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What’s New? Primal Pit Paste

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Most deodorants still contain harmful ingredients like parabens or aluminum. These chemical ingredients have been linked to Alzheimer’s and Cancer but, for some strange reason, multiple personal care products containing parabens and aluminum are still available.

Why taking a chance on these products? You can use natural and organic deodorants that can work just as well. Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top choice of natural deodorants to our customers: Primal Pit Paste.

Primal Pit Paste provides truly natural and organic deodorants that not only work but are actually good for you. All products are handcrafted from organic and natural ingredients and contain no harmful ingredients. The company’s motto says it best “Killing the odor without killing your body”. Most deodorants not only keep the toxins in by preventing you from sweating, but they are designed to absorb into the skin. And what are you absorbing? Aluminum, parabens, fragrances, and a bunch of other harmful chemicals.

Primal Pit Paste’s effectiveness is amazing.  These deodorants really last even for extreme athletes in extreme heat. Primal Pit Paste products will withstand all sports, endurance races, mud events, and basically any physical activity. Primal Pit Paste is available in Pit Paste Strong and Kids varieties. Finally, you can shop a healthy, organic deodorant that actually works for everyone: moms, dads, kids and athletes.

Save even more! You can save extra on all Primal Pit Paste new products. Just enter the code ‘JAN14NEW10′ to save an extra 10% on all items of this new brand at Lucky

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Primal Pit Paste – Natural Deodorant Thyme & Lemongrass – 2 oz.
Primal Pit Paste – Natural Deodorant Kids Orange Creamsicle – 2 oz.
Primal Pit Paste – Natural Deodorant Stick Thyme & Lemongrass – 2 oz.


Battling Migraines

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Migraines are very painful headaches that usually begin on only one side of the head and may become worse with exposure to light. Today is Monday, “scientifically proved” to be the most common day for migraine headaches. So, no better day to inform you a little bit more about this painful condition and show a few good natural ways to treat migraines.

Around 18% of American women and 6% of men are affected by migraine headaches but mainstream medicine has yet to find a safe, long-term way to prevent this debilitating condition. Scientists have recently uncovered that migraines may cause lasting brain damage that is closely related to the changes seen in seizures, strokes, and dementia.

Migraines are commonly preceded by warning symptoms such as depression, irritability, restlessness, loss of appetite, and visual disturbances. Migraines may also involve nausea, vomiting, and changes in vision. Smoking and birth control pills can be additional contributing factors in migraines.

A few natural substances have now been found to be effective in preventing and often in treating migraine headaches. Studies have shown that magnesium, butterbur, feverfew, and vitamin B2 are great alternative ways to battle migraines.

Magnesium targets the underlying mechanisms of migraines, improving brain blood flow and restoring balance to the brain chemicals neurotransmitters. Taking 200 mg of this mineral in a well-absorbed supplement two or three times a day may help reduce migraine frequency and relieve symptoms.

Butterbur extract has been shown to significantly reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, when taking about 75 mg twice a day of an extract standardized containing at least 15% petasins.

Feverfew is the most frequently used herb for the long-term migraine prevention. Continuous use of standardized feverfew extract delivering 250 mcg of parthenolide per day may reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches.

Lastly, vitamin B2 can also be effective at reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

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NOW Foods – Butterbur with Feverfew – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Herb Pharm – Feverfew Extract – 1 oz.
Life Extension – Magnesium Caps 500 mg. – 100 Vegetarian Capsules


What’s New? EVL Nutrition

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Sports Nutrition at 9:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Gyms and fitness centers are always pretty crowded in the month of January. The New Year has this amazing force to make people find that extra motivation to start exercising, eating better, and living healthier. Checking the number of people that flock the gyms these days, one may wonder: how many of these “newcomers” would still be exercising by, let’s say, March or April?

Starting a new exercising routine can certainly change your life to a better, healthier life but that’s only the beginning. Keeping up with your workout can be equally as difficult but you can find ways to successfully stay on track. Sport nutrition supplements may be just what you need, that little extra boost, to keep your body in top conditions to endure a regular or daily workout. So, there’s no better time to present you with our latest sport nutrition brand: EVL Nutrition.

