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Pack up Your Clubs – Golf’s No Good

Do you wake up early on the weekends just so you can make your 7a.m. tee time? Do you spend hours polishing your nine-iron, wanting it to look its best the next time it sends the ball straight to the green? Do you harbor delusions of being the next Tiger Woods and strut from hole […]

Breathers Are Better

If you pay attention to the CDC’s guidelines for physical activity or any other health-related advice, you know that your schedule should include five days a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or three days a week of vigorous exercise. You need to rest for one or two days in each period in order for your […]

A Union of Health

When you get married, you are saying that you have found the one person you want to grow old with. The man or woman beside you is the one that will fill the rocking chair next to yours, will raise children with you and unearth the mysteries of life with you. You foresee years of […]

Wealthy and Healthy, Poor and . . .

It’s a lot easier to be healthy if you have money. You can afford insurance, doctor’s visits, vitamins, supplements, health aids and health foods. If, on the other hand, you don’t, it’s a bit more difficult. Obtaining all of the necessities for wellness is a task that often seems more trouble than it’s worth. You […]

Skip Skipping Meals

You’ve heard the “Three Square Meals a Day” lecture more times than you can count. You know that logically you should have breakfast, lunch and dinner with small yet satisfying snacks in between. You understand that it is the healthiest way to maintain or even lose weight. But you’re not so sure you buy it. […]

The Continuing Heart and Prostate Conflict

The problem first arose in prevention. Attempting to protect your prostate with a low-carb diet could do a number on your heart if you chose to limit breads but maximize meats. You conquered that, however, by intelligently creating a balanced diet that worked to maintain all facets of health. But your body worked against you, […]

Folate for Men

There are certain things in certain cabinets you don’t touch. In the bathroom, the tampons, hot wax, makeup and various sprays are hands-off. In the bedroom, you avoid her clothes, and in the kitchen, you stick with the manly vitamins, ignoring the “multivitamins for her”, feminine bottle of . . . something, and folate. But […]

Your Treadmill Skill Tells All

The first time you step onto a treadmill you can be forgiven for not performing gracefully or even well. It is, after all, your first encounter with a moving foundation, one that you are attempting to run on without falling on your face. But after that initial stumble, you should improve, becoming more adroit with […]

Every Woman’s Struggle . . . for Muscle

Blame it on Eve and the apple; blame it on a naturally gender-biased world; blame it on whatever you like; just don’t try to deny that men have it easier than women, because they do. At least when it comes to retaining muscle mass, they do. A study of 29 healthy men and women found […]

Rosemary: A Fragrant Force

Traditionally, rosemary has been an herb of memory, relied on by the Ancient Greeks when studying, thrown into graves as a symbol of remembrance and woven into weddings to represent fidelity. But time and testing have proven that the pungent herb awakens more than the mind. It stimulates the immune system, aiding digesting and circulation, […]

Clif Bars: What’s the Fuss?

Clif Bars have been getting a lot of hype lately. The company is well known for its eco-friendly stance, which automatically endears it to the environmentalists of the world, and the variety of flavors draws in everyone else. You can get a bar to suit nearly every taste, and that, given the growing number of […]

Artificially Flavored Means . . . Artificially Flavored

I had thought that this was a given, that most of you understood the meanings of artificial and flavoring. However, an article on the BBC News Web site and a call from the UK Food Commission to halt the use of misleading packaging has led me to believe otherwise. So just in case you are […]

Feeling Sleepy? Let’s Stroll!

There’s “I’ve been at work all day, my back is killing me and all I want is a nap” tired. There’s “I woke up at 4 am, it’s now 12 am and I haven’t stopped moving yet” exhaustion. And then, there’s fatigue, the feeling that begs for lethargy, demands you curl up into an inert […]

A Bowlful of Health

In 1997, the FDA granted oatmeal and similar whole oat products permission to label their packages as heart healthy. The decision was based on research that connected oatmeal to a reduction in LDL cholesterol. Today, researchers are reevaluating the rewards of oatmeal, making sure that the claims are justified (after all, that was a decade […]

Positively Healthy

Have you ever noticed that the perky, peppy people of the world are rarely ill? They never seem to suffer from common, everyday ailments such as colds or allergies, let alone the more severe conditions like heart attacks or chronic inflammation. It’s possible that they hide away when illness strikes them, shielding the world from […]