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Is Friday the 13th Bad For Your Health?

Don’t walk under a ladder, don’t step on a crack, avoid black cats. These are all some good superstitious practices to avoid bad luck. But what possible means does a superstitious person have to avoid Friday the 13th? Is it bad for your luck and even your health to just get up and face the […]

Add Feng Shui to Your List of Healthy How-To’s

It isn’t hard to determine that some people are more in tune with their environment than others. You can stand in the same room with ten different people and each person will experience a different set of emotions. Sometimes you can feel extremely relaxed, another time very anxious, yet often you are unable to explain […]

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate…more than Suds in your Shampoo

If it makes suds or foam, most likely it contains some form of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Toothpaste, shampoo, soap and bubble bath are just a few of the commonly used products that contain this substance. So do you know what’s in your shampoo? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is registered as a pesticide product in flea […]

Vitamin E and Selenium: The Safe Supplement Dilemma

It seems like every corner you turn these days, someone is quoting the age old expression “you are what you eat.” We’ve used this to apply to obesity, heart disease and overall appearance. But apparently this expression extends even further and can quite clearly affect the face you present to the world. You want to […]

The Nurturing Nature of Motherlove

Demanding. Physically Draining. Pregnancy and motherhood take their toll on the female body. Not surprisingly, some of the best support comes from the biggest momma of them all, Mother Earth. One company has succeeded in capturing the nurturing abilities of the Earth to ease the process of pregnancy and the demands to follow. Motherlove, a […]

Cleaning for a Healthy Home

It doesn’t need to be spring to clean your household…and start fresh with non-toxic cleansers that won’t disturb the healthy balance of your body. It’s hard to understand how it’s taken us this long to become aware that those chemicals we’re using to clean our households are going into our bodies. Wiping down counters and […]

Cosmetic Surgery and Popping Pills: Honey, We Need To Talk…

A woman’s body is a very touchy subject. In fact, as a disclaimer, most men reading this should not discuss this article with their significant other unless said discussion involves one of the following phrases a.) Honey, why on earth would you ever want to change your body b.) You’re gorgeous c.) I love you. […]

Rules of Travel

Globe trotters beware. How prepared are you to stay healthy in your travels this year? Whether you’re going across the state or around the world, there are certain precautions that you should take. In fact, several components to staying healthy on the road involve what you eat and drink. Taking precautions to drink only clean, […]

Honey…How Sweet It Is

Apiculture utilizes the fascinating work habits of honeybees for the commercial benefits of their keeper. Yet, despite the profitability of selling honey, those who work with bees tend to view them with sheer reverence for the great and irreplaceable service they provide within their ecosystem. The honeybee is an essential element in pollination, and without […]

A Different Green Dilemma: Poison Ivy

Whether green and climbing or found amongst wooded ground cover, the sight and perhaps even the mere mention of poison ivy can send many people into a heart-palpitating cold sweat. It’s true. Many people are highly sensitive and can develop the bright red, intensely itchy and blistering rash by even the smallest exposure to the […]

Yogi Peppermint Tea

Are you one of those people that find a favorite product and sticks with it?  Well, so am I.  Trying new, sometimes eclectic products is intriguing, but once I find something I love it’s very hard for me to shake it.  Yogi Peppermint tea is definitely something you will always find in my cabinet.  My […]

Hollow Out a Pumpkin for Your Health: From Daily Nutrition to Managing Diabetes

Jack-o’-lanterns aren’t just for Halloween anymore.  Hollow out your great pumpkin patch, carve out the goop from each and every one, and save the seeds.  With our processed and packaged modern diets, our bodies are often left as empty as the inside of a carved pumpkin.  Put those pumpkin guts to use and reintroduce natural […]

Ease Your Body and Your Mind

Hatha Yoga is an ancient eastern practice that western society has adopted in order to counteract our stressful, consuming way of life.  It is a means of learning to calm the mind through physical movement and breathing exercises, freeing the body for meditation and producing a relaxing calm that many people utilize today in order […]

Resveratrol…For the Love of Wine!

Do you remember where you put your corkscrew?  If your answer is no, then perhaps you should grab a bottle of pinot noir with a screw top and drink up!  The hot new supplement to hit the market is resveratrol, a common component found in red wine that appears to have beneficial effects in warding […]

Coffee Drinkers are Loving Harvard

Recent research conducted at Harvard University has linked regular coffee drinking to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as certain types of cancer.  Dr. Rob van Dam of Harvard School of Public Health has stated that coffee, in moderation, can actually aid in preventing colon, liver and rectal cancer.  Over 50 percent […]