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Men Can’t; Women Won’t

Romance is difficult enough to maintain when there are no medical obstacles in the way. Miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, fatigue, work, stress and any number of internal/external factors can extinguish even the most sensual of moods. Couples throughout the world struggle to keep passion’s flame burning, but it can be a trying task. And when you […]

A Supplemental Suspension

It was an ordinary school day in South Middleton, Pennsylvania.  Andrew Figueiredo was having lunch. In addition to the usual contents – sandwich, drink, etc – Andrew had in his bag three dietary supplements.  As he popped the pills into his mouth, a teacher spotted him and immediately escorted him to the principal’s office. Andrew […]

Passing Gas on Oprah

As women, gas is something we like to pretend doesn’t exist. Burping is done as quietly as possible with a hand over the mouth in the hope that no one will notice. Farting . . . well, we don’t fart. But on the rare occasions that we do, it is fingers-crossed silent and/or in private. […]

No Matter How You Mix It, It’s Still a Hormone

The dangers associated with FDA-approved hormone replacement drugs have sent thousands of women looking for alternative methods for menopause relief.  Some have completely abandoned hormone replacement therapy, relying on drug-free techniques to relieve the worst of their hot flashes, irritability and vaginal dryness. But others haven’t been so lucky and must remain on it. To […]

Sweatin’ the Sweat?

Summer ended, and you breathed a sigh of relief. Sweat-filled days were finally at an end. For a few months, you would have a dry existence, free of pit stains, soaked shirts and tickling beads of perspiration. You could once again lift your arms in public. But you failed to remember that working out and the combination […]

Kick Your Rear in the Rear

Every woman is different. Her body is defined by genetics, lifestyle, age and a host of other external factors. As such, females’ complaints will vary. One may lament her thighs while another is obsessed with her nose. But one thing always remains certain. The butt is the enemy. Whether you have too much or not […]

For the Greater Good?

Without law and some level of prohibition, it is theorized that we would have mayhem; the streets would be plagued with flagrant ruffians, terrorizing the upstanding innocents. For that reason, we punish criminals, sending them to jail, fining them and assigning community service. We attempt to maintain an environment that is safe, structured and best […]

Traffic: Costing You More than Calm

We all have commutes. Every morning we climb into our car, merge into traffic and fight with the other drivers until we reach work. Eight hours later, we do the reverse. Our vehicles are like second homes, seeing more of us than our beds during the week. As such, our bodies find themselves permanently crammed […]

In Your Backyard

It may seem that your only resources for health information are available on the web or in your doctor’s office. You’d rather not spend an exorbitant amount of time in a paper gown, peppering your general practitioner with questions, so you stick with the web, accepting that there are no other options. But there are. […]

Taking Health in Stride

Sophomore year of college, my mother and I entered into a friendly competition. We donned pedometers every day of the spring semester, recording each night the number of steps we had taken. At the end of the term, whoever had out-walked the other received a free lunch. I viewed the contest’s parameters suspiciously. My mother, […]

Curing Cancer with a Heart Attack

No man wants prostate cancer, yet many develop it. Tumors form and grow, worsening the disease, taking it to increasingly severe and painful levels. Slowing the growth will slow the cancer. However, you, like most people, don’t know how to do that, so you turn to research, which offers a continual stream of advice. Most […]

Is That a Zit!?

When you’re feeling light and breezy, your body mirrors your mood. Your skin is a smooth, clear palette. Your hair is full and shiny, and your nails are long, strong and firm. Then, stress hits. Within minutes, pimples erupt on your chin, hair clogs the drain and your nails break without the slightest provocation. You […]

Cutting Cold AND Calories

When the weather is frigid, you’re desperate for warmth. The limitations of your heater, your inability to wear every article of clothing in your closet and the chill you just can’t shake forces you to turn to your kitchen for relief. You spend hours preparing and moments eating the hearty, steamy dishes of the season. […]

Far from a 4.0

We started the year with a report on France and Germany’s nationwide anti-smoking initiatives. Both countries had taken giant leaps toward lessening tobacco use in societies firmly attached to their smoky pasts. We’re continuing the year with a look at the United States’ efforts, but the results are not nearly as good. According to the […]

Outrunning Heart Attacks

Before I started running, I viewed joggers as crazed masochists, who found pleasure in a particularly cruel form of torture. It seemed that they regularly took part in an activity that sucked the breath out of them, sent streams of sweat dripping down their bodies and pounded their feet painfully into the pavement. It sounded […]