prior to their release for shipment. In fact, many aspects of their cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) exceed the new, recently enacted FDA guidelines for dietary supplements in order to ensure the highest level of quality standards.


Nutritional Therapeutics – Free Radical Protection at the Cellular Level

A phospholipid membrane protects the outermost layer of the cell by controlling what goes in and out of the cell. Damaged membranes interfere with absorption of nutrients and energy production which can lead to aging and disease.  For over 25 years, Nutritional Therapeutics Inc. focuses on the scientific research concerning cellular restoration, which they believe is at the core of effective nutritional health and well-being. Currently, their leading formula (patent-pending) is NT Factor. This is a proprietary blend of phospholipids designed to fight fatigue and foster healthy cell function.



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Tips for Optimal Health: Green Formulas

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 6:13 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


“Eat your fruits and vegetables.” Sure, you’ve heard this before, but science shows it’s good advice.

Consuming five to nine servings of fruits and veggies is recommended by most health professionals to maintain good health. Yet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, less than nine percent of American adults consume the recommended number of servings.

One way to ensure you are receiving the nutritional benefits of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables is through green food supplementation. With just one scoop of Greens Today, you can get all your nutrients plus more!

Greens Today Original Formula is specifically designed to provide a Health Promoting, Energizing, Cleansing, Immune Boosting, Alkaline Promoting, and Complete Daily Nutritional Supplement. Greens Today Original Formula is an advanced phyto-nutrient superfood which uniquely combines nutraceutical ingredients, powerful antioxidants, digestive enzymes, plant fibers, probiotics, herbal extracts, plant fibers, vegetables and naturally occurring whole food source vitamins that work synergistically to provide optimally balanced nutritional support.

Specially formulated with 72 superfoods, Greens Today has 1900 mg of spirulina per each serving. One scoop contains 100% or more of numerous essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform at its best. You can mix Greens Today with water, juice, soy, rice or almond milk.

Here’s just a few of the ingredients in Greens Today and what they can do for you –

·         Contains chlorella and spirulina that help detoxify the body and are rich in nutrients

·         High in natural sources of antioxidants which fight free-radicals

·         Features a blend of fiber and ginger as well as probiotics and enzymes that support digestion

·         Contains Fo-ti and horsetail, which are thought to stimulate hair growth

·         Contains dandelion and artichoke, which detoxify the liver

·         Contains ginkgo biloba, which may improve blood flow to the brain

·         Contains bee pollen, a complete food rich in nutrients which boasts more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight


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Zinc Can Zap Your Cold

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Vitamins and Minerals at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Cold weather can be tough. Many people catch a cold or two during the winter months and even healthy, strong immune-system individuals may have to battle it from time to time.  Zinc supplements are one of the best ways to fight a cold during the winter. Known for multiple health benefits, such as acne treatment, repair wounds, and vision support, zinc is also a great immunity enhancer and can be a helpful supplement during this time of the year.

Zinc is an essential mineral responsible for important functions in the human body. In a healthy, well-balanced diet, most people can get enough zinc from food sources. Oysters, meat, eggs, seafood, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, black-eyed peas, tofu, and wheat germ are excellent food sources of zinc. Supplements are available in tablets, capsules and liquid and the recommended daily allowance of zinc is 15mg with higher amounts suggested during pregnancy and lactation.

Studies have concluded that taking zinc supplements can reduce the common cold. There are about 62 million cases of the common cold in the United States every year, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Peoples’ cold symptoms seemed to clear up faster if they take a higher dosage of zinc during the sick days. For example, studies suggest that adults who didn’t take zinc tend to have colds lasting around a week longer than adults taking zinc. Multiple natural supplements for immune support offer high amounts of zinc combined with natural immunity boosters, such as Echinacea, elderberry, and other herbal ingredients.

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Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Raw Zinc – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
NOW Foods – Zinc 50 mg. – 250 Tablets
Nature’s Way – Zinc Lozenges Natural Berry Flavor – 60 Lozenges

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