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If You Have to Crash . . .

They say that in times of extreme need, when a child or loved one is trapped beneath a car, you can channel enough energy to lift a vehicle, removing the victim from harm’s way. And that’s all well in good if someone you know gets pinned beneath your Audi, but what do you do if […]

Hop on the Whole-Grain Train – There’s Plenty of Room

As proof of whole grains’ beneficial qualities has mounted, their availability has grown in leaps and bounds. Cereals, breads and pastas come in whole-grain form. Products from health foods to junk foods carry whole-grain labels. Organizations, such as the Whole Grains Council, stamp authentically whole-grain items with either a 100% or general whole-grain stamp. Manufacturers […]

Flexing Your Way to a Longer Life

If you want to know the truth, women are undeniably attracted to a well-defined bicep. I don’t mean a frightening, I-could-crush-you-with-my-pinky-finger bulge but rather a nice-looking, toned flex. There’s something about that muscle mass that just makes our stomachs flip. So it couldn’t hurt, female-wise, if you built a little bicep, but don’t let that […]

Well, This Is Embarrassing

Humans are supposed to be the superior species, the apex of the evolutionary process. We are supposed to possess mental facilities that are infinitely better than any other animal. Yet it seems that chimpanzees are working to debunk that theory. In a series of memory tests, young chimps outperformed nine college students, recalling number locations […]

Brewing Nutrients

Supplying children with all necessary nutrients is a trial, particularly in impoverished areas where food options are limited. Therefore, researchers and health experts are constantly attempting to find new ways to slip extra antioxidants and vitamins into children’s diets. The latest idea involves Mexico, coffee, folic acid and iron. By adding the latter two to a […]

Sleep It Off

Within moments of giving birth stars such as Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson reappeared on the red carpet looking better than most women ever will pre or post-pregnancy. Their baby weight had mysteriously evaporated, making them the envy of nearly every other new mother on the planet. Their secrets? No one knows for […]

Approved for What?

In mid-January, it was announced that the FDA had approved Tysabri for treating moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease. It joined two other previously okayed medications, and despite a list of possible complications, seemed to offer the best solution for patients who were not responding to traditional treatments. You read the news pleased to see that […]

Oprah’s Fountain of Youth

If you’ve never turned on a television, picked up a magazine or paid attention to popular culture, if you’ve lived in a bubble for the past twenty years, or if you only crawl out from under your rock to read this blog and purchase your nutritional necessities, there’s a slight chance that you have no […]

How Work Is Killing You, Literally

This past December, Om Malik, a well-known blogger in the technology industry, suffered a heart attack.   The incident was attributed not just to his lifestyle (he regularly smoked cigars and enjoyed far too much caffeine) but to the stress of blogging. The constant need to produce in terms of quality and quantity, and the fear […]

Not Quite Like Riding a Bike

A Pepsi bottle dropped to the floor and began rolling carelessly away. I caught it with my left foot, knocked it over to my right and stabilized it with both before bending to pick it up. “Soccer player?” its owner asked as I handed it to him. “Used to be,” I replied. Most of us […]

Prevention Happens Before And After

The last thing you want to happen after a heart attack is a heart attack. You’ve already experienced one. Through the wonders of modern medicine, your strength and the knowledge of your doctor, you have recovered, but can you guarantee that the second one will end similarly? Even if you can, do you really want […]

Learning from Ledger

I read the news of Heath Ledger’s death in late January with some shock.  This was an actor who had consumed hours of my teenage years. He had replaced JTT, Devon Sawa and even Leonardo DiCaprio on my list of heartthrobs. He was a mere five years older than me, making him a more reasonable […]

Tobacco Is Tobacco Is Tobacco

It arose hundreds of years ago in India, consisting of nothing more than a coconut base and tube. As it is today, it was used to smoke, but opium and hashish rather than tobacco. Eventually it crossed India’s borders, stretching across the Middle East to Europe and North America. Currently, it is a rising trend […]

Chat It Up

The bane of every teacher’s classroom is the talker, the child whose lips are permanently flapping and voice is permanently heard. She whispers through math, giggles through science and gossips through reading. The air is consumed by her incessant buzz, seeming empty when she is not there. It is the educator’s goal to convince the […]

Big Claims, Big Bucks, Little Truth

Yogurt is one of my favorite ways to fill up on dairy. A tart creamy bowlful mixed with crunchy granola and sliced fruit betters even the worst of mornings. It has a sweet tang few foods can compete with and a list of health benefits to match.  Made by adding bacterial cultures to milk, yogurt […]