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Physically Fit Doesn’t Stop at Fifty

In high school, I often maintained that at a certain age (it varied with my mood) I would throw in the towel. No more exercise; no more junk-food avoidance. I would let myself go. I would be, after all, old. To my teenage mind, there was no sense in staying fit when one foot was […]

Melting Icebergs Harden Hearts

Since 1900, cardiovascular disease has been the leading cause of death in the United States every year but one (1918 – when pneumonia overtook heart disease). So, that’s 106 years out of 107 in which heart problems have killed more Americans than anything else.  Yet, we continue to make choices that increase rather than decrease […]

It’s Back! Lucky Blog T-Shirt Giveaway

Were you more than a little disappointed when you didn’t win the first Lucky Blog T-Shirt Giveaway? Well, get out of the doldrums, because we’re giving you another chance. All you have to do is . . . comment! Post a comment on any Lucky Blog entry and be automatically entered to win a FREE […]

Vitamin C: Cancer Causing or Cancer Fighting?

If you’re a headline scanner, you might be a little confused about vitamin C. In the middle of August, it was doing nothing. Then a few days ago, it was causing cancer. Now, it’s fighting it. What’s true; what’s not? Should you or shouldn’t you be taking vitamin C? If you’re looking for a cancer […]

America Is Popping Pills

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a wimp. I give a headache about five minutes to disappear, and then I scramble for the bottle of Tylenol. When my knees ache, I whine until I find the pills that relieve joint pain, and then happily pop two in my mouth. In short, I am […]

A Flurry of Fluoride Fury

Every six months, a postcard appears in my mailbox, featuring a frighteningly happy, giant tooth and a reminder that it is, once again, time for a trip to the dentist. The notification is followed by a great deal of procrastination and a flood of distressing memories. Past visits have, after all, included unnecessary tooth-pulls (it […]

Broccoli: A Forest of Health

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to fruit – blueberries, grapes, pumpkins – and for good reason. They are amazing foods with amazing benefits, but what about vegetables? They too are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They too offer benefit after benefit. They too deserve just as much recognition as their counterparts. And yet, […]

Orville, What Were You Thinking?

Last week, the New York Times released some startling news about diacetyl.  The butter-flavor chemical, it can be found in most microwave popcorns including Orville Redenbacher and Act II. For years, health officials have warned popcorn-factory workers to be wary of the chemical as overexposure can lead to eye, nose, throat and skin irritation as […]

McDonald’s, If Only It Was the Thought That Counts

The change to the McDonald’s menu began in 2003. Salads were added; fruit was made available. Eventually, wraps joined the healthy alternative list. The company began promoting exercise and healthy living, and they eliminated the “Supersize” option (of course this followed Super Size Me, a less than complimentary movie). They kept trying to make their […]

Erectile-Dysfunction Drugs: Not Just for Erectile Dysfunction

The proclamation: Viagra boosts your mood! The response: Well, yeah. It seems fairly self-evident that a man with erectile dysfunction is going to be in a better mood after he takes Viagra. After all, think about what the drug is supposed to do. Assuming everything goes as planned, it should actually boost the couple’s mood, […]

A Whole Month of Whole Grains!!

September is Whole Grains Month!!! That’s right; the Whole Grains Council  has dedicated an entire month to promoting and celebrating whole grains, and for good reason. Eating at least three servings of whole grains a day can help you maintain your weight and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.  And […]

LuckyBlog T-Shirt Giveaway: We Have a Winner!

We’ve got a winner in the T-Shirt Giveaway contest. Congratulations Amanda! Your are the lucky winner in the LuckyBlog T-Shirt Giveaway. We appreciate everyones support and comments to the LuckyBlog. Amanda commented on the August 7th, 2007 post on So Sweet! Stevia, Coca Cola and Cargill: “Yes, Stevia in foods to sweeten is a wonderful […]

You’re Stressing Me Out

Stress is a fact of life. Undoubtedly, it is one that you try to avoid. If congestion on the turnpike constantly makes you late for work, you alter your route or leave earlier. If your decreasing bank account gives you ulcers, you start budgeting and stop unnecessary buying. When stress pops up, you take steps […]

Ragweed: Helping Allergy Season Last a Little Longer

I am one of the lucky ones. Unlike many of the people around me, I do not suffer from horrific allergies during the summer months. I don’t wake up every morning in June and July, congested, bleary eyed and miserable. Instead, I save that for September and October. While the rest of my family is […]

Your Dunkin’ Donut: Filled with Jelly But Not Trans Fat

According to, well, themselves, America runs on Dunkin’. But having spent several hours in Arkansas searching for a Dunkin’ Donuts (there aren’t any) and having made more than one pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts before an early morning trip, I’m inclined to agree. America loves Dunkin’ Donuts, and now we can love it with a […]