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Fruits and Veggies: 9 is the new 5

Remember to eat your fruits and veggies. Your health depends on it.  Really, eating five to nine servings (preferably closer to nine) of fruits and vegetables isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Especially when you understand what is actually considered a single serving.  The Produce for Better Health Foundation provides easy-to-understand specifications for what constitutes […]


Identify the genetically modified organism (GMO) and win a free prize.  Not really, but you get the picture.  Would you have any idea whether your cotton shirt is made from a GMO?  How about the tomato you’re eating?  Where do we draw the line of determining safety of genetic tampering?  Are you even aware of […]

Listen to Your Elders: Health and the Elderberry

Somewhere out there are children, teenagers and grown adults that don’t mind admitting when their parents are right. Unfortunately for my mother, I’m not one of them. For years she’s been doling out advice that I stubbornly ridicule to her face (then secretly follow behind her back). Even more infuriating I’m sure is when I […]

What Do Rocket Fuel and Your Thyroid Have In Common?

Did you ever think that rocket fuel could impact your health?  I suppose I assumed that unless I ingested the actual fuel I was safe.  But to follow suit with recent increased levels of environmental awareness, everything we create as human beings impacts the environment that we introduce it into.  Perchlorate, a toxin from rocket […]

Go Red…Rooibos, the New Cup of Tea

Black, Green, White…and now Red?  Tea takes on another new look, and leaves me more confused then ever over what to put in my cup.  Unlike a majority of Americans, my body doesn’t tolerate the caffeine overload of coffee, so if you’re in the minority, along with me, I’ve got some beautiful news for you!  […]

Pure Drinking Water…Bottle Not Required

Pollutants are an inescapable fact of life.  Rectifying the environmental hazards that abundant industry and overpopulation have created on public drinking water is a growing concern that many people cannot afford to ignore.  The elderly and the very young are susceptible to a growing number of health concerns that can all arise from merely drinking […]

The REAL Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse detox diet, commonly referred to as the Lemonade Diet, consists of drinking concoctions of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for at least seven days.  During this time, the dieter is also encouraged to drink laxative teas in order to aid in flushing out toxins from the body.  It’s a masterful […]

The Obesity Epidemic: Think Healthy and Fit for Life

Apparently, the American population has thrown the old mantra “everything in moderation” right out the window.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention cites a 2004 study that shows obesity prevalent in 32.9% of all Americans in the age group of 20-74.  In 1980 this statistic was more like 15%, and the rate of obesity […]

Need a Hand With Your Stress?

Have you ever made it through an entire day without muttering under your breath about your stress level? If you have, then good for you…but I think you’re a liar. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve discovered the secret of dealing with daily stress. In fact, dealing with daily stress IS the solution. You don’t sweep […]

Utilize Your Resources: Doctors, Diet and Diagnosing Iron Deficiency

To some people, the United States may appear to be a nation full of self-diagnosing pill poppers.  There are supplements to your left and right in nearly every store.  Yet, many people are ignoring the most effective means of nurturing their bodies.  Being aware of changes, acknowledging if and when something feels off, and then […]

T-shirt Tuesday

It’s T-shirt Tuesday! You’re shopping online, looking for all those products you need to keep you at your best this summer. Sports supplements, vitamins and even some energy bars. You look down and…your order is over 250 dollars! Even though your order will take you through the summer, you’re still feeling a little guilty. Would […]

Altruism at Its Best

Sometimes we search so hard for a solution to our problems that we ignore the simple answers staring us right in the face.  Obesity, depression, anxiety…all three exist at extraordinarily large numbers.  They have become unbearable burdens on our society and on our individual selves.  Yet, the solution to a world that seems to have […]

Soothe Acid Reflux with DGL

We are a society of greasy fast food, high stress and high anxiety.  Acid reflux and stomach ulcers are not uncommon.  With too little time and too many pharmaceuticals, we simply pop a pill and continue along on a path of self-destruction.  Luckily, NBC “Today” reporters have rounded up an important figure in natural health […]

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

Who doesn’t think about going back to the old days of handmade products, family owned business and real human values. The corporate world may be firmly ingrained in our culture, but we can support those companies that choose to sustain business practices that take us back to the basics. Ever heard of Dr. Bronner’s Magic […]

Sure, Your Products are Safe for You. But What About the Bunnies?

What do you stand for as a consumer?  Are you concerned about products that support sustainable living and organic farming?  Or maybe, as this cute little leaping bunny label indicates, you may wish to purchase products that support animal-free product testing.  No matter what your stance is, there is a company out there that shares […]