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Don’t Touch . . . Anything

In public, you are frighteningly aware of the germs slipping from hand to door to hand. You eye sickly strangers as they rub their oozing noses then paw all nearby surfaces. You’ve stopped touching anything directly, darting through closing doors, using your sleeve or tissue to handle objects and sanitizing desperately if you’re forced to […]

The Never-Ending Ache

There are days when you push your body to extremes, working it in ways that it is unaccustomed to. You strain your muscles, overburden your legs and tax parts of you that had been, until then, dormant. The next morning you wake up, stumble out of bed and groan. You ache from head to toe. […]

Nitric Oxide: Will It Kill Me or Cure Me?

Pumped from cars, nitric oxide melds with oxygen forming nitrogen dioxide. The compound floats through the air, contributing to the formulation of smog and acid rain as well as the advancement of global warming. It is a potent air pollutant, one that we strive to minimize in our atmosphere.  Yet, scientists have started telling us […]

ProEndorphin Gets a Yum-O from Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray – she’s one of the most well-known talk-show hosts around, offering us 30-minute meals, twists on traditional recipes and hours of television entertainment.  She’s become famous for her classic “yum-o”, love of EVOO and never-ending energy. She’s the Oprah of the cooking world and the darling of the daytime lineup, so when she […]

Broccoli on the Rocks

Truly fresh fruits and vegetables are the produce of paradise. Biting into a tomato straight from the vine is like tasting the fruit for the first time. You never knew it could be so tart or juicy; you never knew it could be so good. You wish you could eat produce like this all the […]

Death’s License for Fat?

In 2005, researchers announced that the overweight had a lower mortality rate than the obese.  A few months ago, they expanded upon that, stating that the overweight have a lower mortality rate than all other weight brackets – obese, normal and under. The few extra pounds detract from the likelihood of death as a result […]

Silky Smooth? I Don’t Think So

It’s a relief that winter weather forces us to cover 99 percent of our bodies in clothing. How else would we hide the fact that our skin from head to toe is pitifully dry? It’s bad enough that we have to be aware of the condition ourselves, constantly itching and moisturizing, hoping that the discomfort […]

Fit to Be Untied

Shoe selection can be a taxing and time consuming morning ritual. You have to take into account your day’s activities, the weather, the rest of your outfit and environment-suitability. A beat-up running shoe, for example, does not correspond with your office, nor does it match your slacks.  These types of considerations can make getting dressed […]

Has Dairy Been within Five Feet of my Plate?

Many of today’s “elite” suffer from the delusion that their food whims should be catered to by everyone they come in contact with.  They provide hosts with lists of can’t-have foods, crossing everything from red meat to dairy to previously unheard of delicacies off the menu. They return dishes to the kitchen, convinced that a […]

How NOT to Make Your Child Feel Better

If you want to make your child feel better, don’t employ a clown.  Children, regardless of age, do not like them. In fact, they are all terrified of them. The curly mops of hair, red bulbous noses, ornate face-paint, goofy outfits and floppy shoes inspire nothing but fear, disgust and tears. So bringing one in […]

Slippery Slopes

The first covering of snow, real or otherwise, brings the skis and snowboards out of the closet. Boots are laced up, clothing is layered, gloves are strapped on and the mountains are met with adrenaline-fueled determination. Millions of people throughout the world take to the slopes every year. Some are skilled; some are not. With […]

Mmmm! Just Like the Real Thing?

After eight years of analysis, the FDA approved cloned meat and milk last week, declaring it safe for public consumption. The announcement allows for cloned goats, cows and pigs, and their offspring to be added to the food supply. However, this is likely to take awhile. There are only about 600 clones in the United […]

Five Hours of Focus?

It’s a small bottle, holding a mere two ounces of liquid, but according to its creators, that teeny amount packs a powerful punch. 5-hour Energy is an energy drink designed to pep you up for, you guessed it, five hours. Loaded with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes rather than sugar and caffeine, it will awaken […]

The Coworker Conspiracy

Right about now, at the height of cold and flu season, you are probably well aware of how your coworkers are influencing your health.  After all, you’ve been giving Bob, two cubicles down, the evil eye ever since he sneezed on your favorite pen during the morning meeting. Cheryl has been hacking since November, and […]

In Case Of . . .

On the back of most products, you’ll find a number or address where you can send complaints and comments. Should your Pepsi can be mysteriously empty before you pop the top, there’s a number for that. If your popcorn fails to erupt into fluffy white morsels, there’s a person to call. When ants come climbing […]