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Lipton’s Sustainable Tea Pact for 2015

From generation to generation, tea lovers are sure to recognize the name brand of Lipton Tea, manufactured by Unilever. Though many consumers may pass by the Lipton in favor of a more environmentally friendly, organic tea, the future may hold a different story. Recent plans were announced by Unilever to promote their own green business […]


Do you know how to protect yourself from radioactive iodine? Do you know why you would want to? Preparing for a nuclear emergency has never been high on my to-do list, yet I’m sure, as with any possible crisis situation, it is best to know how to protect yourself while also not becoming completely paranoid. […]

Botulism in a Can

In the wake of multiple scares associated with contamination of foreign food and personal care product imports, the U.S. is now getting a closer look at how health scares can occur even within our own country.  Despite recent ridicule of the FDA (much of which is valid), they often do a rather stand-up job of […]

LuckyBlog T-Shirt Giveaway

Love the FREE stuff! Love to WIN something! The Lucky Blog has been going strong for one month now, and in honor of that we want to give something away. Win a free t-shirt for showing your support of the LuckyBlog. Enter to win your own t-shirt by posting a comment on any Lucky […]

Who Do We Appreciate

Seriously, what companies out there can we honestly tip our hat to and dole out a truly appreciative thank you for all that they do.  Everyday now companies are delving out their green-wash marketing plans, so how do we know who is genuinely concerned with humanity because of their prior business ethics and not just […]

Herbal Diet Pills: Safety and Effectiveness

I know it’s hard to hear, but diet pills aren’t all that reliable.  There are a plethora of pills: OTC, prescription and even herbal.  With that many options, how many do you think are safe and effective?  Chances are slim and few.  One pill might be safe, but not effective.  Another may be effective, but […]

Stand Strong: Fighting Osteoporosis

Time to boost that bone density.  Especially for women.  Men make up only 20 percent of osteoporosis cases, while women are at a staggering 80 percent.  The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) states that women are 4 times more likely than men to develop the disease.  But osteoporosis is a preventable disease.  Building up strong bones is […]

The Amazing Aloe Vera

My mother housed aloe vera plants throughout our home.  Every burn was soon met with a snipped aloe limb, clear juices dripping from the end.  The soothing aloe gel relieved numerous pains during my growing years.  Yet, today it is available for treating a lot more than just sunburns and other skin irritations.  Aloe’s uses […]

Greening the Three R’s

You peruse the store shelves for the perfect vitamin, then stroll over to the pharmacy counter to pick up your prescription.  You have a headache, so you grab a bottle of ibuprofen on your way to the checkout.  You pay the cashier as he tosses all of these items into a plastic bag, and you’re […]

How is Your Dairy Addiction Reflecting on You?

Going vegan isn’t just to save the animals anymore.  It may just save your face.  Dermatologists are uncovering more and more evidence that milk products increase the likelihood of developing acne.  Cow milk contains hormones that when ingested by the human body is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  Dihydrotestosterone is a potent form of testosterone that […]

Zum interesting products at Indigo Wild

If I’m going to spend money, it’s going to be for something I enjoy (aside from the majority of my income that goes to taxes, student loans and various other costs of living). I’m not going to go out and buy something ordinary, plain, inconspicuous and BOOORING. No way. So when it comes to your […]

A Healthy Future for Our Children is a company concerned about the health and wellness of its customers.  And luckily, there are plenty of others concerned about what’s going on in the world around us as well.  There is plenty of concern in the world community.  Many are irate about environmental concerns that are depriving our children of a safe and healthy future.  Many are upset […]

Soothing Bach Flower Essences

A long walk through fields of blazingly bright wildflowers has a way of rekindling the human spirit, returning home feeling invigorated and hopeful. So hopeful in fact, that one longs to bottle whatever essence these flowers provide and carry it around forever. Dr. Edward Bach attempted this feat in the early 1900s, and his products […]

Stress Reduction with Vitamin C

Want to ward off stress AND boost immunity? Up your vitamin C intake and you just may be able to pull it off. Studies have shown that individuals with higher levels of vitamin C in their system ward off and recover from stress more readily than those with low doses of vitamin C or a […]

Protein…How Much Is Too Much?

I’m sure your mother always told you if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. But come on. Be realistic. Sometimes the best information is acquired through things you probably shouldn’t have said, or heard. Like for instance, those huge muscle bound guys at the gym. Come on…I know you have an […]