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What’s New? Mira’s Homemade

Filed Under: Uncategorized at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another premium brand of health food products to our customers: Mira’s Homemade.

Mira’s Homemade offers a superior line of granola products made with only five or fewer raw and organic ingredients. The company minimizes ingredients while maximizing nutrition and taste, creating granola products which are completely vegan, GMO, soy and gluten-free, contain no refined sugars, low in sodium, high in fiber, and are a good source of protein. Children as well as adults enjoy them in a variety of ways but especially right out of the bag, and because they double as a delicious snack food, a growing number of people prefer them over heavily sugared or salty snack alternatives.

Mira’s Homemade granola can be eaten in many different ways: you can have them as a crunchy addition to oatmeal, salads, your favorite dairy-free yogurt, atop dairy-free ice cream, or for an amazing new snack experience spread some nut butter on the larger pieces. Mira’s Homemade granola is somewhere between bits and bars in the granola world and, therefore, the possibilities are yours to create. However you eat them, you can be sure to enjoy exceptional nutrition and great taste of these four personality-packed granola products.

Mira’s Homemade creates food that does the least amount of harm to, and the most amount of good for, animals, humans, and the natural resources on our precious planet. Additionally, you can save an extra 10% on all Mira’s Homemade products at For a limited-time, just enter promo code MAY14NEW10 to save an additional 10% on all items of this new brand.

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Mira’s Homemade – 100% Raw Granola Mango Coconut – 8 oz.
Mira’s Homemade – 100% Raw Granola Blueberry Banana – 8 oz.
Mira’s Homemade – 100% Raw Granola Cacao & Hemp – 8 oz.
Mira’s Homemade – 100% Raw Granola Double Nut with Cashews & Almonds – 8 oz.


Battling Spring Allergies

Filed Under: Health Aids at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Spring may be the most common time of the year for seasonal allergies for many people. Allergens are present all year round with tree pollen in the spring, grass pollen in the summer and weed pollen in the fall. However, it seems like most people suffer from allergies primarily in the spring months.

The spring pollen season has started and common symptoms are affecting people across the country. The immune system response to allergens is often felt in the form of congested, itchy, sneeze nose as well as watery, itchy eyes. You don’t have to wait until the summer to take action as there are many ways to prevent or lessen your reaction to spring allergens.

Natural supplements can be very helpful for seasonal allergies. One of the most popular products is quercetin, a well-known supplement proven to relieve allergy-induced runny nose, watery eyes, hives, and swelling. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, quercetin acts as an antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory, and in test tubes, it “prevents immune cells from releasing histamines, chemicals that cause allergic reactions.”

If quercetin doesn’t work for you, try one of the many allergies formulas containing a mix of natural ingredients. Most products contain a blend of vitamins and herbal supplements that can be very effective to battle allergies. Vitamin C can also be helpful as it is a natural antihistamine, but it’s since it is a very gentle form, you need to take 500-1000 mg, three times a day to reduce symptoms. Other supplements such as cayenne pepper, as well as homeopathic remedies complete the list of natural ways to fight off allergies this spring.

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Similasan – Kids Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops – 0.33 oz.
Herbs Etc – Allergy ReLeaf System
Source Naturals – Allercetin Allergy & Sinus With HistaStop – 48 Tablets


Spring Break Detox

Filed Under: Detoxification and Cleansing,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 11:15 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author


So you just got back from spring break. Maybe you relaxed on the beach, ate too much food, read a book, or had one too many alcoholic drinks. Now it’s time to get back to work, but you’re still feeling a little sluggish.  Consider helping your body to recover by doing a detox program. Detox programs are a great way to remove those toxins of spring break, clean out the liver, gain energy, and start feeling like your old self again.

The main organs of elimination are the skin, kidneys, liver, lungs, and colon. When these organs don’t function properly, it leads to a build up of toxins. Before discussing supplements to consider, I will talk about simple ways to improve the function of these organs.

  • Dry skin brushing for one minute a day has been found to improve the elimination of waste by stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, and increasing circulation. Before each shower, gently rub your dry skin with the dry sponge or dry skin brush. Start at your hands and work towards your chest. Then rub from your feet, up your legs, abdomen, and towards your heart. Don’t forget your back and buttocks. Shop Lucky Vitamin and purchase one of our dry skin brushes
  • Another at home method to promote the elimination of toxins is hydrotherapy. This simply means water therapy. By alternating hot and cold water in the shower, you can increase circulation throughout your entire body. Each morning perform three cycles of three minutes hot and 30 seconds cold ending the third cycle on cold just before getting out of the shower.
  •  Castor Oil applied topically in the form of “packs” is a popular way to aid in decreasing inflammation throughout the body, specifically in the abdominal area. It has also been used to improve the elimination of toxins and increase circulation in the lymphatic and circulatory systems as well.  You can check out my March blog on how to do a castor oil pack properly.

