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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Mix 1

Lucky Vitamin is adding one more option for delicious and refreshing drinks. You can now purchase Mix 1 products at our lowest prices. Mix 1 offers a variety of natural high antioxidants drinks in many flavors. Mix 1 was founded to create a great solution to the modern-day challenge of finding time to eat right. […]

The Benefits of Breast-Feeding

A recent study shows that breast-feeding benefits babies. Everyone knows that but now this new study suggests that the practice can benefit mothers as well. Women who have breast-fed are at lower risk than mothers who have not for developing high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases decades later, when they are in menopause, according to […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Squip

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Squip products. Squip is a high quality brand of Scandinavian products that will help for a better and healthier world. Under the direction of a medical staff, Squip products are carefully researched for their effectiveness and efficiency before they are released into the market. The labeling and presentation of […]

Breakfast: the Most Important Meal

Do you wake up early to have breakfast? Do you eat enough for breakfast to prevent from feeling hungry before lunch? Do you eat breakfast at all? If you answered “no” to all these questions, you are not alone. According to research, skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult because people tend to eat […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Woodstock Farms

Lucky Vitamin introduces Woodstock Farms products. Lucky customers can choose from a fantastic selection of healthy food products including nuts, crackers, dried fruit, and much more. Woodstock Farms was created to honor the inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of plants, the taste of ripeness and the viability of farming. It has grown […]

Protect Yourself this Spring

The warm and beautiful spring days are here. We can’t wait to get outside but don’t forget to get outdoor protection. We have talked about the sun and all the skin problems caused by sun exposure without sun blockers, but it shouldn’t be the only concern. Outdoor protection should include remedies for insect bites and stings, […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Stevita

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of a top-quality brand for stevia. Lucky customers can now purchase Stevita products, a new choice for natural sugar substitutes. Stevita stevia is cultivated in one of the best and richest soil in the world: the Southern Brazilian red clay soil. Steviafarma is a company conscientious of […]

Sweet Beverages May Lead to Health Problems

A recent study has suggested that consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, used as a sweetener in a wide variety of foods, may increase the risk of obesity and heart disease. The study was published online on Monday in The Journal of Clinical Investigation. That’s not news. Most people are fully aware of the potential risks […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: CleanWell

Lucky Vitamin has added another top-quality company for personal care products to our website. Lucky customers can now purchase CleanWell products, such as hand sanitizers, antibacterial foaming hand wash and hand sanitizing wipes, available at our lowest prices. CleanWell is committed to producing products that really work and importantly, products, that don’t force a tradeoff […]

Protect Your Skin This Spring

Summer is still a couple months away but it’s never too early to start thinking about skin protection from sunburns. People tend to forget to apply sun blocker during spring days but sun exposure this time of the year can damage the skin just as much as hot summer days. A couple of careless mistakes […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Feed Granola

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the latest addition to our website: Feed Granola products. Feed Granola Company was established in 2004 in New York City’s West Village. Feed was created based on the simple idea that our bodies’ performance is determined by the food we eat. Approved by nutritionists, Feed whole grain granola is […]

Herb of the Week: Triphala

Triphala is a combination consisting of equal parts of three fruits: Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). This Ayurvedic herbal formula has been used for thousands of years to promote appetite and digestion, to increase the number of red blood cells and to aid in removal of undesirable fat in the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Manitoba Harvest

Lucky Vitamin has gone north of the border to provide top quality products for our customers. We are happy to announce the introduction of Manitoba Harvest products from Canada to our website. Manitoba Harvest is the global leader in foods and oils from natural, sustainable and certified organic hemp. Established in 1988, Manitoba Harvest owns and […]

Preventing Spring Allergies

Spring is here, and so are the seasonal allergies. It’s time to take action and prevent spring allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and itchy nose. Allergies are responses generated by the immune system to a particular food, inhalant airborne substance or chemical. Spring is the time of year that we […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Super Green Drink by Cell-Nique

Lucky Vitamin has added another product to promote a healthy lifestyle by supporting the rejuvenation of your cells: Super Green Drink by Cell-Nique. Super Green is a delicious drink made from a blend of 95% organic ingredients and 31 super-foods and botanical herbs for energizing, cleansing and alkalinizing. Cell-Nique believes that there are four steps […]