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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Mold?

Every year, my family scours a local tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Last year was no different. We spent hours examining the trunk, bulk and health of at least one hundred different evergreens. When all of us were satisfied with the selection, my father dragged it to the car, drove it […]

Lucky Blog Giveaway: We Have a Winner!!!

Our third contest has ended and the winner is . . . Eric!! He will receive a $10 gift certificate to be used at Eric has commented numerous times over the past several weeks, most recently on “Unlucky Number Seven” saying, “I just checked my water bottle, yay not going to die…” And Eric, I […]

Laughter Yoga: Curving Your Lips Instead of Your Body

Imagine you are in a park, taking a leisurely Saturday-morning walk. A man approaches you and asks if you will help him form a laughter club. He is a complete stranger, someone you have never seen let alone spoken to before. What do you do? Look for the nearest escape route, offer him money and hope […]

The Future Looks . . .

There is no doubt that our actions are causing climate change.  There are, however, questions regarding the change’s severity. How much will the temperatures alter? What exactly will happen to the Earth as a result? Should we be as worried as we are? There are no clear-cut answers, particularly to the first two. But the […]

An Increase in Heart Meds: Good or Bad?

We associate heart disease with age. The older you are the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack or stroke. You’re also more likely to have high blood pressure or cholesterol. As such, it’s natural to assume that most of the people taking cardiovascular medications are older individuals. And right now, it’s true. […]

Lucky Blog Giveaway: The Final Hours

It’s no longer a matter of weeks or even days. There are only a few scant hours left until the current Lucky Blog Giveaway ends. In the blink of an eye, your chance to win a $10 gift certificate to will have disappeared. Don’t let that happen. Comment on a blog post, any blog […]

Naptime Is Back!!

The nap – it’s a part of your youth that you remember regretfully. How could you have been so stupid at age two or three to shun those precious hours of daytime shuteye? If anything, you should have embraced them, racing for your pillow and blanket the moment lunch ended. Alas, you did not, and […]

Let’s Be Honest; You Didn’t Earn That

The best part of exercise is the aftermath. You’ve run a few miles, biked up a (virtually created) mountain, played ball with the guys or lapped the pool for an hour. Now, you can sit back, revel in your accomplishments and have seconds at dinner . . . and maybe dessert. After all, you deserve […]

Ho Ho Hum

It’s the holiday season. Stores are stocked with presents and unusually perky clerks. Wreaths and garlands cover banisters, windows and doorways. Lights, twinkling, blinking and sparkling, brighten every neighborhood. Carols sound from every stereo. And people – people are happy. They are wishing strangers a merry Christmas, purchasing exorbitant gifts, throwing endless parties, wearing hideous […]

A Sour Taste with a Sweet Reward

You’ve heard of carbon offsets.  They’re available to purchase as compensation for the grievous amounts of CO2 we emit when driving, heating our homes, taking a flight or doing any one of our daily polluting activities. Buying one allows us to lessen the damage we’re regularly inflicting on the Earth. Wouldn’t it be nice if […]

I’m Not Crazy. I’m Quirky. Now, Get Off of My Treadmill

We all have our quirks. You can try to deny it, but I’m certain that there are at least one or two peculiarities poking out of your personality.  You may only be able to drink from a certain coffee mug or work with a specific CD playing, or you may have to tap the doorway […]

Add Flavor the Healthy Way

I love condiments. I fully believe in the power of a good sauce or spice. I don’t understand people who eat salad sans dressing or sandwiches without something in addition to the traditional meat and cheese. And, I’m fairly certain that most of you agree. Regardless of what you’ve banned from your diet – meat, […]

Zinc: The End of the Alphabet but the Beginning of Health

Vitamins and minerals are usually listed alphabetically. As such, the ones that top the list are the ones that garner the most attention. You know all about the wonders of vitamins A, B, C, D and E. You’re also pretty clear on calcium, folic acid, iron and even magnesium. But once you pass the alphabet’s mid-way point, […]

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

There is a reason comedy clubs, sitcoms, comics and all things funny are so popular. Laughter makes us feel better.  Nothing compares to a hearty belly laugh or a suppressed snicker. It is the only thing that can reverse our maudlin moods, turn our frowns upside down and put the pep back in our step. […]

Lucky Blog Giveaway: Time’s Running Out!

We are only days away from the conclusion of our current contest, in which a $10 gift certificate is on the line. If you want to see your name in the winner’s announcement, comment on a post, any post, and you’ll be automatically entered. You have until Thursday; we’ll announce the winner on Friday. So […]