Lucky Vitamin has a wide selection of detoxifying and cleansing kits available to help you along the process. These kits contain multi-day supplement regimens that allow you to chose the length of your detox program.  If supplements aren’t the route you are looking to go, we also carry a selection of detox teas that can help get those nasty toxins out of your body.  Additionally, probiotics promote beneficial gut bacteria in your intestinal tract. They aid in regulating bowel movements, which are very important for the elimination of toxins, and have also been found to increase glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant and works in the liver to protect the body from harmful substances as well as eliminate toxins.  This spring don’t let toxins keep you in the way of enjoying the nice weather and great outdoors.

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What’s New? Way Out Wax

Filed Under: Home,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another top quality brand of natural products to our customers: Way Out Wax.

Way Out Wax offers a unique selection of natural products including air fresheners, candles, insect repellents, room sprays, and much more. Founded in 1992, Way Out Wax produces hand-crafted works of art utilizing socially and environmentally responsible business practices. All products are a reflection of beautiful natural surroundings and lifestyles of those who make them, embracing good health and maintaining the balance of nature.

Way Out Wax has passed through a number of evolutionary stages beginning with dip-your-own psychedelic kaleidoscope candles (a favorite at festivals, and in Burlington, VT store) and a transition to pure essential oil aromatherapy candles before it was “fashionable.” For over 20 years, Way Out Wax has been hand-crafting high quality candles in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. This exclusive line of products contains only essential oils and no chemical additives, fragrances and dyes that are so prevalent in the candle industry.

The company believes that healing botanical essences should be accessible and incorporated into every aspect of daily life. Way Out Wax is fully committed to producing high-quality, truly healthy products with integrity, products that represent the powerful connection between individuals and the environment. All waxes are 100% natural and biodegradable and the company only uses 100% soy wax in all of container candles. The scents come from 100% pure essential oils without any dyes or synthetic fragrance.

Additionally, you can save an extra 10% on all Way Out Wax products at For a limited-time, just enter promo code MAY14NEW10 to save an additional 10% on all items of this new brand.

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Way Out Wax – CleanAir Odor Neutralizer Spray Lavender Sky – 4 oz.
Way Out Wax – Votive Sweet Dreams – 1 Count
Way Out Wax – Votive Citrus Harmony – 1 Count


Vitamins During Pregnancy

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Vitamins and Minerals,Women's Health at 4:02 pm | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Pregnancy is one of the most talked about terms in medicine. Making sure that both the mother and fetus stay healthy throughout the pregnancy is very important.  A balanced diet is the best way for your baby to receive nutrients during the pregnancy. Vitamins should only be used to ensure you are receiving the proper amount of nutrients and should not in any way replace a healthy diet.   A healthy diet is one that consists of a variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and fats. Calories are very important for pregnant women during pregnancy. They provide energy, aid in the expansion of red blood cells, as well as aid in the growth of the uterus and breasts. I’m going to discuss some of the supplements and why they are important for you and your growing baby.

  1. The majority of the vitamins and the dosage needed can be found in a good prenatal multivitamin.
    1. Vitamin A – Important for reproduction, healthy skin, and promoting normal vision.  Recommended dose 2,500-5,000 IU/day.
    2. Vitamin C – Aids in the absorption of iron.
    3. Vitamin D – Vital in the development of fetal teeth and bone as well as necessary for metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Recommended dose 400 IU/day.
    4. Vitamin E – A very potent antioxidant that helps in maintaining cell integrity. Recommended dose 200-800 IU/day.
    5. Vitamin K – Aids in the prevention of neonatal hemorrhage. Recommended dose not established.
    6. B6–Prevents morning sickness, preeclampsia, and diabetes.
    7. B12 – Functions in protein metabolism and DNA synthesis.
  2. Minerals are also important throughout your pregnancy.
    1. Iron- Statuses decline during pregnancy because the fetus consumes what maternal iron is stored.  It is important that mom consults with her healthcare practitioner for the amount of iron she should be taking to help prevent anemia and other iron deficiency conditions.
    2. Folic acid-Helps prevent neural tube defects and low birth weight infants. It also prevents megaloblastic anemia and increases protein effectiveness in the body. Recommended dose 400-800 micrograms/day.
    3. Calcium- Another mineral important to supplement during pregnancy as it has been found to increase bone mineral density in offspring. Recommended dose between 900-1200mg/day.
    4. Zinc-Necessary for DNA and protein synthesis as well as for the prevention of congenital malformations. Recommended dose 15mg/day.


