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Are we drinking too much water?

A recent study published by the University of Pennsylvania raises questions about the daily amount of water needed by average healthy individuals. Are we questioning the good old saying: Drinking eight glasses of water a day is healthy.We all know the importance of water for our bodies. Water prevents dehydration, promotes healthy skin and improves […]

Weight Loss War: Fat Burner X Appetite Suppressant

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried several diets and nothing seems to work for you? Don’t know what to do next? Most Americans can’t find the “perfect diet” to finally get rid of those annoying extra pounds. But there isn’t such a thing as the “best diet” as most companies claim on […]

It’s Sprain Season

The autumn and winter months carry with them an overwhelming concern for head injuries. Sports such as football, skiing and snowboarding make concussions and the like infinitely more common, and so we devote much of our time to preventing and treating them. As a result, we are prepared for our child or athletic spouse or […]

The Most Powerful Antioxidant: Açaí

Antioxidants seem to be the hottest topic of the moment. It’s getting nearly impossible to watch television without seeing a commercial saying “rich in antioxidants”. Magazines, newspapers, even internet pop-ups, they all have adds reminding us their products have antioxidants. True or false: Most of the time partially true, but not enough for your daily […]

Twenty Million Vegans?

Vegans are the extremists of the diet world. They’ve shunned not only meat but dairy and eggs as well. That means no cheese, no milk, no yogurt . . . no cheese. How is that an acceptable diet? You, with your dairy addiction, wouldn’t last ten minutes as a vegan, caving the moment you spotted […]

Remember Five to Stay Alive

People who have experienced a stroke whether they’ve had one or know someone who has understand the importance of knowledge. They know that immediate recognition and treatment is the only way you can stay alive. This is why Morgan Fairchild, whose mother had a series of debilitating strokes before her death, has joined with the […]

Your Case of the Mondays Started on Sunday

Friday night is a night of freedom. Two full days of no work stretch before you, daring you to fill them with needless activities, hours of lazing and nothing but sweatpants. You take this gift and run with it, heading out on the town to celebrate the close of the week. By the time you […]

Newborn = New Fears

You were one of the more high-strung pregnant women, a fact that may have annoyed those around you but because you didn’t it take to frightening extremes, worked in your baby’s favor. During pregnancy and even before, you took the widely recommended folic acid supplements. You gained weight but not excessively and did so with […]

Set the Clock for Breakfast

The alarm started beeping at 6:00, signaling to your teens that it was time to get out of bed. The alarm stopped beeping at 6:10, signaling to you that someone had finally found the snooze button. Ten minutes later the incessant beeping began again. You were hopeful that it would annoy at least one of […]

Fun in the Sun? Not Exactly

The importance of vitamin D is an undisputed fact. You need that often lacking nutrient to better your health and better calcium’s strength. You’ve been told that the sun is the best way to get vitamin D, and it is. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is the disclaimer that follows this advice, because it […]

America Talks the Talk but Doesn’t Walk the Walk

The past several years have experienced a deluge of diabetes-talk. Concern over the disease’s rising incidence and prevalence have spawned hundreds of studies, launched heated debates and spurred documentaries, articles, television programs and levels of media attention few conditions, excluding cancer, have ever seen. Our gab indicates a high degree of concern, a desire to […]

Gout’s About; Do You Have It?

About a year ago, I was sitting on a crowded commuter train, pressed tightly in between several people. The man closest to me was on his phone, relaying the events of his day. About five minutes in to the ride, just as I was jostled closer to him, he began discussing his gout, in detail. […]

The Gall of Processed Foods

We have gained much from processed foods – countless sources of sugar, fat and sodium, the lingering aftertaste of artificially created . . . everything, the need for adorable cartoon characters advertising the individuality of each replicated cereal, fun slogans that abuse the letter r (think grrrrreat), the inability to distinguish between natural food and […]