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Who Knew, Peppers Really are the Spice of Life

Call me crazy, but sometimes…just sometimes…I like to eat a meal that makes me cry.  Yes.  You read that right.  I love my jalapenos!  Stir fry, pizza…I’ve even seen recipes for crème brulee that use jalapeno juice to give the sweet concoction a little bit of tang.  I love spicy food, and for me it’s […]

Garlic Pills: The Power of Garlic, minus the Pungency

Italian restaurants will forever peak my hunger with the familiar scent of garlic wafting through their doors.  Grocers line their shelves with garlic powder, garlic salt, garlic cloves and jars of roasted garlic.  The flavor and scent is undisputable, but the smell remains rather offensive when expelled from a human subject.  For years, garlic has […]

Y Get Fit: Everything You Need In One Package

I’m too busy.  I’m too out of shape.  I don’t like going alone.  All of these are great excuses not to hit the gym.  But aren’t you tired of excuses?  It would be great if we could all take a pill that would provide all of the benefits of working out without the actual work, […]

Enjoy the Great Outdoors, DEET and Pest Free

There’s a green movement buzzing, spurring many families to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  Summer is the perfect time to educate children and adults alike to appreciate all of the fine things to be had in nature: hiking, biking and swimming to name just a few.  Yet, there is more than one outdoor […]

Taking a Holistic Look at Running

You’re a junkie.  You crave it.  You take ten miles jogs just to hit the wall.  You seek what is commonly referred to as the “runners high.” But don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Support groups run rampant in the form of runners clubs, annual marathons, 5K fundraisers and beginner runner programs.  Yet, there are some people that […]

My Alli Made Me Do It

Many children have had the unfortunate experience of wetting themselves in public. Whether caused by nerves or a full bladder, taunting on the playground is a surefire way for a child to learn the limitations of their tiny bladder (and perhaps to cut back on the liquids). Now older, and assumingly more mature, why are […]

What’s Lurking in Your Personal Care Products?

Each year, billions of dollars are spent developing, marketing and consuming personal care products.  From makeup for your face, cheeks and eyes to lotions that smooth and exfoliate from head to toe, the cosmetic industry stretches far and wide, encompassing everyone in a consumer binge for beauty.   Protecting yourself from harmful ingredients should be a […]

Doggie Drool to the Rescue!

Here’s a new one for you.  Doggie Drool.  We all know puppies are cute and cuddly, but that drool!  Forget it.  And the larger they grow, the bigger the puddle that proliferates when your pal flops himself good naturedly onto your lap.  But now, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals provides a product that decreases that puddle and […]

Country Life Goes Green…Despite Uncle Sam

If you’re familiar with the website, then you’re fully aware of the vast array of products provided by the brand Country Life and their family companies Biochem, Desert Essences, Long Life Teas and Iron-Tek Nutrition.  Nutrition has been their forte, but now they’re extending even further into the world of healthy living.  Country Life […]

Try a Deodorant Stone

Could you imagine spraying yourself with polyurethane, the same stuff you use to waterproof your furniture, just before a big marathon. You get up to mile marker five and not a drop of sweat is escaping your body. Amazing, but would you consider that healthy? Would you let someone cover you in weatherproofing to avoid […]