  1. Besides vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 acids such as DHA, play a vital role in the development of the brain, central nervous system, and visual system.  Fetuses rely on DHA from their mother so it is imperative that the mother has adequate intake in her diet and supplements. Recommended dosage 200-300mg/day.
  2. Choline is an essential nutrient needed for proper brain development. Studies have shown that high choline diets during pregnancy resulted in improved cognitive function in offspring. Recommended dose around 450mg/day.
  3. Probiotics have shown to reduce the risk of allergies and eczema in offspring during pregnancy. These are also important because infants are born with a sterile intestinal tract. The mother’s flora is needed to build the intestinal flora of the baby.



All supplements should be prescribed by your healthcare provider or under direct supervision of a healthcare provider. These dosages are only recommendations and are not in any way meant to replace any dosage prescribed by your doctor. Please consult your healthcare provider before changing or including supplements in your daily routine.


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What’s New? Phytonutritia

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Sports Nutrition,Supplements at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of sport nutrition supplements: Phytonutritia.

Phytonutritia offers the only true liquid creatine products on the market today. This unique line of patented formulation, liquid creatine serum is developed for those who want the best of the best:  best in quality, best in results, and the best for you.

Vaso, Endure, Thermo and Trace are incredible products made from the purest ingredients the world has to offer, and with the highest manufacturing standards.  This unique spray delivery system means you get the fastest possible absorption and no longer have to wait for your powder creatine to take effect. Phytonutritia is the perfect complement to anyone’s diet regimen and lifestyle, providing healthy strength and endurance to the end user.

Developed and manufactured in the United States by PhytoCeuticals Inc., the company was founded in 1995 by Dr. Mostafa M. Omar as the patent holder of the world’s only stabilized liquid creatine.  Dr. Omar’s expertise in natural product chemistry, herbal extracts and herbal health care has earned the company grants from the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute.

Phytonutritia’ s products contain the only true creatine serum on the market today, utilizing only pure Creatine Monohydrate, as opposed to other brands which contain Creatinol-o-phosphate.  The purity of these products is further supported by the Company’s standard of 99 percent purity in all ingredients, thus providing its customers with a safe, quickly absorbed, efficient and healthy product for men and women who wish to increase muscle mass, endurance and overall appearance.

You can save an extra 10% on all Phytonutritia products at For a limited-time, just enter promo code APR14NEW10 to save an additional 10% on all items of this new brand.

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Phytonutritia – Vaso Pre-Workout Creatine Serum Spray Unisex Lemon Lime – 5 oz.
Phytonutritia – Endure Endurance & Stamina Creatine Serum Spray Unisex Lemon Lime – 5 oz.
Phytonutritia – Thermo Fat Burner Creatine Serum Spray Unisex Lemon Lime – 5 oz.
Phytonutritia – Trace Liquid Multivitamin Creatine Serum Spray Unisex Lemon Lime – 5 oz.


Premium Brand Spotlights

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing,Supplements at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh, Senior Editor


 is excited to offer its customers an exclusive, limited-time offer on four high-end brands. These products are rarely offered at discounted prices so the time to take advantage is now! Learn more about what makes these sought-after brands so unique.

Bluebonnet Nutrition – Nutrition To The Fifth Power

Bluebonnet Nutrition was founded in 1991 on the basic principle that they offer the cleanest, purest, most natural nutritional supplements exclusively sold through natural food retailers. Since the launch of their company in Texas, they commit to the five values of Bluebonnet Nutrition: Nature, Science, Quality, Truth and Knowledge. Contributing a value for every petal of the Texas state flower from which their name is derived. 

Ecological Formulas – High Quality Supplements

Ecological Formulas is your source for the highest quality supplements. Founded in 1981, Ecological Formulas/Cardiovascular Research has been formulating and distributing specialty supplements for more than 20 years. Many of their products are for the chemically sensitive individual, and are also kosher certified and/or independently lab tested.

