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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Josefs Gluten Free

Lucky Vitamin has added another option for gluten-free customers: Josef’s Gluten-Free products. Josef’s have reached out and helped hundreds of people with a gluten-free product line that has grown to a variety of over forty different baked goods, including breads, cookies, muffins, crackers and just about everything one would find in an ordinary bakery. All […]

Herb of the Week: Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is a native plant originally from the southern Africa region. The interesting name derives from the herb’s unusual fruits, which are covered with numerous small claw-like appendages. The hooks cover its fruit but it is the secondary root of the plant which is used in herbal supplements. Devil’s claw, Harpagophytum procumbens, has been […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Breathe Right

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the addition of Breathe Right products to our website. The Breathe Right family of products is a simple, drug-free approach to helping more people breathe freely. These products can help you to enjoy a good night of sleep or to lessen the congestion from a cold or flu. If […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Teeccino

If you like coffee, we have great news for you. Lucky Vitamin has added another option to maintain a healthy lifestyle: herbal coffee. Teeccino Coffee products are now available, the best choice for natural and healthy coffee. Teeccino coffee is USDA certified organic. This company makes caffeine-free herbal coffee, using no processing or chemical residues. Teeccino […]

Color Your Hair Naturally

A recent report shows that the main reason people have gray hair is as simple as one word: aging. For years many people have believed that turning gray was the result of stress, illness and job-related issues. However, numerous scientific studies have shown that people turn gray because they are simply getting older. Multiple studies […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Casein Proteins by Optimum Nutrition

Lucky Vitamin has added another option for protein supplements: casein proteins by Optimum Nutrition. What is casein? Casein is a protein precipitated from milk generally used for the bases of cheese. It also accounts for nearly 80% of proteins in cow milk and cheese. Slower digestion is always better for the human system. While rapid protein absorption is […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Heart Sure Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice is one of the most efficient and reliable supplements. This natural product has been used for years to help people maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Nature’s Way has created a new product to provide the best certified-purity ingredients from premium sources in the fight against cholesterol. Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce “HeartSure Red Yeast Rice” […]

Vitamin B12 Promotes Healthy Babies

A recent study has showed another important reason to maintain high levels of vitamin B-12. Pregnant women who don’t get enough vitamin B-12 may have a greater risk of delivering a baby with birth defect, according to the study published in the March issue of Pediatrics. The lack of vitamin B-12 in the human system […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: PureFit

Lucky Vitamin has added another top-quality brand to our super selection of products. PureFit was established in July 2000 with the express purpose of educating individuals about how to achieve optimum health and fitness through nutrition and exercise. With an extensive background in health and exercise physiology, Robb Dorf set out to design a program […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Natural High

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand our selection of top quality supplements. The latest addition is Natural High products. Natural High has produced superior quality kosher and organic Aloe Vera gels and juices for more than 30 years. The company grows the nutrient-rich Aloe Barbadensis Miller plants without pesticides or herbicides, exceeding Texas Organic Standards Act […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Twist

Lucky continue to add more choices for our customers. Twist is the latest addition to our list of outstanding top-quality products. Not a lot of people love cleaning. Twist thinks it’s because a lot of people don’t love what they are cleaning with. Twist loves their cleaning products and you will love them too. It’s […]

Improve Your Sleep

A recent study shows that almost a third of all Americans are unable to get a good night of sleep. The report by the National Sleep Foundation states that most people cannot sleep well because they are worrying about the economy, their jobs or their money. The most interesting findings in the poll shows 46 […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Good Earth Teas

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present Good Earth Teas. Experience the selection of premium green teas, chai teas, red teas, herbal teas and medicinal teas from the fields of five continents. Good Earth’s unique selection will capture your senses as well as your taste buds, from the first whiff, to the last sip. The tea […]