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A Quick Guide to Protein

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 6:41 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Foods rich in protein

It’s always difficult to choose a protein supplement. Most people don’t know what to look for when shopping for the best protein for muscle and strength.

In fact, the best protein is not the same for everyone. Several products have top-quality ingredients and can be a great addition to your diet.

However, many things should be considered prior deciding which protein supplement is the best for you.

The amount of protein depends on the amount of muscle you carry now, plus the amount you can expect to gain. A good way to start: get a body composition analysis, check if your gym offers this service.

Once you have your current lean bodyweight (lbs), look for a chart to figure out the amount of protein needed on a daily basis.

Remember, a diet rich in protein will help you gaining more muscle faster. Food charts are a helpful guide to inform how much protein each food can provide. The best dietary sources of protein include meats, eggs, grains, nuts and dairy products such as milk and cheese.

The human body is capable of absorbing protein from food and supplements, turning it into muscle. The faster your metabolism works, the more protein may be turned into muscle. This simple theory explains why trainers recommend a meal rich in protein thirty minutes after your workout is complete.

Diet and training are the essential elements to gain muscle mass. A protein supplement may help to optimize results and maintain a healthy and strong body.

 4 Comments, latest by Cruz Roxburgh

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4 Responses to “A Quick Guide to Protein”

  1. Protein Shakes says:

    Great content. Looking for some nutrition materials when I stumbled across your site.

  2. Protein Shakes says:

    Great content. Looking for some nutrition materials when I stumbled across your site.

  3. Darcey Vanhuss says:

    I am trying lately to obtain one good anti wrinkle cream but seems like certainly, there is actually nothing that may cure my skin. If you really discover a remedy which might make magic let me know and I most certainly will be thankful for it.

  4. Cruz Roxburgh says:

    Thanks for the complete data.

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