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Happy Labor Day!!

Labor Day weekend is here! I am sure many of you have been planning for this weekend since the last time we had a national holiday or, at least, since Monday. You are spending your final hours of work daydreaming about your upcoming trip to the beach, barbecue, fair or 24-hour swing in the hammock. […]

New Wave Enviro Goes Hollywood!

Last week, Leonardo DiCaprio’s newest film The 11th Hour opened nationwide. A documentary about the effects humans have had on the planet, it calls for viewers to reconsider their actions and take steps to restore the environment we have, so far, trampled on. With such an environmentally-aware message, I am pleased to note that the […]

Ginger: More Than a Tasty Spice

Ginger has always been one of those spices I use sparingly. If a recipe calls for it, of course I mix it in with the other ingredients, but if I’m throwing something together on my own, ginger is nowhere to be found. It’s not that I don’t like ginger. I do. If given the choice […]

Mississippi Takes the Cake, Then Licks the Plate

On August 27, the Trust for America’s Health released its fourth annual “F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are Failing in America” report, and its findings were startling. In the past year, obesity rates have risen in 31 states and fallen in none.  Mississippi has once again been ranked number one, with 30.6 percent […]

The End Is Near: Lucky Blog T-Shirt Giveaway

You only have two days left to comment on any post and automatically be entered to win a free T-shirt! So, what are you waiting for? Start commenting. We’ll announce the lucky winner on Tuesday. PermalinkComment

Giving “Go Green” New Meaning

When I tell you to go green, I’m not suggesting you trade in your car for a hybrid or start a compost pile in your backyard (although if you are concerned about the environment, they aren’t bad ideas). Rather, I am, in this instance, recommending a specific tea. Green tea offers a strong, bitter, natural […]

Want to Live Longer? Move to the City?

New York City is loved for what it offers. Broadway, Little Italy, Soho, 5th Avenue, culture, diversity and, now, nine extra months. New Yorkers have a life expectancy of 78.6 years. The average American is expected to live only 77.9 years.  For many, that comes as a surprise. After all, despite the benefits, New York […]

When an Itch Is More Than an Itch

Mosquito season is coming to a close. The hours you spend desperately trying not to scratch that bite on your leg will soon be a distant memory, which is good, because now you can focus on scratching your head. Head lice season is back. It’s time for those icky little guys to set up camp […]

But I Like Meat!

It’s not a crime to like meat. Sure, right now, it seems like it might be. Stories about factory farms, growth hormones, caged in cows and inhumane treatment litter the news. And even if you can get past the moral concerns, the health issues still stand in your way. The goodness of red and other […]

What’s in Your Body?

Do you know what’s in your body? What’s causing your fatigue? Is there a reason for the digestive problems and constipation you’ve been experiencing? The answer to all of those questions could be parasites.  As gross as it is to think about, many of us have tiny (and not so tiny) organisms living inside of us. […]

Ladies, Learn before You Lotion

In the morning, you wash your face, apply moisturizer, and then begin with the makeup: a light foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. In the evening, you touch up the makeup and re-polish your nails before leaving the house yet again. Before bed, you remove the makeup, wash your face and apply another layer […]

Give a Little; Get a Lot?

Researchers in Belfast recently reported that just 30 minutes of walking 3 times a week can help lower blood pressure, decrease waist and hip measurements and improve overall fitness. Fabulous!! Now you can cut out all the trips to the gym and needless sweating. Heck, only 30 minutes? You don’t have to DO anything, anymore. […]

As If You Needed Another Reason

Not too long ago, smoking was the end all be all of style. Every movie star put a cigarette to their lips at least once during every film. Kids were only cool if they had a pack of Lucky Strikes in their back pocket. And advertisements proudly proclaimed the multitude of benefits smoking brought you. […]

Balance Your Qi and Fight the Flu!

I love the idea of yoga. The stretching, meditation, calm all sound good to me. And I’ve tried. I got my mat, my yoga pants; I went to class. Turns out, I don’t think I bend that way. I know, I know. Before you yogis yell at me, a little practice and some discipline, and […]

Super Drinks to the Rescue . . . Maybe Not

The day I discovered Diet Coke Plus, the heavens opened. I could satisfy my blatant obsession with diet soda while consuming some much needed vitamins and minerals? It sounded too good to be true, and in a way, it was. Today, everyone from your mother to the guy behind you in the carpool lane is […]