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Working Workouts into Work

In Decatur Georgia, elementary-school students find that their lessons have blossomed to include more than the basics. Reading, writing, math and science are now joined by yoga. Throughout the day, teachers pause regular instruction for a few minutes of downward dog and plank. They match lessons with poses and use the breathing exercises to calm […]

Teach Your Eyes Portion Size

Over the past twenty years, our concept of portion size has grown with our waist bands. While 50 grams and 150 calories used to easily satisfy our needs, we now expect, and are only happy with, the same products at quadruple the size.  We purchase palm-size cookies that were clearly measured against a giant’s hand. […]

Red in the Face But Not for Long

Nothing motivates quite like shame. A brief moment of public humiliation can knock a bad habit right out of you. When I, for example, was told by a homeless man, sitting amidst a pile of rubbish no less, that I would never get a man if I didn’t stop dragging my feet, I stopped dragging […]

Ovarian Cancer: The Forgotten One

As women, we are constantly warned of the dangers of breast cancer. We are taught to check regularly for lumps and changes. We are told that breast cancer can kill us, that hundreds of thousands of us will be diagnosed with it and that we have to be careful, aware. We are also overrun with […]

A Sedentary Survey

Earlier this year, we learned just how fat each individual state was. Mississippi led the way with nearly one-third of its population being classified as obese. However, the remaining 49 weren’t much better.  We hung our heads in shame, relieved when the buzz died down, hoping that our geographic location would no longer stimulate health-related […]

Children’s Nutritional Needs

In a recent examination of 10,136 children, researchers found that only 32 percent were taking nutritional supplements. The number came as a surprise to some, as 50 percent of adults consume a vitamin or mineral, daily. What wasn’t a surprise, however, was that the children consuming supplements were, typically, thinner, spent a limited amount of […]

Chlamydia: Not Available at Your Local Florist

For many men, purchasing a bouquet of flowers can be a complex and bewildering event. How many should you buy? How should they be wrapped? Should they all be the same kind or should you opt for an assortment? If you go for the latter, which stems make the cut? There are, after all, a […]

You’ve Got Mail . . . But Do You Really Want It?

I love mail, of any kind. My day can be completely turned around by a snail, e- or voicemail message. I delight when my inboxes are stuffed with various forms of communication, and I take just as much pleasure in returning the favor. My favorite people are regularly inundated with what I call fascinating tidbits […]

Mixed Messages of Moderation

Diet and exercise are two of the most discussed issues in the news. Each day brings a throng of contradictory messages: Eat fat; don’t eat fat. Embrace sugar; shun sweets. Drip with sweat; take a stroll. Exercise every day; don’t overtax your body. Any normal person would be confused and would sift through the information […]

Bilberries: A Fruit of the Past Finds Hope in the Future

Until recently, mentioning bilberries  to me would have elicited nothing more than a confused look. Did you mean blueberries? Those, I’ve heard of, but bilberries . . . My ignorance could be attributed to the fact that, as far as bilberries are concerned, I’m geographically-challenged. I didn’t grow up in the hills of Northern Europe […]

Putting a Cork in Food-borne Illnesses

Sitting down to dinner a few nights ago, I eyed my salad, complete with bite-size pieces of beef, warily. The headlines I scan daily ran through my head, each one proclaiming a new recall (spinach, lettuce, meat ). The meal I had anticipated with excitement looked more like a bowlful of disease than a bowlful […]

Prevention: It’s No Stroke of Luck

There are two levels of strokes. Both involve the same symptoms, but the first, the mini-stroke, lasts for only a short time.  It can dissipate within five minutes or continue for up to a day. Either way, as the effects lessen, the sufferer’s worry does too. The mini-stroke is ignored or, if treated, considered minor. […]

What Do You Mean Every Day?

Not too long ago, your guy may have come home exhilarated by an article he had found online. “We should have sex every day!” he proclaimed, unbuckling his belt. You may have laughed, as this wasn’t the first time he had made a similar announcement, or you may have had a more . . . […]

Litebook Lights up Your Life

How much time do you spend indoors? Probably, a good portion of your day, and as the days get shorter, that amount will get longer and longer. You’ll barely see the sun. You’ll drive to and from work in the dark. You’ll see light only through the windows of your office building. You’ll fill Saturdays […]