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Thank You For Not Printing

Hold your breath; the surgeon general may have another box to label. This time the culprit is that handy laser printer you keep on your desk.  An investigation conducted on a variety of laser printer models showed that almost a third emit potentially dangerous levels of toner into the air. Research at The Queensland University […]

Eating Low on the Food Chain

Fast food restaurants dot the roadsides. They pave the way home for hungry workaholics, fast-food junkies and would-be dieters. But when you order out, what are you consuming? Chicken, beef and animal byproducts. Let’s take it one step further. What does the animal you consumed consume? Grain, soy, etc. But we eat those things too, […]

Moo-ve Over, Milk Prices are Going Up↑

Wondering why your whey protein prices are going up? Well it’s linked to the same rise in milk prices. Whey is derived from high quality proteins found in milk. Across the globe, dairy prices are rising at extraordinarily fast rates. With growing demand in foreign countries and diminishing supplies here in the U.S., prices don’t […]

Find A New Thrill On Blueberry Hill

Summer brings some of the best fruits and vegetables around, and the deep purple and blue hue of the blueberry is high on this list of delectable and nutritious fruits.  Not only do they make a great pie or cobbler, but they also give your body the antioxidant punch it needs to fight off those […]

Got An Itch That Needs Scratched?

Have an itch?  Try not to scratch it.  Then pay close attention as the itching sensation becomes even greater, almost painful, and completely unbearable.  What if this itching sensation was not a momentary, passing discomfort?  What if the itching were chronic and lasted throughout the night, to the point that you were unable to sleep […]

Is it Faith or Fish Oil?

In 2006, 13 miners were trapped underground in a West Virginia coal mine explosion.  One survived.  Despite being trapped and exposed to extreme levels of carbon monoxide for nearly two days, he recovered from his coma with his memory intact and the ability to relearn how to walk, talk and do all of the basics.  […]

Tobacco: Stretching the Long Arm of the Law

Smokers often discover that once you start, it’s a never ending process to quit.  You crave the nicotine and the thousands of other chemical ingredients.  No one can truthfully say that there is anything healthy about smoking.  So why is a bill being considered that would place tobacco products under the regulation of the Food […]

The Fat Battle: Omega-3 Fatty Acid

You’ve heard of omega-3 fatty acids by now, but do you know the difference between all of the variations?  Does it matter which you take, or from what source it comes?  Is it really as important to your diet as some experts say?  All of these questions and more surround the popular omega-3 debate.  Three […]

Echinacea and the Common Cold

Does it work or doesn’t it?  That’s a question asked of many herbal supplements, and often even prescription medication.  So when it comes to fighting off the common cold, which previous myths are actually true…and which are complete fallacy.  Of course, we find there is a definite gray area to get lost in.  The New […]

Apple vs. Pear

The apple vs. pear theory has been around for ages.  Doctors can predict potential future health problems by knowing where a person gains weight the most easily.  Yet, many people can’t get past the whole apple/pear idea to determine which category they fall under.  An apple is round all over and a pear is small […]

Whoever Said “No Pain, No Gain” Was Sorely Mistaken

Whether you’re training for the Ironman Triathlon or looking to do that 5K walk/run for a local cause, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some sports related pain or injury at one point in your exercise routine. Once you start experiencing pain, it becomes difficult to continue working out with the same dedication and intensity. Resting […]

What’s In Your Gene Pool?

We are all aware that the choices we make on an everyday basis can affect our health and wellbeing.  Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of exercise and poor nutrition can all contribute to poor health.  You may also believe that because you avoid the bad and embrace the good that you are at the […]

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Health vs. Weight: What Takes Priority in Your Life?

Ever had some stranger at the supermarket ask you how you stay so skinny?  How about someone asking when you are going to stick to that diet?  Both questions are equally annoying, and both have very little to do with your actual health.  We, as a society, seem to have lost our way by admiring […]

The Best of Beneficial Bacteria

Several years ago, a new craze developed where nearly everyone became obsessed with anti-bacterial soap.  Aside from washing your hands during the appropriately designated times, everyone seemed to be carrying around those mini bottles of antibacterial gel and lotion.  Yet, we were soon informed that overuse of antibacterial products could potentially eliminate good bacteria.  To […]