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Advantages of Adult Chewable Multivitamins

Filed Under: General Wellness & Wellbeing,Vitamins and Minerals at 5:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Once upon a time, chewable multivitamins were made for kids only. It was a smart, tricky way to ensure some children would get their vitamins and minerals without having to deal with regular pills, tablets or capsules. Companies have created funny, animal shaped chewable tablets, adding strawberry or orange flavors to make sure kids would enjoy taking their needed vitamins.

Today, chewable multiples are made for all ages and can be an easier way to take your daily supplementation. The biggest advantage of chewables over compression coated tablets is that you don’t have to swallow the pill. Multivitamins are generally pretty large size tablets or capsules and some people often have difficulties swallowing them. An attractive alternative, chewable multivitamins can easily dissolve in your mouth and most products contain added fruit flavors such as orange, apple, grape, and strawberry.

Adult chewable multivitamins are also equally as good as regular vitamins when it comes to ingredient formulas. Most products contain all the important vitamins and essential minerals that your body needs. Some products even add herbal blends to help with specific health issues. Wafers, gummies or chews, these vitamins are available in a variety of forms, sizes and flavors and price is generally the same as conventional tablets.

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