EVL Nutrition offers a top quality line of sport supplements created to enhance the lives of every single customer. EVL seeks to empower its followers to live healthy, fuel training programs, and bring out their inner athlete. The goal of EVL Nutrition is simple: provide results.

EVL Nutrition was founded on the guiding principles to provide fueling and recovery formulas to aid an athlete’s training program. By taking the time out of your day to research products, you have already made the step in the right direction. EVL Nutrition provides you the tools to maximize your body’s potential instead of settling with sub-par products. EVL Nutrition unique formulas can grant you access to the newest and best products in the evolution of sports nutrition.

In addition, you can save extra on all EVL Nutrition supplements. Just enter the code JAN14NEW10 at checkout for an additional 10% on all items of this new brand, only at

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EVL Nutrition – ENGN Pre-Workout Engine 30 Servings Blue Raz – 6.7 oz.
EVL Nutrition – CRE+ Maximum Strength Creatine 60 Servings Unflavored – 10.8 oz.
EVL Nutrition – GLU+ Enhanced Glutamine 45 Servings Blue Raz – 10.3 oz.


Plant-Based Ceramides For Healthy Skin

Filed Under: Personal Care at 3:19 pm | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor

Cold, dry winter months leave our skin longing for extra protection and moisture. It’s easy enough to slather the nearest lotion on hands and body to provide temporary relief. But for long-lasting results, we need a product that builds healthy skin, from the inside out.

Knowing what to look for is key. The essential building blocks of healthy skin include plant ceramides, lecithin and essential fatty acids. Ceramides serve many important roles for skin health. Most importantly, they’re an essential component of the skin’s primary barrier, known as the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum’s protective role keeps foreign substances out of the body and locks moisture in.

Healthy skin has the right balance of three types of lipids, located in the stratum corneum: ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. Together, these three lipids form glycophospholipids. When looking for effective skin care lotions that can protect, soothe and heal dry winter skin, you’ll want to look for a lotion that contains the right proportion of glycophospholipids.

When out of balance, low ceramide levels make it difficult for the skin to retain moisture. They’re also linked to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. One of our newest products from Earth Science is formulated with this balance in mind.

With regular use, Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion can help restore your skin to its optimum state by improving your skin’s moisture-retaining capacity. It uses some of the best natural ingredients to enhance its effectiveness and texture. It contains shea butter, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil and hemp oil. It’s a non-greasy, fragrance-free healing lotion with no artificial colors or parabens.

Does your lotion work to restore and sooth dry skin with natural ingredients? If not, stop reaching for temporary relief. Check out Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion by Earth Science today, at 30% off retail prices at Your winter skin will thank you!

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Earth Science – Facial Scrub Gentle Apricot – 4 oz.
Earth Science – Pure Essentials Shampoo Fragrance-Free – 12 oz.
Earth Science – Deep Conditioning Masque For Hair Olive & Avocado – 6 oz.


Tired of Being Tired?

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 10:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

If you are tired of being tired, it’s time for a change. Recharge your body batteries can be the start of a new life. Many people suffer from mental and physical fatigue without knowing that they may have a very simple problem. People often spend more energy than they consume and they results of this unbalanced exchange is lack of energy and tiredness.

Caffeine or energy drinks may boost energy levels but these options may work better for the short-term. These products do not create natural energy in your body as they only temporarily squeeze adrenaline from your cells, eventually creating a much bigger deficit. So, if you want to target the body’s source of energy, you may want to take a different approach.

The human body is loaded with cells that produce a vital energy molecule known as adenosine triphosphate or simply ATP. Fatigue, lack of energy and exhaustion are clear indications of insufficient ATP levels. The solution is quite simple as you can safely boost your energy reserves. Two traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have been found to work at the cellular level to boost your body’s own natural energy source.

