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Vitamin D-Fence

It seems like a new study about vitamin D is published every week. The focus is not always on the same subject and the results are often very different from study to study. The only common point, however, is the numerous benefits from taking vitamin D on a daily basis. Most people know the most […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: South of France

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another great company to our vast selection of incredible products. South of France soaps are now available at, offering a sensational variety of natural bar soaps, liquid soaps and body lotions. The luxurious South of France soap is kettle cooked in small batches using a traditional Marseille recipe with […]

Happy Valentines Day

You still don’t know what to buy for Valentines Day. Can’t find any nice gifts? Can’t think of anything different, unique? Running out of ideas? You are also running out of time. Lucky Vitamin has an entire section of great gifts to spread the love this Valentines Day. You can go the “traditional style”. Lucky has […]

Powerful Propolis

Propolis is a natural substance collected by honey bees from trees, especially poplar and conifer trees. Bees use this resinous substance along with beeswax to construct, cement and protect their hives. It is generally used to seal the unwanted open spaces in the hive. Propolis is also known for its beneficial effects on human health. […]

Herb of the Week: Boswellia

Boswellia is a large branching tree originally from the dry areas of India. An extract can be produced form the resin of the tree trunk. This extract has many pharmacological uses particularly as an anti-inflammatory. Boswellia has been successfully used in many modern herbal preparations. Studies have showed that this ancient Ayurvedic herb can be […]

Safe Choices for Children’s Medicines by Boiron

Parents will always protect their babies. It’s human nature. Animals are the same way, protecting their puppies against potential predators. Treating children is a challenge. Many parents are concerned when giving their kids over-the-counter drugs. Unlike adults, babies may not be able to inform their conditions, such as how sick they feel, or what part […]

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Americans struggle to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Many people are not aware of the importance of lowered blood sugar levels and some people suffering from it, can hardly tell what the most common symptoms are. Fatigue and anxiety may arise when blood sugar levels fall fast but, in most cases, hypoglycemia can be controlled […]