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What? I Couldn’t Hear You

I need music. I can’t drive without the radio; I can’t run without my iPod. I am completely dependent on music. But when I listen to it, I might listen to it a little too loudly. In fact, I might crank up the stereo as far as it goes when I’m on the highway, with […]

Pumping Iron

Right now, I’m in my late-afternoon, what-happened-to-naptime lull. I would love if I could resort back to my college days when a naptime was a crucial part of everyone’s afternoon, or even better to pre-school when you got in trouble for not sleeping. I’m tired; I’m worn out. If you asked almost anyone else how […]

It’s Never Too Late for Sex Ed

In a relationship that’s going south? Not to worry! According to researchers at the Northwestern University, your breakup will be considerably less traumatizing than you think. A study of 69 college freshmen found that the after-effects of a breakup were vastly overestimated by . . . almost everyone. Despite proclamations of love and suicidal predictions, […]

Popcorn Update

In the wake of recent popcorn problems, questions about the safety of diacetyl, the additive that gives microwave popcorn its buttery flavor, have arisen. Several manufacturers have vowed to stop using the chemical as soon as possible.  However, a promise does not equal action nor does it mean immediate safety. Fortunately, the United States House […]

Getting a Hold on Arthritis

At first, your fingers are stiff and painful. Then, it moves to your wrists, your knees. Eventually, it feels like your entire body is one, giant ache. Your favorite activities are increasingly more difficult to do, if you can do them at all. You feel weak, debilitated, old. You have arthritis, and it seems that […]

Oh My, Omega-3s. What Can’t You Do?

By now, we’ve all, at least, heard of omega-3 fatty acids. They are a well-loved source of health, reducing inflammation, excessive blood clotting, artery hardening and the amount of fat in your bloodstream. They are thought to help combat depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatigue, dry/itchy skin, brittle hair and nails, and joint pain.  […]

Chocoholic? I think not

Are you addicted to chocolate? Are you afraid to answer that, because you’re worried I’ll tell you to give it up? Well, don’t worry. I’m not going to, because you aren’t addicted to chocolate. Nobody is. That unquenchable craving for another piece is a result of our minds, not the candy. Yes, chocolate does have […]

When You’re Older

Your kids are not adults. You are reminded of this every time you are forced to respond to one of their many “when can I” questions. When can I stay up past nine? When can I try wine? When can I drive? When can I . . . The actions change, but the start always […]

Crocs: More Than a Reptile, Not Quite a Miracle

They look strange. Let’s just start there. Crocs are a weird-looking shoe. They are wide, round-toed, hole-filled, rubber-made clogs, available in every color from black to teal to cotton candy.  A few years ago, wearing them in public would have resulted in any number of curious looks and raised eyebrows. Today, however, the shoes are […]

Go on, Have a Purple Carrot!

Carrots are orange; corn is yellow. Those are two of the vegetable-color combinations I grew up knowing with confidence. If the orange was slightly less orange, the carrot wasn’t coming near me. If the corn was not a shade of yellow I recognized, it was decoration, or it was largely ignored. I did not believe […]

Let’s Talk Lettuce

Last year, contaminated spinach killed three and sickened 200 people. The FDA warned consumers away from the product.  Restaurants offered alternatives to their spinach salads, and we stopped – stopped buying, eating, looking and thinking about spinach. It was on the shunned list. Gradually, the leafy green worked its way back into our meals. We […]

You Can Sleep When You’re 30 . . . If You Make It

I don’t see anything wrong with going out after a long week or day and having a drink or two. And I certainly don’t see anything wrong with having a caffeinated beverage.  Both alcohol and caffeine, in moderation, are fine. It’s when you combine the two that a problem develops.  The most recent trend in drinking […]

Antibacterial Soap: Not Quite So Antibacterial

When you are at the store in need of soap, which product do you pick? Is it the plain soap or the one with “antibacterial” emblazoned across its packaging? I’m willing to bet you choose the latter. After all, it’s antibacterial. Clearly, it’s better for you. I mean, they wouldn’t put “antibacterial” on it if […]

Snacking Smart on the Go

 Have you ever watched a “Need a Moment?” Twix commercial and thought, “You know, if they broke that Twix in half, he could pop one piece in at a time, add a few extra seconds to his “moment” and not look like such a fool while eating”? No? Well, the makers of Milky Way have. […]

International Walk to School Day in the United States

“When I was young, I walked to school five miles everyday, uphill both ways.”  That is one of the most well-known, clichéd phrases in our society. It is generally accompanied by rolled eyes and some equivalent of, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” However, despite the gross exaggeration, it could, in part, be true. Forty years ago, half […]