BioGenesis Nutraceuticals – Innovation Using Evidence & Experience

Founded in 2000, BioGenesis was founded with the goal to formulate products of the highest quality using therapeutic levels and containing a complete profile that would enable doctors to minimize the complexity of prescriptions to patients. Their formulas are unique in that often several formulas are combined to form a whole that is more effective than the parts.

Theramedix – High Potency Digestive Enzymes

Theramedix is a company dedicated to providing health care practitioners with a premier line of plant derived pharmaceutical grade enzymes. They are determined to provide the highest activity enzymes with the highest integrity available to health professionals and their customers. It is their determination to provide well-researched and well-documented information that helps educate as many people as possible in the benefits of enzymes for maintaining and promoting optimal health.

For a limited-time save an extra 15% off these exclusive brands with promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT502’ at checkout.

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Garlic Supplements Help Promote Healthy Heart

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Supplements at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

It’s well-known that garlic offers many health benefits and garlic supplements have been helping people for many years. Garlic lovers have no doubt about its endless benefits but for people still unsure about it, the results of a recent study have confirmed that garlic supplements may reduce high cholesterol and greatly decrease risk of heart disease.

The new research has found garlic supplements can reduce cholesterol in those with elevated levels by 8 per cent, a significant reduction as it is associated with a 38 per cent decrease in the risk of coronary events for those at 50 years of age. Led by Dr. Karin Ried of The University of Adelaide and the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, the study concluded that garlic supplements reduce blood pressure by a degree comparable to pharmaceutical medications, offering hope to those not responding to regular medications, or who would prefer a natural therapy.

The research is the most comprehensive to date (a meta-analysis of 39 primary trials) on the heart health benefits of garlic supplements. The results suggest garlic to be effective in reducing total serum cholesterol by 17 +/- 6 mg/dL and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 9 +/- 6 mg/dL in individuals with elevated cholesterol levels (>200 mg/dL) if taken for at least two months.The research also found garlic supplements have minimal side effects in comparison to conventional medication which include muscular pain, memory loss, sexual dysfunction and an increased risk of diabetes.

“For people experiencing slightly elevated levels of cholesterol, changes to lifestyle and proven natural heart health supplements such as garlic should be a first-option treatment ahead of frontline pharmaceutical medications” said Dr. Ried.

Garlic supplements can be a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications for many people.

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NOW Foods – Garlic Oil 1500 mg. – 250 Softgels
Kyolic – Garlic Extract Plain Liquid Formula 100 – 4 oz.
Good ‘N Natural – Odorless Garlic And Parsley – 100 Softgels


What’s New? Wiley’s Finest

Filed Under: Health Aids,Supplements at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to introduce top quality products to our customers. Our latest addition is a premium brand of fish oil supplements: Wiley’s Finest.

Wiley’s Finest offers a world-class selection of Omega-3 fish oils products made from certified sustainable, concentrated Wild Alaskan fish oil. Each and every product carries the Wiley Family signature to ensure that it comes from a responsible, sustainable fish source and provides the effective nutrition that your body needs.

The majority of fish oil supplements sold in the U.S. are produced from Peruvian Anchovy Oil, caught in South America. The entire catch is ground up and rendered into oil and fishmeal, which is then fed to farmed salmon, and the oils are used for paints, lubricants, leather tanning, or dietary supplements. There are very few Omega-3 ingredient manufacturers located in the United States. Most “Made in USA” brands are only encapsulated into softgels and bottled in the U.S. but the purification and concentration is not done in American soil.

Wiley’s Finest fish oils are a 100% U.S. domestic supplied product caught by American fisherman in the wild waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea. The oil is then shipped to a family owned and operated NSF certified for dietary supplement FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing plant in Ohio where it is concentrated and purified into the finest high purity fish oil, encapsulated and bottled by trusted partners, and then delivered to you as the freshest, finest Omega-3 supplements.

You can earn triple reward points on all Wiley’s Finest products at Lucky Triple points based on normal point ratio of ’1 point earned per $1 spent’. Click here for more information on LuckyRewards program.

Additionally, you can save extra on all Wiley’s Finest items. Just enter promo code APR14NEW10 to save an additional 10% on all items of this new brand.

