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A Growing Problem for Women

Being a woman and obese, your situation is already bad enough. The chances that you’ll develop breast cancer are far greater than they are for your husband, who is neither female nor overweight, or for your sister, who although female, falls in the normal-weight range. But now they’re telling you that it’s going to get […]

Men, Muscles and Milk

When you were younger you had rippling muscles. You felt as if you were brimming with testosterone, the true epitome of the macho man, but now that you are older, your muscles don’t seem quite as strong. They appear miniscule, weak and feminine. Your perceived (and actual) levels of testosterone are waning. You want to […]

The Lucky Blog Giveaway Is Back!!

Just when you thought we’d forgotten, when you were giving up hope that there would be another opportunity for you to win a t-shirt, the Lucky Blog Giveaway returns!!!! Over the next few weeks every comment you make will automatically qualify you to win a t-shirt. You can comment on any blog – […]

All About E

Do you struggle every time you lift yourself out of a chair? Do you have difficulty maintaining balance? Is a short walk around the block too much for you to handle? No? Well, it may not be long before that changes. You’re aging, and with age, comes physical decline. Simple, daily activities transform into strenuous […]