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Who’s Going to Milk the Yak?

The next time you’re in the mood for cheese, you could opt for the creamy satisfaction of brie, the crumbly decadence of bleu, the sharp bite of cheddar or the smoky hints of Gouda. But, why? Why limit yourself to cheese made from cow’s milk when you could, instead, indulge in the exotic goodness of […]

Res-Q’s Pre-Rescue Mission

You’re always told that it’s never too late – never too late to pick up positive habits, turn around your health, and fight the conditions developing or already developed in your body – and while that is true, it is even more true that it’s never too early. You can never be faulted for taking […]

Move Over Moderation – I’m Having Tea!

With almost everything, even fruit, you are told to exercise moderation. You don’t want to overdo any one item as that will only negate the benefits and create new adverse effects. So you measure out serving sizes. You keep within the recommended daily limits, and you teach yourself restriction. You learn to say no when […]

Clutter Bugs

I have a frightening love of organization. If something can be categorized, alphabetized or arranged by size, it’s a good bet that I’ve already taken care of it, devoting hours to the removal of its chaos. My books are sorted by genre, then author and then, publication date. My affinity for binders has taken on […]

Hooked on Harry?

Almost a year ago, the final Harry Potter book hit the shelves. Fans dressed in elaborate costumes, waving wands and uttering strange incantations crammed themselves excitedly into Barnes & Nobles and Borders throughout the world, awaiting the arrival of their pre-ordered prize. The book, all 784 pages, was gobbled up immediately, and the literary love […]

Eight Is Not Enough

You are young, fit and healthy. You eat well, exercise often and unlike most people you know, log the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. In fact, you are so dedicated to your snooze-time that you have rearranged your evening habits to ensure that you are regularly in bed by 11, no matter what. […]

Sniffling Snuffs Cancer

As you sit with your pack of tissues and box of allergy medication, the healthy offer you “feel better” murmurs, head pats and pitying looks, but you know that their acts of sympathy are nothing but show. Secretly, they are thrilled that you, not them, are afflicted with allergies, that you can’t go within two […]

Salty Sweet

Freshman year of college, I was introduced to a snack that should have been disgusting but was oddly addictive and tantalizing: saltines and vanilla icing. The overly sweet spread balanced the mounds of salt on each cracker, creating a salty sweet combination few college coeds could resist. Now before you wrinkle your nose, dismissing the […]

Seven Minutes of Heaven

Are you one of those guys who’s constantly afraid that his girlfriend is counting and that he’s come up short? Do jokes about stamina, commercials about longer sex and songs about “all night long” leave you shifting in your seat, turning a bright shade of red and hoping no one asks how long your last […]

Weighed Down

If he’s got a little bit of a belly, sex can be more difficult than rewarding. You have to maneuver around the flab and find ways to make everything work, which isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there’s advice – there’s always advice on how to make the most of the situation. But even if you follow it, success […]

But Will I Be Able to . . . ?

What’s a man’s worst fear? Impotence. Okay, it may not be his worst fear but it is one of the top ten, which is why any procedure that could affect sexual performance is agonized over not just by the men but by doctors as well. If there’s a risk of impotency, confidence falters, and procedures […]

Happy Birthday Viagra!

On March 27, 1998, the FDA approved Viagra, and the little blue pill made its public debut. That would make today, March 27, 2008, Viagra’s 10th birthday. Now, there is no way I could pass up a milestone like that, so in honor of this momentous occasion, the rest of the day’s posts will be […]

You Bar: A Bar for You

According to your mother, you are special. Everything about you from your handsome smile to your winning personality to the birthmark on the left side of your lower back makes you unique, and because of that, there is no one quite as wonderful as you. Yet you are forced to eat the same run of […]

Brenda Watson Hits Primetime . . . on the Web

Most of your Thursdays are pretty much the same. You come home from work, have dinner and plop down in front of the television to watch yet another rerun of yet another sitcom, which while funny the first time doesn’t make you laugh out loud the third. You wouldn’t mind a little bit of a […]

When Bad Things Come in Small Packages

Along the southern coast of Italy sits a city awash in history and tradition. Naples, founded by the Greeks, has long been known for its bevy of cathedrals, hints of past Greek and Roman rulers, and throng of museums, but today, the region’s culture is being overshadowed by a more dominant feature, something that is […]