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Wiley’s Finest – Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 660mg EPA + DHA Orange Burst – 8.45 oz.
Wiley’s Finest – Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 400mg EPA + DHA – 60 Softgels
Wiley’s Finest – Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 630mg EPA + DHA Easy Swallow Minis – 60 Softgels
Wiley’s Finest – Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1000mg EPA + DHA Peak EPA – 30 Softgels


Go ‘Whey’ Beyond Your Morning Shake

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Health Concerns & Ailments,Sports Nutrition at 8:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

Not only is whey protein a great addition to your morning shakes, it may also have many other health effects you didn’t realize.  Whey, along with casein, makes up the two proteins found in milk. Whey protein is the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese. This protein is rich in glutamylcysteine, a precursor to glutathione, the body’s most potent antioxidant. A quality whey protein contains all of the “ingredients” needed to make glutathione. These include the amino acids cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. Here’s a few thing to look for when shopping for whey – cold-pressed, comes from organic grass-fed cows, and is free of hormones and other toxic chemicals.

Countless studies have shown that this protein has numerous amounts of health benefits. Taking whey protein regulates food intake by making you feel full longer. A recent study revealed that taking whey protein, either as part of a weight-loss regimen or as a supplement to strength training, resulted in improved body composition. This included a greater lean body mass, improved body weight and reduced fat mass.

Research is also being done on whey’s ability to stimulate insulin release and reduce blood sugar after eating in Type 2 diabetics. The researchers found that drinking a whey drink with meals stimulates insulin release and also lowers blood glucose levels.

Get creative in the kitchen with your protein powder. You can make a variety of foods including muffins, pizza crust, brownies and more! Shop an amazing selection of whey protein powders today at Lucky


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Sweet Dreams

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Herbs,Supplements at 8:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

We have all been there. Lying in bed at 12:00am on a Wednesday night staring at the ceiling trying to count sheep but still unable to fall into a deep slumber. Approximately one third of adults endure some difficulty either falling asleep, staying asleep or both.  Even as many as 95% of Americans have reported an episode of insomnia at some point in their lives. Sleep disorders not only impair quality of life but have also been linked to a variety of other diseases including: hypertension, depression, anxiety, decreased reaction times, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. However, there are some dietary and supplemental changes you can add into your daily lives to help you sleep better.

There are simple changes you can make in your diet to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  Avoiding coffee and other caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon or evening can help you feel less jittery closer to bedtime. Even though it’s considered a depressant, alcohol can also be detrimental to your sleep habits. It might seem that drinking alcohol helps you to fall asleep at night; it can lead to a lighter sleep and more sleep disruptions later in the night. Other dietary changes to consider include avoiding overeating and large meals before bedtime, staying away from spicy foods, and avoiding nicotine. Changes in diet aren’t the only way to lower your sleep disruptions though. There are also some supplements you can consider adding to your daily routine.

L-Tryptophan , the precursor to serotonin, plays an important role in sleep function.  Serotonin is a chemical found naturally in the body that promotes relaxation.  A number of studies have found that taking 1-2g of L-Tryptophan before bedtime can improve insomnia.  Valeriana officinalis, or more commonly known as valerian root, has mainly been used to treat insomnia. This herb contains two substances that contain a sedative like effect. Research has also shown that valerian improves overall sleep quality, shortens the time it takes to fall asleep, and also decreases the number of perceived awakenings during sleep.  This herb although safe, should not be taken if you’re already taking a benzodiazepine or other CNS depressants.  Other supplements that have been shown to be effective for the treatment of insomnia include: vitamin B12, magnesium, and melatonin. Don’t let sleepless nights stand in your way; shop Lucky Vitamin for all your natural sleep aids.

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The Antioxidant Powerhouse: Mangosteen

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Supplements at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Mangosteen has been labeled as the antioxidant powerhouse for a good reason. This tropical fruit is a great source of antioxidants called xanthones. Commonly known as “the Queen of fruits”, mangosteen antioxidants help protect the body from free radicals, highly reactive compounds that interfere with cell’s ability to function normally. Mangosteen juices and supplements have been very popular around the world and the results of a new study confirm its healthy reputation.

A recent study shows that mangosteen juice has anti-inflammatory properties which could prove to be valuable in preventing the development of heart disease and diabetes in obese patients. Published in BioMed Central’s open access Nutrition Journal, the study describes how the juice of the exotic ‘superfruit’ lowered levels of C-reactive protein. Dr. Jay Udani, M.D. from Medicus Research, California, worked with a team of researchers to carry out a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trial. He said, “For people drinking over half a liter of mangosteen juice a day, the degree of reduction in CRP levels was statistically significant – a reduction of 1.33mg/L compared to an increase of 0.9mg/L in the placebo group”. Inflammation, as measured here by CRP, is a predictor of cardiovascular disease and a precursor of metabolic syndrome. Reducing inflammation in obese people is a treatment goal, and a natural treatment may be preferable to other treatments which may carry the risk of side effect.