Cordyceps sinensis, a potent medicinal mushroom, and the root of the ginseng plant (Panax ginseng) provide sustainable energy by utilizing your body’s own energy resources. Studies have shown that these two products have the ability to naturally boost energy by ramping up ATP production. Cordyceps enhances the ability to burn fuel more efficiently and store its energy as ATP. Ginseng root supports ATP production at the much higher levels possible when oxygen is available, as in a long-distance run or a prolonged task. Check out our energy enhancers section and stop feeling tired right now.

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New Chapter – LifeShield Cordyceps Strength & Endurance 100% Vegan – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Life Extension – Adrenal Energy Formula – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Country Life – Ginseng Supreme Complex Balanced Energy – 60 Vegetarian Capsules


Frizzy Hair Rescue – Learn The Secret Kitchen Ingredient To Moisturize Hair Naturally

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Personal Care at 9:30 am | By: admin


For years I fancied myself a “Long/Frizzy Hair Guru” of sorts. As a cosmetologist, I know about the structure of hair and how to take care of it; as an employee of LuckyVitamin I have access to all of the best, natural hair care products. So, I was pretty confident I had all the answers.

Six months ago, however, I was humbled. While I was visiting a good friend of mine I mentioned to her that I was having a hard time keeping the ends of my hair hydrated and healthy. I believe my exact words to her were, “I can’t stand my hair anymore! I look like a frizzy poodle!” … but I digress.

Her response, “Here, put some Coconut Oil in your hair.”

Like it was nothing. Like she didn’t just reveal to me the best possible solution for dry, frizzy hair – a solution that is cheap, easy to use, smells great, and is a staple in my kitchen.

If your hair is frizzy, it’s dry. Period. A lot of people think frizzy is just how their hair is, and that there is very little they can do about it. Not true. The answer is hydration. If you look at many of the products on the market targeting frizzy hair, they all strive to add moisture through oils or other oil-based creams. Based on my personal experience I believe they have the general idea correct, but the delivery falls short. Let me explain…

Typically, most hair products just coat the hair cuticle and do not fully penetrate it.  This prevents the hair from getting the moisture it needs. Luckily, I have been introduced to a solution, that through much experimenting, I have fine-tuned to perfection. I know you’re jealous, but really there’s no need to be. I am more than willing to share.

Hydrating Coconut Hair Mask


1.            Scoop out a heaping tablespoon of Coconut Oil.

2.            Rub your palms together (the heat from your hands will melt the oil)

3.            Apply the oil to the ends of your hair and sparingly on your scalp and roots

4.            Repeat the steps above until Coconut Oil is distributed through all of your hair

5.            Allow to sit for at least 20min. Length of time may vary depending on hair type.

6.            Apply a generous amount of shampoo to scalp and massage vigorously

7.            Rinse and apply conditioner

**Note – You can alter the amount of Coconut Oil you depending on hair type**

So there you go! My wisdom has been bestowed to you.  Let us know how it works!

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What’s New? InterPlexus

Filed Under: Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 7:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to increase the variety of top quality items for our customers and, to celebrate the New Year, we’re proud to announce our latest brand addition: InterPlexus.

InterPlexus offers the finest specialty products at reasonable prices. The company is a premier purveyor of high quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ayurvedic herbs, essential fatty acids, and much more. Established in 1989, InterPlexus, Inc. is committed to using the highest quality ingredients in the entire product line and equally committed to bringing the latest research to every single product.

Designed and created with the best formulas available, InterPlexus has developed a multitude of supplements including probiotics, multi-vitamins, antioxidants, products for adrenal support, liquid vitamins, products for metabolic support and many others. InterPlexus offers a unique line of products to support of one of today’s most common problems: stress.

One of the company’s best-selling items is Adapt, among the best available products for adrenal support. Adapt is an herbal base supplement developed to promote the adaptation of individuals to stress. Under stress a person may experience a depletion of critical co-factors that are essential in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. This product was particularly formulated to address common problems encountered in objective stress measurements of thousands of people.

