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Lucky Blog T-Shirt Giveaway – What Are You Waiting For?

Time is ticking away, and the second Lucky Blog T-Shirt Giveaway is quickly coming to a close. In a matter of weeks, the next winner will be announced, but if you haven’t commented, it can’t be you. So, get a move on and up your chances. Voice your opinion on any post. You’ll be automatically […]

Vitamin D: The Robin to Calcium’s Batman

When we walk outside and feel the sun soaking into our skin, warming us, we are doing more than enjoying a bright day; we are letting in some vitamin D. The same thing happens when we consume fortified milk, cheese and yogurt. Vitamin D is present in our lives via cloudless days and certain foods. […]

Do Us All a Favor; Cheer Up!

I’ve been known to snap at more than one innocent bystander when in the throes of a bad mood. Who, after all, hasn’t? Bad moods are inevitable. No one can be all sunshine and roses all of the time. Eventually, something will cloud up your clear skies. And when that happens, you’re cranky, whiny, irritable, […]

Aspartame: No Calories and No Cancer?

When I saw the most recent aspartame headlines,  I felt the sweet rush of vindication. Hah! Aspartame will not kill me!! I rushed to the vending machine, pressed the diet coke button and returned to my desk, prepared to read all about the safety of one of my favorite chemicals. With the first sip, I […]

Hate Bananas? Blame Your Mother

“Picky Eaters” was a phrase often used to describe my sisters and me. And it was appropriate, because we did have an extremely stubborn tendency to stick only to the foods we knew. Going out to dinner more often than not resulted in all three of us getting the most mundane item on the menu. […]

Got Milk, But Which Kind?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, giant cookies, cold cereal and birthday cakes are all foods that practically beg for milk. They are simply not complete without that cold, refreshing drink. When you want it, milk hits the spot every time. But these days, reaching for a glass of milk isn’t as simple as it once […]

Dollars for Pounds

If you had a childhood, you’ve probably heard, “I’ll eat that for a dollar,” at least once in your life. Money is a powerful motivator. It can get many individuals to close their eyes, open their mouths and slide almost anything down their throats. Just look at Fear Factor. Since its debut, the show has […]

Catch Some Zs

There are nights when I toss and turn. I wake up every hour, grope for my glasses, slide them on and squint, unbelieving, at the numbers on my clock, which have never changed nearly as much as they should have. Sometimes, I wake up so often that I opt to leave my glasses on all […]

Healthy-Choice Post-Its

My desk is covered in post-its. I have notes about everything, from what I need to do the following day to topic ideas to meeting times. There are even notes detailing what I’ve already accomplished, so that I don’t forget and write two blog entries based on the same article or buy excessive amounts of […]

The Rise of Rising Blood Pressure

Sometimes, I swear I can feel my blood pressure rising. It zips right on up with my stress level. Crossing the George Washington Bridge often enough will, I believe, put me on blood pressure medication for life. While that’s not actually true, the likelihood that I will one day be diagnosed with hypertension (high blood […]

Blog Action Day

The environment – it’s a hot topic these days and one that should remain in the spotlight. As individuals and as a society, we have affected the environment in a multitude of ways, many of them negative. It is important that we all remain aware of our impact and what we can do to make […]

California, Burger King and Promise

Health-wise, California often seems to be a step ahead of the rest of the country. As a state, it enacted legislation to increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables available at corner markets in low-income communities. The Los Angeles Unified School District was one of the first to ban soda, candy and high-fat snacks in […]

Where in the World Are Your Eating Habits?

Nobody eats like the Western world. We have perfected the art of serving giant portions of, well, everything. When we go to restaurants, we receive heaping platters of anything we want, and despite the to-go containers stacked in the back room, we devour it all, rarely leaving more than a bite or two on the […]

Muscle-Bound Brainiacs?

The dumb jock, it’s one of our favorite stereotypes. We pepper TV shows, movies and books with the ruggedly buff, sweet hearted dimwit or the obnoxious yet completely ignorant athlete. I personally have been known to describe more than one football player as “taking muscle-bound moron to a whole new level”.  And, why not? For […]

The Color of Hyperactivity

We’ve all had trouble sitting still, and we’ve all had trouble paying attention. Sometimes, the chair just isn’t comfortable, the conversation just not interesting. Our legs bounce up and down; we squirm. Our minds wander; we lose focus. However, most of us manage to reign that all back in. For every topic that goes in […]