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Warm Weather Means Warm Weather Diseases

Malaria – you’ve heard of it. You know what it is, but while you’re aware that you don’t want it, it’s not something you pay much attention to. You don’t live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia or even the warmer areas of the Americas. You live in Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, Ontario . . . It’s […]

Lasting Damage

You’ve probably read the articles – there’s no shortage. You know what will cause sperm damage and defects. You know what you should avoid, how much you should drink, which habits to limit and which ones to ban outright. You know what’s good for your sperm and what’s not. But even though you know, you […]

Pretty in Pink, Pretty Healthy That Is

Grapefruit – it doesn’t look like a grape. In fact, with a diameter that’s at least four to six inches in size, it’s quite a bit larger. And with white, pink or ruby red flesh, it’s not even similar in color. So why is it called grapefruit? Well, most would say that it has to […]

If Your Doctor Doesn’t Ask, You Should

You don’t look forward to your annual gynecological appointment. Who would? Nothing about the visit, aside from your departure, can be considered fun. But you go anyway. You resign yourself to the instruments, the stirrups, the trauma of it all, and you go, because you know it’s what you need to do if you want […]

Cramping Your Style

Almost every athlete experiences one. He’s running, biking, swimming or relaxing after having just finished one of the former when his muscle contracts, balls up into a painful knot that won’t relax, and he is momentarily paralyzed. The cramp, for that’s what it is, takes hold of his leg stubbornly refusing him relief. If you’ve […]

The Cost of Living

It would seem that research has given you yet another reason not to lose those extra pounds hanging around your middle. It is, evidently, cheaper to be obese than it is to be thin and healthy. A study of individuals from three groups – thin and non-smoking, obese, and smoking – found that the first […]

And There Goes Joe

Your diet, now that you have diabetes, is much more work and far less fun than it used to be. You’ve adopted the moderation mantra with such abandon that you can’t remember what it feels like to be overly full. You monitor everything that you eat, taking note of how it affects your glucose levels […]

Another Fish in the Sea… Almost – Krill Oil Supplements

Technically, it’s not a fish. Technically, it’s a crustacean. But no matter how you label it, krill remains a crucial part of marine life. A step above the bottom of the food chain, krill provides sustenance for schools of creatures ranging from whales to seals to sea birds. It feeds both the surface and the […]

Caffeine: Can You or Can’t You

The combination of caffeine and pregnancy is widely viewed as a toxic cocktail, so much so that California is currently considering adding caffeine to the state’s list of harmful substances. If this occurred, warning labels would adorn all products that added caffeine, such as soda and energy pills. Items with naturally occurring caffeine, namely coffee, […]

Celebrate Your Centennial

You passed the half-century mark a few years ago, with no chronic illnesses and no overwhelming health concerns. You felt hale and hearty. Then, you hit 65, and you were diagnosed with an age-related ailment. You were told that you had diabetes or heart disease. Your body had succumbed to the pressures of time, weakening […]

Lucky Blog T-shirt Giveaway: Last Chance!!!

We’re down to the final days. The Lucky Blog Giveaway is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean your chances to win have vanished. You can still qualify for the free t-shirt. Comment immediately on a blog, any blog, and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Then, cross your fingers and hope that when the name […]

No Glory for Old Glory

You are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. You have a stoke or contract a bacterial infection. You are told you must undergo a complicated surgery, in which the dangers are very real. Your heart sinks as your worry mounts. Will you survive the diagnosis, the ailment, the situation? Yes, your doctor assures you. […]

Teenage Temptations

We’ve done our best to limit calorie-laden temptations in our homes and at school. We’ve turned breakfast and dinners into nutritious smorgasbords of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We have banned or restricted soft drinks, sugary sweets and needless junk food from the cafeterias, offering instead healthier options that much more closely resemble balanced meals. […]

Clouding Health

UV radiation will give you skin cancer, and so you stay inside. When you must journey outdoors, you cover your body from head to toe, shielding every patch of skin from the harmful sun. You have become considerably paler and have found the extra layering a bit warm, even in the winter, but you carry […]

Four for Fourteen

The premise behind Staples’ Easy Button is . . . easy. If you have a problem (generally office-related), you can slap the button, and everything will be taken care of automatically. Your ink will be refilled, paper replenished or copier fixed. Wouldn’t it be nice if that existed in the real world, not just for […]