Additionally, Interplexus Seriphos is another top-selling product for adaptogen and adrenal support. Seriphos has an impact on stress by providing adrenal relief. Each capsule yields about 90 mg of the active molecule Phosphorylated Serine, a pure product not derived from animal tissue. The serine is from vegetable sources and the phosphate is from a pure phosphate donor compound.

Plus, you can save extra on all these fantastic products from Interplexus. Just use the code JAN14NEW10 for an additional 10% on all items of this new brand only at

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InterPlexus – Hyper-Implante 7 Strain Mega-Synbiotic 2 x .35oz. Sachets
InterPlexus – Ayush Herbs Trifal – 90 Vegetarian Capsules
InterPlexus – NutriSorb Liquid Vitamin A – 0.6 oz.


No Pain, No Problems

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Health Aids at 9:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

A New Year has just begun and you have started a new workout. That’s great news and so far, so good. You have been exercising according to schedule and have not missed a single day, perfect! But many people face that “day” when you feel really tired, you have muscle pain, your whole body is sore, and the last thing your want to do is exercising. This is often a problem for many people trying to change into an active lifestyle, but you don’t have to skip or quit your fitness program just because of that.

Pain and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) are quite common issues for people who exercise, particularly to the ones just starting or getting back to physical activities. Exercising is excellent for your health but many activities can be very harsh on your muscles and joints. Running is one of the best ways to get or stay in shape but it can really cause some soreness on legs, knees, and ankles. Luckily, you can find a variety of efficient, low cost pain relief products that can provide quick relief and get you back to your workout in short time. If you feel pain or soreness, start treatment as soon as possible. Hot and cold packs are also a great way to treat these minor injuries. Some products can provide hours of relief from pain and inflammation without any discomfort or skin irritation. You may be surprised how efficient this simple treatment can be.

Prevention is also really important. Wearing protective braces can be helpful as it may help an individual to stay active by enhancing the position and movement of the joints and reducing overall pain. For example, knee braces can support or align the knee and can prevent issues from simple soreness to more serious joint problems. Ankle braces can do just the same and are an excellent way to prevent sprains.

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LifeTime Vitamins – BlocPain Extra Stregth Roll-On – 3 oz.
Homeolab USA – Real Relief Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream – 1.76 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED
Boiron – Arnicare Arnica Gel Pain Relief – 1.5 oz.


What’s New? Peter Lamas

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

New Year, New brands. With this philosophy in mind, Lucky Vitamin is introducing Peter Lamas products to our customers.

Peter Lamas offers a unique line of personal care products that combines the best of nature and healthy science. The company aims to create high performance products that produce stunning results, support a healthy lifestyle, and deliver on their promise. Created by the latest beauty and fashion trends, each product uses a synergy of exotic extracts, powerful botanicals and potent herbs to enhance all skin and hair types. Founder and product formulator, Peter Lamas, pulls from his extensive background in the hair care and skincare industry in developing his line of skin-loving, earth-friendly beauty products.

Found in many regular skin and hair care products, multiple chemicals have detrimental effect on people and long-term use can permanently damage what you’re seeking to enhance. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is incredibly permeable. Every product you use is absorbed and enters your system and with this understanding that Peter became committed to creating his own line of vegan and organic products, all free of harsh chemicals.

The company is committed to creating natural and organic products that are free of harmful chemicals and perform to a professional standard. All Peter Lamas products are 100% vegan, free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, petrochemical-free and SLS-free, and do not contain any other harsh, irritating chemicals ingredients. Additionally, the company does not test products on animals and all natural ingredients used are safe, nourishing, and have been used by humans for centuries.

You can save an additional 10% on all Peter Lamas items at Lucky Just enter the code JAN14NEW10 for additional savings on this new brand.

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Peter Lamas – Naturals Wheatgrass Purifying Conditioner – 12 oz.
Peter Lamas – Naturals Bamboo Nectar Shine Enhancing Conditioner – 12 oz.
Peter Lamas – Naturals Avocado & Olive Ultra Smoothing Conditioner – 12 oz.


