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Proof Positive?

Leave it to the British to find the bright side of global warming. The rise in temperature, UK researchers claim, will result in fewer cold-weather deaths, a tragedy that claims nearly 20,000 annually. Proof of this is found in the data, which shows a decrease of 3 percent since 1971. As the Earth continues to […]

Location, Location, Location

If you’re anything like me, the thought of a chain fitness club incites nothing but negativity. Every time I drive past L.A. Fitness (the one national gym I devoted months to as a member), I am traumatized by the large, glass windows and the ease with which I can gaze through them. I am reminded […]

America’s Aching

Want to know if you’re going to develop arthritis? Whip out your hands. Compare your ring fingers to your index fingers. If the first are longer than the second, you’re doomed. You are almost twice as likely as everyone else to develop osteoarthritis. If they aren’t, well, you’re still probably going to have arthritis. The […]

Calm, Cool and . . . Hot

The end of menopause can be seen as the light at the end of the tunnel. For the rest of your life, there will be no more bleeding, monthly runs for tampons or pregnancy scares. This is the stage you’ve been dreaming of since age 12 and your first menstrual cycle. This is freedom. If […]

Honey, I Have a Headache

Honey, I have a headache – It’s one of today’s most clichéd rejections, seen as a kinder way of saying “I’m not interested” rather than a legitimate excuse. While on any given night that could be true, it’s not always. In fact, men, it’s very likely that the lady beside you actually has a headache. […]

But I Feel Fine!

When you aren’t watching, your children do things you don’t know about. My sister used to sneak cupfuls of brown sugar, lock me in the bathroom and tie me to the basketball pole. None of it left lasting damage (although to this day I am irrationally terrified of being locked in stores, rooms etc. and […]

Water Cooler Cruelty

You thought the days of lunchtime anxiety, teasing and pranks ended with the close of fifth grade, or if we’re honest, high school. You assumed that as an adult you wouldn’t face the same petty, childish behavior so many teens and children exhibit throughout their youth. And then you got to work. No one would […]

Oh, Sorry! I Dozed Off

Nodding off during the day, when it’s planned, is one of the best ways to restart your afternoon. You awake, uncurl and stretch contentedly with new energy, alertness and drive. But when you doze off accidentally, the end result is not quite the same. You are groggy, unsure of how much time has elapsed and […]

Old Before Your Time?

Every time you stand up or crouch down, your knees crack. You wake up in the morning with an aching back that never goes away. A sudden change in weather wreaks havoc on your bones, your head and your health. Little lines have begun forming at the corners of your eyes and mouth, and you […]

Sage Sins

The guilt you feel with each piece of chocolate, extra glass of wine or handful of unplanned snacks makes you a normal human being. No diet-conscious eater gets through a diet indiscretion without at least a twinge of remorse. The calories, fat, sugars and other evils that have just entered your body add up before […]

If I Only Had His Brain

What happened on February 20, 1999? Don’t know? Don’t worry, neither do I. But Brad Williams does. He can recall the most trivial details of days that most of us have already forgotten. He remembers stopping to get a burger with his family when he was eight. He knows what happened on November 1, 1991, […]

Have You Commented Yet?

It may not seem like much time has passed, but it has. The days left in this Lucky Blog Giveaway are numbered. Before you know it, this contest and its t-shirt prize will be gone. So comment today on a blog, any blog, and be automatically entered to win a t-shirt. Good luck! PermalinkComment

Nothing Cured Me!

When you go to the doctor, you have certain expectations. He will listen to your complaints, examine you, diagnose the problem and if necessary, prescribe the appropriate medication. The pills you receive will be a combination of chemicals, mixed perfectly so as to create a potent drug sure to eliminate your ailment. But what if […]

Supply and Demand

For most products and services, an increase in demand coupled with a lack of supply spells a price hike and a race to the store. It’s why fruits and vegetables cost more and more as summer fades into winter, and why the opposite occurs as winter turns into spring. It’s why lines form outside of […]

Your Stress, Your Kids’ Health

Your stress affects you. That is a given. It not only keeps you up at night and anxious during the day, but also weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to illness. However, that’s where it stops; it doesn’t extend beyond you. And so your motivation to take a deep breath, step back […]