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Keep the New Year Happy

The ball is poised, ready to begin its descent into a throng of boisterous celebrators and a new year. You too are prepared for the evening’s festivities, clad in a bright outfit and raring to join in on the fun. Your plans may include a bar (or two). You may be attending an elegant gala […]

A New Year and a New You

 The dawning of a new year brings with it a wave of resolutions. Everyone, from the young to the old, views the upcoming months as an opportunity to start anew, to rectify wrongs and to create fresh possibilities. More often than not, these avowals of self-improvement revolve around health, much as I’m sure, yours do. […]

From 2007 to 2008: What’s Up for Debate?

2007 was certainly not lacking in health issues. The toy recalls alone were enough to have us reevaluating our lives, counting toxins and suspiciously eyeing Barbie as she lay demurely beneath the coffee table. The food scares added to the paranoia, keeping us from enjoying salad, meat, carrots, chili sauce, peanut butter and, perhaps most distressingly, […]

A Workout for Your Wrinkles

As shallow as it may be, no one wants a face lined with wrinkles. It’s a sign of age, an image of lost youth and, in our society, a lessening of beauty. As such, the retail world is filled with anti-aging products. You can buy creams, soaps, liquids and even pills to ward off facial […]

Delayed? Hooray!

You probably associate delayed flights with inconvenience, boredom and frustration. The absence of your plane will leave you sprawled across uncomfortable chairs, counting the dots on the ceiling and twiddling your thumbs. By the time you board, you’ll be restless, snarling and in no mood to be trapped in a metal cage with one hundred […]

Everyone Does It Like Sara Lee

In 2005, Sara Lee revolutionized the bread world with a product that was neither white nor whole wheat. It was “Soft & Smooth.” Made with a combination of bleached and whole-wheat flour, the bread was and is touted as a dose of whole grain goodness with the texture and taste of white. Kids (and adults) […]

The Upside of a Starlet’s Slip

If you’re a parent, Hollywood’s youngest heroines and their recent announcements, true or otherwise, are probably causing you a great deal of distress. How are you supposed to keep your child from having sex when her idols are pregnant? Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley Cyrus are two of the most well known faces on Nickelodeon and […]

Are You Taking Fem-Dophilus Yet?

You can deny it all you want, but you love when someone compliments something you have, regardless of if it’s something you use daily, use once a year or forgot that you even have. And we’re no different. At we’re positively overjoyed when someone gives one of our products the praise it deserves, which […]

Generally Recognized as Unsafe

To earn the status of “generally recognized as safe” or GRAS, an item must have a history of safe food-use or must be scientifically proven as safe.  This FDA classification allows manufacturers to use the ingredients freely, without having to provide new test results each time they include one in a product. The GRAS list […]

Permanently Benched by Weight

Many high school athletes dream of playing at the next level, which will hopefully lead to the level beyond that. They want to be on a college team, so that the pros can be a more attainable goal. For this to happen, they must stand out among the rest. They must offer a package more […]

The Lesser of Two Evils: How Do You Know?

When you want something, you want it. An apple is not going to squelch the need for warm, crumbly baked goods, ever. Only a cookie will do that and a big one at that. You’re well aware of this, so when you get to the store, you don’t kid yourself with produce; you head straight […]

All in the Family

I am one of three girls. As such, I am constantly affected by the actions of my sisters. I owe to them my neon-spandex phase in the early 90s (in my defense, I was in elementary school), my penchant for all things corny and six of the hair clips in my bathroom. I am sure […]

The Gift of Giving

In a matter of hours, Santa will come sliding down your chimney with a bag full of toys. He’ll leave boxes full of books, movies, dolls, trains, video games and action figures for nothing more than a few cookies and a glass of milk. While the cookies are delicious and the milk, although probably lukewarm, […]

Managing the Holiday Obstacle Course

It’s Christmas Eve; your holiday celebrations will most likely start tonight with a festive dinner and pre-Christmas dessert. Or maybe they already started with the gingerbread man you had for breakfast. Either way, your future holds 24 hours (at least) of non-stop holiday hoopla, complete with mountains of food and fountains of drink. If you aren’t […]

Beer: Exercise’s Favorite Chaser?

The close of a game often signals the opening of a beer. Teams – professional, college and backyard – traditionally follow competitive matches with cool glasses of malted barley and hops.  What better way could there be to celebrate a victory or mourn a loss? Nothing, after all, satisfies a well-worn athlete like a seasonal […]