Resolution Time!

Filed Under: Detoxification and Cleansing,Diet & Weight Loss,Exercise and Fitness,Health Foods at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Happy New Year! Many people are starting 2014 with a New Year’s resolution and Lucky Vitamin is helping you celebrate 2014. You can save an extra 10% off our most popular resolution categories.

The most common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, eating healthy, getting in shape, reducing stress, starting a cleanse, getting healthier skin, quitting smoking, getting more sleep, and many others. Some people prefer to choose a more generic resolution such as “being healthy” rather than a specific one. But shouldn’t “being healthy” be a must for anyone starting a New Year’s resolution? Some people may have a point on this discussion as you do have to be healthy to start and, most importantly, succeed in any resolution you make it for the New Year.

While the term may have many different interpretations, most people just want to improve their lifestyle. Perhaps eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less fast food, drinking more water and less soda. Others may take the opportunity for a fresh new start changing from completely unhealthier habits to healthier ones such as quit smoking and start a new workout. Every beginning of the year is a great chance to make wellness resolutions that will keep you energized, fit, and beautiful, inside and out.

Take advantage of Lucky Vitamin’s New You Resolution Sale. Save an extra 10% on all items in the selected categories. Just enter the code NEWYOU10 at checkout! 10% discount applies to all select categories only. Sale ends January 12, 2014.


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Walden Farms – Calorie Free Pasta Sauce Alfredo – 12 oz.
Muscletech Products – Hydroxycut SX-7 – 140 Capsules
NatraBio – Stop-It Smoking Quit Smoking Aid – 60 Tablets
Vibrant Health – Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet – 12.7 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Terra Essential Scents

Filed Under: Home,Personal Care at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce to our customers an exclusive line of candles and aromatherapy products created with only pure natural ingredients: Terra Essential Scents.

Terra Essential Scents offers a unique selection of massage and aromatherapy candles, massage oils, chakra candles, chakra and aroma roll-ons, seasonal candles, and much more. The company is fully committed to providing the highest quality, all natural, hand-poured products at an affordable price. Created in 2008, Terra Essential Scents is the result of a lifetime passion and affinity for candles, natural oils, color and gemstones, with the main goal of ensuring that the candles burning in our homes were 100% pure and natural, a rare find in today’s market.

Each of Terra Essential Scents’ candles is uniquely blended with the finest aromas from an extensive line of essential and natural oils from around the world. A hand-selected gem stone is added to each small, medium, large candle to complement and enhance the energetic composition. All candles are individually hand-poured, made with 100% premium soy wax, infused with essential and natural oils, and contain lead-free, cotton wicks. All candles have long lasting and clean burning and come in recyclable and reusable glass cylinders.

In addition, Terra Essential Scents offers a one of a kind line of massage oils created with complex synergistic blends of organic cold-pressed carrier oils and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, containing no corn or mineral oil and are GMO free. Each oil blend is energetically enhanced with a corresponding gemstone. The pure, high quality ingredients in terra massage oils provide for long lasting, multi-sensory experiences.

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Terra Essential Scents – Massage & Aromatherapy Soy Candle Coffee – 2.5 oz.
Terra Essential Scents – Aromatherapy Roll-On Egyptian Musk – 0.3 oz.
Terra Essential Scents – Aromatherapy Roll-On Frankincense – 0.3 oz.


Top 10 Lucky Foods For The New Year

Filed Under: Health Foods at 7:36 am | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor

Looking to increase your luck in the New Year? is here to help. Enjoy these traditional foods in the New Year, and may luck, prosperity and good health follow you in 2014!

Long Noodles: Symbolic of longevity in Asian countries, the noodle is best in a stir fry or eaten as a salad. Just be careful not to break them – before or after cooking. Enjoy slurping them whole! Try Asian Noodles & Shrimp with calorie-free Miracle Noodle.

Pork: In countries like Spain, Cuba and Portugal, pigs symbolize progress. Served with its fat, ham is also known to bring a year rich with joy. Try Apricot Glazed Pork Kabobs.

