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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Orange Mate

Lucky Vitamin continues to add more top-quality options to our customers. The latest addition to our site is Orange Mate Products. Orange Mate product line consists of biodegradable earth friendly ingredients that are both effective and pleasant to use. Orange mate mist, lime mate mist and lemon mate mist are manufactured from high concentrations of […]

Save Trees: Use Recycled Products

Lucky Vitamin cares about our planet. We offer several household items and cleaning products made from recycled paper. Recycling is important to assure a green environment for future generations. We can all help to protect our planet if we can develop a “recycle / green” mind. One of the easiest ways to start this change: buy […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Life Extension

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable top-quality brand for supplements, Lucky Vitamin has some good news for you. Life Extension supplements are now available at our lowest Lucky prices. Life Extension provides an extensive selection of state-of-art top-quality products, from vitamins and minerals, to anti-aging and longevity supplements. The company also offers the […]

Discovering Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious dietary supplements. In fact, bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients required by the human body. Plants reproduce by pollination and plant pollen is distributed in two ways: the lightweight pollens, normally dispersed through the air; and the heavier pollens, which are wet and make them sticky. […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Light Mountain

Lucky Vitamin has added one more top-quality company to our personal care line: Light Mountain products are now available. Light Mountain’s original line features the premier products for natural hair color and conditioner. You can choose from multiple products, from the original line with the famous “henna animals” in 12 shades, or unique “color the […]

We Need More Vitamin D

A recent study has proved what most people already know: Americans lack vitamin D, falling short of the daily average recommended by Doctors. People are aware of the importance of vitamin D but surprisingly do not get enough D from food sources or supplements. Chronic pain is linked to low vitamin D levels, as well as […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Caribbean Solutions

Lucky Vitamin introduces Caribbean Solutions, a unique line of personal sun and skin care products. Caribbean Solutions has formulated a line of 100% natural, biogradable products formulated with organic ingredients, free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, synthetics, petroleum derivatives and artificial fragrances. Caribbean Solutions offers the best sun and skin care products with a […]

Perfect Time to Buy Probiotics

Probiotics are dietary supplements of live microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeasts, thought to be healthy for the host organism. Yogurt is the most famous source of live probiotics. However, probiotic supplementation has become more popular as the media has finally decided to give more exposure to this important product. In recent years, probiotics have […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: MRI – Medical Research Institute

Lucky Vitamin continues to add top quality brands to our great selection of supplements. The latest addition is MRI – Medical Research Institute – products. MRI was founded in 1997 to develop nutraceuticals that combine novel active ingredients with cutting edge delivery technology, creating the safest and most advanced performance products. MRI continues to push the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Maca Magic

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the latest addition to our website: Maca Magic products. Maca Magic has established itself as the world’s most trusted name in organic raw maca root and Peruvian maca root products. Maca Magic brand stands for quality and more than a thousand retail stores carry maca magic products across the […]

Herb of the Week: Mangosteen

Mangosteen has been given the nickname “the antioxidant powerhouse”. The juice from this exotic fruit has recently become one of the hottest supplements on the market. The Purple Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen tree originally from the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. The edible fruit is deep reddish purple when ripe, and […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: VPX

Lucky Vitamin continues to add more top quality supplements to our website. The latest addition is VPX Sports Nutrition products. VPX Sports Nutrition released its first product in 1993 with one goal in mind: to produce the highest-grade supplements on the market. VPX’s first product was ATP-R (Adenosine Triphosphate Resynthesizer), at the time when “ordinary” […]

Learn About NADH

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – NADH – is the active coenzyme form of vitamin B3. Some people may have heard of NADH as a supplement but a little more information can be helpful and useful. NADH plays an essential role in the energy production of every human cell. This natural coenzyme, derived from vitamin B-3 and also […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Kay’s Naturals

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the addition of Kay’s Naturals products to our website. Kay’s is dedicated to bring a better alternative to traditional snacks and cereals to the health and fitness conscious consumer. Kay’s products are made with a better balance soy protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and good fats that can help to sustain […]

Fight Cholesterol with Policosanol

Policosanol is the generic term for a mixture of long-chain waxes extracted from natural sources. It is used as a nutritional supplement to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (healthy) cholesterol. It contains about 60% octacosanol and studies indicate it works by inhibiting cholesterol formation in the liver. Supplemental policosanol is typically extracted from sugar […]