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Mineral of the Week: Dolomite

Minerals supplements have generally a downside.  People normally need to take huge size tablets or several capsules a day in order to obtain enough calcium and magnesium. Perhaps a sedimentary carbonate rock could help. Dolomite is the name of a composition of calcium and magnesium found in crystals and can be taken as a nutritional […]

The Monster Vending Machine

People should be careful reading some of the articles websites are posting these days. Corporations have the ability of publishing basically anything at anytime. We know there is money behind pretty much everything that gets published and related products are definitely involved. Some recent on line publication has pointed out five snacks to avoid from […]

Salty Problem

A recent announcement by the World Heart Federation has brought up an interesting warning for people eating salty food on a regular basis. Deaths from heart disease and stroke could reduce significantly if people would cut down on their use of salt. Every year, 17.5 million people die of heart attacks and strokes, according to […]

Don’t Like Veggies, No Problem

Vegetables are really important for a healthy diet. The majority of recommended diets have lots of vegetables and fruits, but what can you do if you just don’t like eating veggies? First, you can try eating vegetables differently, be creative. If you don’t like them raw, try grilled veggies, marinated sauces or add them to […]

Herb of the Week: Willow Bark

Willow bark is commonly used to make herbal extracts. This beautiful tree is native from southern Europe but it also grows in North America and parts of Asia. Willow bark extract may help with lower back pain, headaches, fever, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Herbalists have been using willow bark for medicinal purposes since the fifth […]

The Moisturizer King: Jojoba

Jojoba is a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California and parts of Mexico. The sole species of the family simmondsiaceae, this plant is commonly found in the deserts of Mojave and Sonoran. The seeds are used to produce jojoba oil, a very popular ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products. Jojoba oil is an […]

Eating Before Exercising

People always debate whether or not they should eat before exercising. Some people may not like eating prior workout, generally not a good idea since lack of nutrients may affect the body. The human system needs to get carbohydrates, protein and vitamins in order to produce energy. You need energy to workout. So, you need […]

Attention, Please!

Can’t seem to concentrate for your studies? Do you make the same mistakes over and over because of lack of concentration? Can’t focus on what you are doing at work? Can’t even read a book without losing concentration? Maintaining focus is one of the most difficult tasks for the human brain. People normally struggle to […]

Vitamin of the Week: Senior Multi Vitamins

Multi vitamins are not all the same. Some people say they all have the same vitamins and minerals. That’s true. But everyone is different and need a different type of multi vitamin, different amounts of certain vitamins, as well as other ingredients. An overall good multi is normally designed for middle age adults eating fairly […]

Spice Up Your Health

Did you know that peppers are technically fruits? Just like tomatoes, perhaps you didn’t know that either. People generally consider peppers to be vegetables due to its common use in culinary. Fall is the season for peppers. It’s also time to take advantage of better quality and cheaper prices for fresh peppers. Bell peppers are the […]

Chamomile Tea Helps Diabetes

People have been drinking chamomile tea for years. This popular herbal tea provides various benefits and has been used for medicinal purposes all over the world. This beautiful plant is a member of the daisy family, originally from Europe and western Asia. German chamomile is the most commonly used, either dried or fresh flowers can […]

The Risks of Low Blood Pressure

We tend to think only about high blood pressure when we talk about blood pressure. Studies, products and researches are primarily done for cases of elevated blood pressure. But aren’t we overseeing low blood pressure? Hypotension or low blood pressure is when the force exerted by circulating blood on the wall of the vessels is very low. […]

Herb of the Week: Valerian

Valerian is one the most popular herbs used in medicine preparation. Studies have proved that valerian is an efficient supplement for insomnia and anxiety. A native from Europe, valeriana officinalis is now cultivated all over the world, and companies are using its extracts for sleeping aid products. Doctors suggest anywhere between 350mg to a max […]

Avoiding Muscle Spasms

We have all had muscle spasms, a sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles. Spasms are generally mild, only lasting a few minutes but severe cases can be painful and dangerous. Pain is the first sign of a spasmodic muscle contraction (the official name of spasms). A few things can be […]

Blood Pressure Monitors May Save Your Life

Technology has improved our lives in many different ways. Life is much easier today thanks to the development of products that can support our problems. Health aids are responsible for making people live longer and better. Simple products, such as a blood pressure monitor, may save your life. Blood pressure is the force exerted by […]