Round Fruits: Their sweet flavors make them hard to resist in almost any country. Eat 12 grapes at midnight and each sweet one will bring one lucky month. Try Quinoa Pilaf with royal pearl quinoa.

Whole Fish: If you’re looking for luck in 2014 from start to finish, serve your fish from head to tail. Fish also only swim forward, symbolizing progress. Try Basil Baked Cod Fillets.

Pomegranate:   In Turkey the color red represents luck. But the pomegranate offers more than just that – it has medicinal properties, contains an abundance of round seeds for prosperity, and looks much like the life-giving human heart. For an on-the-go snack, try Kind Bar’s Pomegranate Blueberry Antioxidant bar.

Greens: Enjoy in abundance! Not only are they healthy for you, tradition suggests their green golor represents paper cash. The more you eat, the more prosperous you may  be!  Try Braised Greens with Garlic and add pine nuts for added protein and magnesium.

Lentils: In Italy this legume’s green color and coin-like appearance associate it with growing wealth. For a healthy snack, try The Perfect Snaque’s sprouted lentils with honey mustard.

Pickled herring: Yum? Herring is found in abundance in Western Europe, which is why Germans, Scandinavians and Polacks believe eating herring at midnight ensures a year of bounty. Their silver color also symbolizes coins for future fortune. You’re on your own for a recipe here.

Black-eyed peas: A traditional dish in the southern United states is known as Hoppin’ John features the humble black-eyed pea, penny-like in appearance. Eaten as leftovers on New Year’s Day, the Hoppin’ John becomes a Skippin’ Jenny which promotes frugality and prosperity. For something different, try Easy Lamb Creole Gumbo.

Cornbread: Served as a New Year’s treat, cornbread’s color resembles gold. Add extra corn kernels as gold nuggets for fun. Try Pamela’s Products gluten-free cornbread & muffin mix.

If you can’t find something you like to eat here, you could choose to avoid some foods, like lobster or chicken. Why? Lobster moves backwards. Avoid lobster to avoid setbacks. The chicken scratches backwards, so refrain to avoid regret or dwelling on the past. Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year from all of us at!

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Boost Your Immunity With The Mighty Mushroom

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Supplements at 11:49 am | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor












Far more than just a culinary delight, mushrooms are one of nature’s best defenses for boosting your immunity this winter.  For more than 3,000 years, over a dozen varieties of the mighty fungus have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for varied purposes such as increasing immunity, strengthening the lungs and serving as a vital component of several forms of cancer therapy. If you’re looking to add some mycelium nutraceuticals to your cold and flu season arsenal, here are the top varieties to look for.

Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom is an edible Brazilian mushroom with a low caloric content and high nutrient density. Agaricus, nicknamed “God’s Mushroom” due to its near-miraculous curative benefits for the afflicted, has been used for generations by people looking to combat chronic and acute allergies, stress, and chronic fatigue, as well as to treat a litany of diseases and disorders relating to the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Shiitake (for centuries referred to as the “Elixir of Life”) is rich in several anti-oxidants. Mainly known for their immune system support, the shiitake variety of mushroom contains lentinan, which helps strengthen the immune system so that it can better fight off disease and infection. According to the American Cancer Society, lentinan is believed to stop or slow tumor growth, too, though it notes that more clinical trials are needed to fully gauge the mushrooms’ effectiveness. The shiitake also contains a compound called D-Eritadenine (DEA), which has been known to lower cholesterol and support cardiovascular health.

Maitake, also known as “hen of the woods”, are a large species of mushroom native to Japan, North America and Europe. Often found growing in clumps around the base of oak trees, maitake can reach a weight of 50 pounds. Scientific studies show the extract of this highly prized edible mushroom to have potential benefits for stabilizing cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promoting healthy immune functions and aiding in cancer treatment and prevention.

Reishi are hailed in ancient Eastern medicine as the “mushroom of immortality” and the “medicine of kings”. The reishi more than lives up to its lofty reputation by helping boost the immune system, fight cancer, ward off heart disease, calm your nerves and relieve both allergies and inflammation.

