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Do You Really Need Flu Shots?

A recent study raises questions about the efficiency of the influenza vaccine once again. The vaccine, popular known as flu shot, has been strongly recommended for people over 65 for decades. However, its efficiency is now facing doubts and losing its reputation as an effective way to fight the virus in the elderly. The results […]

Mineral of the Week: Coral Calcium

Calcium is a very important essential mineral in the human body. The most abundant mineral in our system is needed to form bones and teeth, but also required for blood clotting, transmission of signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction. People are always wondering one thing about calcium: which form is best? Several forms are […]

Back to School, Back to Eating Well

Kids are going back to school across the country. Recent studies showed alarming numbers of child obesity in the United States and “school lunch” could be one of the reasons kids are getting fat. Parents may try their best providing kids with a healthy lunch. Fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and nutritional sandwiches are ideal foods to […]