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What’s the Fuss with The DivaCup?

Not until becoming an employee at had I ever heard of, or even fathomed, a product like The DivaCup. I can assure you my first reaction was…“Seriously? That’s just gross.” Pads and tampons are disgusting enough, why would I want to put a cup up there? But after seeing hundreds of DivaCups being ordered […]

Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Day?

Think those long hours at work and few hours of sleep aren’t catching up to you? Wish you had the time to sleep as much as you need? Americans consistently receive fewer hours of sleep than the body actually requires to perform at an optimal level. The National Geographic News article headlining “U.S. Racking Up […]

Breathe Easy with Neti

If you keep up with your Oprah, you’re probably aware of a recent episode where Dr. Oz recommended a product referred to as a neti pot for correcting sinus problems.  However, if you practice yoga or other forms of meditation that involve deep breathing, you’ve most likely already been utilizing this product for more years […]

Hempseed, Friend not Foe

Hey now, this looks promising! But alas, no, it’s not what you think. Turn on some old Willie Nelson tunes and calm your nerves, I’m talking hemp production, not marijuana. It’s a harsh world out there for would-be hemp farmers. The United States banned legalized growing of marijuana back in 1937, including hemp in the […]

Safe Summer Fitness

It’s June 21, the first day of summer!  Summer makes all of us want to get out there and get in shape.  Some of us want to work off those extra winter pounds before hitting the beach, some of us want to change up our sports activities to fit the season, while some of us […]

Healthwise…Lollypops and Candy Drops of a Different Kind

I may have a loophole for that old line your mother told you about candy rotting your teeth. What if it was actually good for you? The two fathers that came up with Yummy Earth’s candy concoction had their children in mind during the entire process. These flavorful candies are made from natural ingredients, excluding […]

Lucky In The Press

It’s not every day you get to wake up to your name in the paper! We’d like to thank Sarah Adams – DNJ Columnist, and the folks at the Murfreesborro, TN Daily News Journal for the nice write up. We appreciate your positive feedback and thank you for telling others out in Murfreesboro (Population: 68,816) […]

Good Morning American, Does Your Sunscreen Work?

Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer oriented site dedicated to providing safe cosmetic and personal care product information, recently got a new look for their website. And now they’re experiencing some “higher than usual” volume. Good Morning America just drew attention to their website in their June 20th special questioning “Does Your Sunscreen Work?” The […]

What is Smoking Doing to Your Health… and Your Karma?

Are you worried about your karma? According to King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan, a Buddhist Nation nestled in the Himalayan Mountains, the next time you light up, you might be causing more than just health problems. Smoking could wreck your karma. Bhutan is one of the first nations to enforce strict laws banning the […]


If you and your pet are city dwellers, you’re probably wondering what kind of crazy person would buy, let alone manufacture, a product that totes the title “Skunk Odor Remover.” But let me tell you, if you’re camping out in the woods and your pet returns with a new scent, you’ll gladly make like Jett […]

Sunscreen… What Are You Wearing?

Winter is withering away, spring flowers are blooming and it’s time to slather on that summer sunscreen…or is it?  Hit the beach and see frantic mothers chasing and tackling their young offspring in an attempt to cover them from head to toe in that protective SPF 30.  But look to your left…or your right…and see […]

Welcome to the Lucky Blog!

Read on and receive some good medicine: an open mind and a healthy dose of procrastination.  A majority of the most memorable information you’ll ever retain will not come from inside four walls.  It’s found out there, somewhere, while you’re exploring, ruminating or just sitting in front of your computer screen.  So go to work.  […]