Overall, mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrition that contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, fiber and essential amino acids. Of course, there are thousands of different edible types of mushrooms out there, and even more that are poisonous, so unless you’re a seasoned mycologist (that’s geek speak for “mushroom expert”) you should always stick with supplements and store-bought varieties. This cold and flu season, let and the mighty mushroom serve as your first line of defense against germs and disease.


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Doctor’s Best – Best Agaricus blazei 400 mg. – 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Life Extension – Reishi Extract Mushroom Complex – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Solaray – Maitake Mushroom 600 mg. – 100 Capsules


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Deep Steep

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Deep Steep offers a unique line of all-natural personal care products manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Deep Steep products are unique in their ability to smell and feel just like popular luxury products, only without the use of harmful chemical ingredients. All products are guaranteed free of chemical preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other questionable ingredients.

Deep Steep’s vision involves two concepts: luxury and integrity. The company promises you a retreat from the ordinary, and a refreshing level of quality with products that feel good, and smell good. Originally founded by earth-conscious entrepreneurs in 2002, Deep Steep is dedicated to producing all natural luxury bath & body care products that benefit both the consumer and the planet. Today, Deep Steep is operated by leading natural personal care manufacturer, Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics, Inc.

In cosmetics manufacturing, “preservatives” are used to combat the growth of bacteria and mold, which may grow in any product containing water such as lotions, liquid soaps, body washes, etc. Unfortunately, these preservatives are used frequently in personal care products because they are easy to obtain and cost very little. Synthetic preservatives are considered by leading dermatological associations to be the number one cause of contact dermatitis, and have been scientifically linked to breast cancer and other adverse conditions of the skin and body.

With over 25 years of research, Deep Steep’s chemists have developed the technology to create a 100% natural preservative system that omits all synthetic ingredients. Using this system, all Deep Steep products pass standardized microbial challenge tests for killing bacteria and mold, and honor all FDA standards.

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Deep Steep – Body Wash Honeydew Spearmint – 8 oz.
Deep Steep – Foaming Handwash Lavender Chamomile – 8.75 oz.
Deep Steep – Foaming Handwash Tangerine Melon – 8.75 oz.


Lucky Vitamin Presents: Optimal Blend For Dynamic Women

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Diet & Weight Loss,Women's Health at 6:01 pm | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is pleased to announce a new line of products from Olympian Labs, Inc. For over 20 years, OL has been a trusted supplement company with a proven track record of success. They pride themselves on innovative vitamin, supplement and sports nutrition formulations, as well as, potency and the highest quality ingredients.   We are excited to introduce OL’s new line: Optimal Blend for Dynamic Women. It’s designed to support women’s health, wellness and graceful aging.

The new line includes exciting and effective anti-aging products such as Biocell Collagen®, Skin Support Supplement and Ageless that contain natural nutrients that work from the inside-out at the cellular level to improve the appearance of skin, repair cells and restore youthfulness. With the stress of daily life, environmental contaminants and lack of proper nutrition, it is never too early to properly care for your skin. Additionally, the product line contains weight loss and stress products that help accelerate weight loss, reduce appetite, overeating tendencies, and speed metabolism. Other general health products that address digestive, bone, urinary tract health, energy and hormonal balance are also sold by the company as well.

Since their beginning, the Olympian Labs mission has been to create the world’s most effective and advanced line of supplements to improve the quality of life. They have conducted extensive research and development and partnered with leading naturopathic institutes and physicians to develop cutting- edge formulations that support health, age management and performance. Olympian Labs is cGMP and NSF certified. Click here to view the Optimal Blend for Dynamic Women line.


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Olympian Labs – Optimal Blend For Dynamic Women Cal/Mag Plus – 111 Gram(s)
Olympian Labs – Optimal Blend For Dynamic Women Cranberry Complex – 30 Capsules
Olympian Labs – Optimal Blend For Dynamic Women Complete Digestive Blend – 60 Capsules

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