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Finally, Some Good News

Most cancer-related headlines detail our ever-accumulating, increased risks. Our obesity, inactivity and daily habits continuously contribute to the likelihood of disease, and as such, we are overwhelmed with a barrage of negative articles. But recent studies have offered us an ounce of optimism. Cancer death rates are down! Since 1993, increased access to care has […]

Forgotten Love

The 2004 film rendition of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook made miracles seem possible. Two lovers, one bound by Alzheimer’s, found each other again after reliving the past. The memories of an unparalleled relationship were enough to return a disease-ravaged mind to the present and restore all that had been lost. We ate up the over […]

Small Steps by Small Step

In 2004, the government launched Small Step, a program designed to address America’s growing obesity problem. Thus far, the initiative has created a Web site that offers facts (2/3 of adults are overweight or obese, to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume), tips (walk to work, eat on smaller plates, go […]

Think Tall

Much of how we view our wellbeing is based on how we view our bodies. We’re liable to believe that we are healthy if satisfied with our appearance and unhealthy if dissatisfied. More often than not, the root of our misconception is weight. Obesity or even just a personally undesired pound-amount can have us turning […]

Milking Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just for you; your kids need them, too. A daily dose of these “good fats” will promote brain, nervous system and retina development.  But, how do you get them to take it? You’d rather not start WWIII by placing another vitamin next to their cereal bowls, and it would be easier […]

The “M” in Omm Stands for Manly

Most men hear “yoga” and immediately zone out. Yoga, after all, is for women. It can hardly be considered a workout for the weight-lifting, sweat-dripping Adonis of the gym, right? Wrong. Yoga is what you make of it. It’s an exercise that involves strength, flexibility, balance and determination. Although it’s female-dominated, more and more guys […]

Guard Your Hearts, Too

We tend to address concerns as they apply. Once the possibility of a medical condition becomes prevalent in our lives, we take the steps needed to lessen that likelihood. If we don’t perceive a risk, we ignore the disease. For women, this generally means that breast cancer, cervical cancer, eating disorders, osteoporosis and other so-called […]

Lucky Blog Giveaway Reminder!!

We’re more than three weeks into our six-week contest, meaning your chances to enter are quickly dwindling. If you are dreaming of the ten dollar gift certificate, quit dreaming and start commenting. All you have to do to qualify for the giveaway is leave a comment on any blog post, including this one. Then, your name […]

The Ins and Outs of Fresh Fruit

When you’re at the store, the bright, smooth skins of apples, pears, peaches and plums beckon you. You are overwhelmed by their beauty, and even though you only need a few for the week, you buy a bushel. When you have filled all the bags you can, you push your produce-laden cart from the store, […]

When the Gym Sounds Like a Pigpen

There are certain rules of the gym – certain things you shouldn’t do while exercising in public. Don’t, for example, wait for a machine by stalking, at close range, its current user. Don’t leave equipment soaked by your sweat and other bodily fluids. Don’t chat up the exerciser next to you mid-workout. Don’t blatantly ogle. […]

How to Freak Out, Unnecessarily

On your own, you are entirely capable of having a diet-induced anxiety attack. However, society seems to think you need a little help. At every turn, it offers you another opportunity for a nervous breakdown. You are plagued by reminders that you are not as thin or as successful as other dieters. The catalysts for […]

Knocked Down by Knees

The knee – figuratively speaking, we associate it with what can be considered the most important or, at least, consuming aspects of our lives: hard work, prayer, atonement and marriage. Each one, thanks to tradition, history, adages, imagery and stories, begins, in someway, on our knees. The knee’s emblematic dominance seems fitting, since in reality, […]

There’s More Than Fish in That Roll

A few months ago, I found myself sitting in front of a plate of sushi, being instructed on how to eat it. I wasn’t entirely sure how I had gotten there (The last thing I remembered was excessive nagging and the waitress’ arrival), but regardless of how it had happened, I was about to slip […]

Black-Hole Bags

At a recent book fair, my friend, a teacher, bought as many 25-cent books for her classroom as possible. She squeezed ten into her bag, opting to remove her 2.5-liter water bottle, before handing the remaining seven to me. I slipped them into my purse without difficulty. Both of us were able to achieve this […]

Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements

In response to the ever growing and changing world of dietary supplements, the FDA drafted a set of standards known as the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) for dietary supplements, which identifies the minimum requirements needed to ensure the identity, purity, strength and composition of all products and product components. The rules apply to anyone […]