Most mangosteen juices contain anywhere from 1,600 to 2,500 ORAC units per ounce of juice. A variety of products contain mangosteen blended with açaí, goji, blueberries, pomegranate and black cherry, creating a powerful antioxidant and delicious juice.

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FruitrientsX – Mangosteen 6:1 Extract – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Genesis Today – Organic Mangosteen 100 Juice – 4 oz.
Trace Minerals Research – Ultra Mangosteen with Goji and Pomegranate – 32 oz.


A Top Pick for Guys – Acure Organics

Filed Under: Personal Care at 8:00 am | By: Jeremy Michael, Contributing Author

You probably never expected to read a blog of this nature coming from a guy’s perspective. I might not have the long, colored, and fully bodied hair of a female, but I do care how my hair and skin feels when I get out of the shower.  Since I live with a female, I am mostly using the products she wants to use, so they must also be good enough for her. I have tried countless amounts of natural and organic shampoos, body washes, and conditioners throughout my life. Some products are a hit, but many others are misses.  That was until I found the “one”.

About 2 years ago, I received a free sample of Acure Organics shampoo and conditioner. In my opinion, Acure Organics carries some of the best natural and organic personal care products on the market.  All of their products are free of animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, and artificial colors.  They carry a full line of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and many other personal care and anti-aging products.  Whether it be tomorrow or the next day, try switching up your morning routine and check out’s full line of Acure Organics.

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What’s New? Lotus Foods

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Health Foods at 8:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Lucky Vitamin continues to add new brands of health foods to our customers. The latest addition is a premium brand of rice products: Lotus Foods.

Lotus Foods offers a rare collection of rice products treasured for its distinctive cooking quality, taste, texture, aroma, color, and nutritional value. Since 1995, the company has pioneered the introduction of exotic rice handcrafted on small family farms in remote areas of the world such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China, into the US market.

Lotus Foods has the intent and vision to support sustainable global agriculture by promoting production of traditional heirloom rice varieties, many of which may otherwise have become extinct, while enabling the small family rice farmer to earn an honorable living. The only US-based company with the unique vision and commitment to seek out small family rice farmers in developing countries, Lotus Foods provides them a means of economic support through access to a global and sustainable marketplace economy.

A small company with a big mission, Lotus Foods has become a leader in the specialty rice category, and perhaps most importantly, has made a big difference in the quality of life of family farm suppliers. Lotus Foods has worked extensively to develop infrastructure to meet USDA and FDA standards of quality and all organic rices are non-GMO, and certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

You can save even more when you shop Lotus Foods at Just enter the promo code APR14NEW10 at checkout to save an extra 10% on all items of this new brand.

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Lotus Foods – Organic Madagascar Pink Rice – 15 oz.
Lotus Foods – Organic Brown Mekong Flower Rice – 15 oz.
Lotus Foods – Organic Mekong Flower Rice – 15 oz.


Vitamin E May Help Reduce Bone Fracture

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Vitamins and Minerals at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

A new study shows that regular use of vitamin E alpha-tocopherol supplements may help to reduce the rate of bone fractures in the elderly. Conducted by Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, the study collected data over 19 years from nearly 15.000 women and the results indicated that the lowest average levels of alpha-tocopherol were associated with a significant 86% increase in the rate of hip fracture, while use of supplements were associated with a 22% reduction in the rate of hip fracture. Similar results were found from higher vitamin E levels in men according to additional data collected over 12 years in over 1.100 men.

Vitamin E has been known to have positive effects on both bone and muscle mass due to its antioxidant properties leading to lower fracture risks according to researchers from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  These new results support previous findings that higher intakes of vitamin E are associated with higher lean muscle mass, higher BMD, and lower fracture risk in elderly man and women.

Vitamin E is found in many foods including vegetable oils, cereals, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and wheat germ oil. It is also available as a supplement. Vitamin E is often used for treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels including hardening of the arteries, heart attack, chest pain, leg pain due to blocked arteries, high blood pressure, and is also used for treating diabetes and its complications.

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LuckyVitamin – Natural Vitamin E 200 IU – 100 Softgels
NOW Foods – Vitamin E- Mixed Tocopherols/Unesterified 200 IU – 100 Softgels
A.C. Grace – Unique E Optimum Vitamin E Complex – 120 Capsules

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