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Wisps of Smoke and Hair

Despite the bevy of beautiful bald men (Vin Diesel, Taye Diggs, Chris Daughtry, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery etc.), most guys are terrified of losing their hair,  even more so than of losing their sexual prowess. They spend hours inspecting their scalps, convinced that the few strands in the shower are more than the result of […]

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

It’s all in how you look at it. The way you perceive a particular person, situation or item depends on how it is presented to you. If an introduction is prefaced with a list of faults, indiscretions and misdeeds, you will meet the described individual with a less than positive opinion. And if she is […]

After These Exercises, We’ll Be Right Back

Every morning at 7:55 am, Nick Jr. airs Mini Movers, a two minute segment, (in the U.K. only) designed to get toddlers out of their seats and active. The program currently involves a Weather Dance entailing moves such as “tickle the sky” and “jump to the sun”. With giant grins plastered on their faces, the kids […]

Haplessly Lucky

It should have been a dream come true, a moment of unparalleled celebration. Steve Smith of Hertfordshire, England had won the lottery, receiving a jackpot of 19 million pounds ($38 million). The 58 year old doorman and former bingo caller could suddenly afford to do everything he had ever dreamed. He and his wife could buy whatever […]

One Size Fits All Fails Most

Until now, you thought that the frustrations of “one size fits all” were limited to . . . fit. You associated it with the gloves that wouldn’t squeeze over your hands, the hat that couldn’t encompass your crown, the belt that didn’t quite make it around your waist and even the car that refused to […]

You Have the Muscle, but Do You Have the Bone?

Physically, it’s easiest to focus on the external, on what you can see. If your belly starts to bulge or your muscles stop, you notice immediately. If an abnormality appears, you spot it within minutes. Unfortunately, the same is not true for the internal parts of your body. They are out of sight and, often, […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Ugliest of Them All

Have you ever flipped through the Victoria Secret catalog cutting out pictures of the prettiest women and pasting them to your fridge? If you’re a man, I hope not. If you’re a woman, I’d bet so. Almost every woman believes that being forced to stare at scantily clad models will release her inner health-conscious self. […]

Welcome to Wendy’s – Can I Take Your Waist Size?

You think that it’s bad in New York, where ordering a Big Mac brings you nothing but tsk-tsks from those around you. They look at your belly (it’s not too hard to miss), then eye the calorie count prominently displayed beside your chosen value meal and give you that look – that raised-eyebrow, pursed-lip, you-should-know-better glare […]

Shades of Change with Herbatint

Every few months I have the overwhelming urge to change my hair. Sometimes, I chop it off, taking below the shoulders to at the ear. Sometimes, I get bangs – side, full, both. Sometimes, I dye it – blonde, Kool-Aid red, green. And sometimes, I do all three. The last, of course, often leads to […]

Rickety Young Bones?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, rickets plagued America’s children.  A disease in which a vitamin D and calcium deficiency weakens the bones, the afflicted were suffering from bowed legs, other skeletal deformities, fragile bones and impaired growth. Held back by the pain and weakness, the children were no longer able to run and play as […]

Avoiding Ink Blots

A few years ago, the majority of my social circle was ink-free. Today the opposite is true. Most of the people I know, myself included, have a tattoo somewhere on their body. They vary in size, color, design and meaning, but they are there. This change doesn’t stem from the formation of a tattoo-obsessed clique […]

Myths of Aging

Restless nights and inactive days are anticipated parts of old age. We believe that as the years mount so will our inertia and nocturnal disruption, and that the only thing we can do is accept it. We find a comfortable chair in the living room to ease our waking hours and resign ourselves to tossing […]

Bedroom Shoes?

Once again your man’s ability to read is giving him ideas that are not only interfering with your life but causing you physical pain and potential deformity. Suddenly, he wants you to wear high heels all the time, because they improve your sex life. The way they force you to stand puts your pelvic muscles in […]

It’s in His Kiss

At a pre-Grammy party, this past weekend, David Beckham caused a fan to faint with one kiss on the cheek. The touch of his lips was powerful enough to buckle her knees and set the room spinning, which certainly says something about the man, the kiss and the woman. You may think that it demonstrates […]

Runaway Hearts

The candles have been lit; the wine poured and the meal prepared. It is, once again, Valentine’s Day. Those of you with significant others or, at the very least, dates will commemorate this holiday with an evening of romance. You will indulge in the delicacies that you have been shunning since New Year’s: excess food, […]