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Two Plus Two Is . . .

I recently house sat for my cousins and while there, was able to use their treadmill. The first morning, I hopped on, began jogging and watched the calorie count grow in leaps and bounds. This was amazing. I was exerting myself no more than usual yet seemed to be burning far more calories. I was […]

A Mouth Full of Ineptitude

The toothbrush has come a long way since its inception. The days of a simple stick and bristles are far behind us, replaced with elaborate mechanisms boasting an array of colors and multitude of capabilities. You can buy products that not only brush for you but beep when it’s time to move your hand, protect […]

That’s the Spot!

It’s the holy grail of female sexual satisfaction. Every woman hopes she has it and even more desperately hopes it can be found. It is the key, according to some, to mind blowing pleasure. Without it, there’s no such thing as actual achievement and feasibly no reason to try. It is the G spot and […]

Lucky Blog Giveaway: LAST CHANCE!!!!!

We are down to the final hours of the Lucky Blog Giveaway. You have between now and midnight to comment on a blog post, any blog post, and be automatically entered to win a t-shirt. The winner will be announced on Monday. Here’s hoping it’s you. PermalinkComment

The Inner Neanderthal Surfaces

Pregnancy pushes the belly out and leans the body back. By all rights, the heavily pregnant woman should tip over, toppling to the ground with all the grace of a wavering bowling pin. But evolution has made sure that she doesn’t.  It’s provided her with a lower spine that is more flexible and stronger than […]

Want Your Kids to Move? You First

Children emulate the adults around them. Little girls slip into Mommy’s heels and skirts, wiping on grievous amounts of lipstick and blush. Little boys wrap Daddy’s tie around their neck, carting around briefcases and tools. Both repeat curses, mimic actions and absorb opinions, vocalizing them at the most inopportune times. As such, we silence angry […]

Suck ‘Em Up

You have fleas. It’s undeniable. Sparky’s incessant scratching can no longer be written off as a causeless tic. The little buggers are currently hopping furiously through your home, covering every available surface and driving you mad. You want to kill them, eradicate them from your life and stop the needless itching. But you are nervous about […]

Not Just for Kids

When you were only months old, your mother took you for your first round of vaccinations. The traumatic jabs that elicited wails and hours of crankiness were followed only weeks later by another set, which led to another. Your childhood was filled with a continual stream of vaccinations. You needed them, you were told, to […]

One Snooze Too Many

Do you remember college and high school when the weekends were filled with hours upon hours of sleep? Maybe you went to bed at three or four in the morning, but you slept at least that far into the afternoon, stumbling out from under the covers in time for dinner, a shower, a nap and […]

A Flood of Embarrassment

A former coworker once informed me (for no apparent reason) that she had a box of Depends in her car, just in case. I stared at her attempting to come up with a tactful reply as my mental self ran screaming from the room, traumatized by FAR too much information. My reaction was not unusual […]

Eggplant in A Flat

There’s no end to the number of ways vegetables can be enjoyed. Just look at the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra: Consisting of 11 musicians, a sound engineer and a video artist, the group performs music, of all types, with fresh vegetables.  They use eggplants, cucumbers, carrot sticks, peppers, pumpkins, leeks and onions to create a truly unique sound that […]

Is Detecting Problems Causing More?

Not too long ago, the outcome of a pregnancy was determined post-birth. If the infant was born healthy and hearty, all parties were thrilled. If the baby had medical problems, well, nothing could have been done prior. You had to cope with it as the child developed, out of the womb. Today, that’s not the […]

Sweet Temptation

Have you ever noticed that the first time a decadent indulgence is offered, you let it pass by easily, but when that same temptation is presented a second and third time, your resolve isn’t quite as strong? Eventually, you grab the plate, popping in the bits of fat and sugar with frightening fervor. You toss […]

Explosive Workouts

Imagine that you are at the gym, perched expertly on an inflated exercise ball. This is not your first time using one, and so you are confident that you are demonstrating nothing but skill, poise and exercise-efficiency. If you are lucky, your aptitude is attracting the attention of those around you, and they are envious […]

The Teenage Tightrope

The teen years are laced with drama. Girls and guys alike are plagued with rampant hormones, social pressures and mountains of insecurity. Doubt fills every corner of their lives from what they’re wearing to who they’re talking to and how they’re doing in school. But perhaps one of the most pressing concerns for today’s adolescents […]