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YummyEarth Lollipops Take KIWI’s Top Prize

Looking for healthy options for your kids used to be a challenge. You used to have to sift through box after box of nutritiously depraved selections before finding the one item labeled organic or whole wheat or . . . healthy. But these days, the exact opposite is true. Shelves are lined with kid-happy, good-for-you […]

Why We Hate the French

Okay, so the French have more sex than us. We can cope with that. In fact, it kind of makes sense. They have easy access to the salacious wines of Bordeaux, an unlimited number of aphrodisiac desserts and one of the most provocative languages of all time. Besides, they live in France, the land of […]

Old Meets New

There is a difference, beyond amount, between 17 and 70. A senior citizen does not and often cannot do the same things a teenager does. That level of activity – that overly abundant flamboyance associated with youth diminishes with age. As a result, the elderly require less energy-fueling calories and eat less. This wouldn’t be […]

Love Me, Love My Diet

You’re attractive, funny, smart and employed. You tell witty jokes, have amazing stories and listen attentively. You’ve never had a problem with body odor or bad breath, and you’ve been told, by people other than your mother, that you’ll make someone very happy someday. But you can’t seem to hold onto a potential mate. You […]


There’s no limit to what Americans will do for the perfect smile – no spending limit, at least. In 2006, the average cosmetic dental patient spent $5,460 dollars on fixing their teeth while others paid well over $20,000. Invisible, removable aligners were purchased for $10,000, one-visit crowns went for $1,500 and gummy smiles were un-gummed […]

Scheduled for Health

Bob, down the street, seems to have one of those sporadic jobs. His car appears and disappears randomly, sometimes gone before six in the morning, sometimes there well after 10. And it’s nearly always present in the evenings unless Bob Jr. has a baseball game. You know Bob is not a cop, doctor or professional […]

Move Over Underdog, Supercarrot Is Here!

It’s a constant source of concern. You feel distressingly deficient, lacking in one of your body’s most vital nutrients. You try to eat more dairy, but you can only consume so much milk, cheese and yogurt. And your kids are no better. They too fail to ingest an adequate amount of calcium. As a result, […]

All Liquored Up

Our tendency to overindulge in alcohol, to down beer after beer or shot after shot in celebration, is rooted in culture.  Binge drinking is not a new phenomenon nor is it reserved for Western civilizations. Most peoples from the Yuruna Indians of Brazil to island villagers in Japan have customs in which an excessive amount […]

Oops! The Federal Belly-Flop

Even the most well-intended advice can backfire. Suggesting that a friend admit his desires to his secret crush could lead to an extremely awkward conversation should you be the obliviously admired. Telling your roommate that she should fight her boredom with a hobby could, depending on her selection, flood your apartment with a terrifying amount […]

School Is Cool!

As your mother convinced you to apply to college after college and then attend one, she promised you that a degree would secure you more – more money, more opportunities, more job offers, more places to go. Of course, she imagined you majoring in law, going on to law school and becoming the first barrister […]

Country Life Is Certified Gluten-Free!!

For a celiac, the switch from gluten-ous to gluten-free is supposed to be one that maximizes health.  It is supposed to bring an end to the unexplainable ailments and years of suffering. But the new diet isn’t always the beacon of wellness it appears to be. The removal of gluten often removes several key nutrients […]

Peer Pressure

You’re in the gym, working up a sweat on the elliptical machine and feeling pretty good about yourself. You’re getting into a rhythm, confident that today you will finish your workout with vigor and post-exercise joy. Then, a compact, perfectly toned, twenty-something steps onto the machine beside you. She starts exercising with an ease that […]

When Lullabies Won’t Work . . . Melatonin?

For almost all parents, bedtime spells a fight. Few children willingly crawl under the covers when they’re told. And if they do, it’s unlikely that sleep is imminent. Squabbles and fits ensue until the child caves, exhausted. It’s an inevitable process, a part of parenthood, but for some, it’s worse than the occasional spat. It’s an ongoing […]

Vive Le Sexe

In true French spirit, the citizens of that noble country have compiled a 600 page (any less would be heresy) report on sex, and the findings are great, in so many ways. It turns out that everyone in France, from the young adults to the aging seniors, is having sex. Only 3.5 percent of women […]

What Will Your Bones Reveal About You?

Overall, you are happy with your diet. It may not be as nutritious as you – okay, as your doctor would like, but it’s close. You eat fruits and vegetables . . . when you remember. You don’t have too much red meat (as if there could be such a thing!). You limit the fake […]