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Lucky Vitamin Presents: MSC International

Lucky Vitamin brings you the latest innovation in health and wellness products, offering an incredible selection of vitamins and supplements. Our regular customers already know that but we are not just increasing the number of products, we are also increasing the variety of items. Our goal is to bring you the latest innovations, providing you […]

Amino Acid of the Week: Methionine

Lucky Blog continues to explain what amino acids can do for you. This week, we focus on another building block of life: L-Methionine. Methionine’s main role includes the detoxification of tissues but it also helps break down fats, and assists with choline production. Cells in the liver and kidneys especially need this amino acid for […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: OXO

Lucky Vitamin is already your favorite place for supplements, healthy foods and personal care products but we want to offer so much more. Thus, we continue to add new companies to expend this incredible selection for our valuable customers. The latest addition is OXO products, a complete line of cooking accessories, food storage, cutlery and […]

The Natural Source of Energy: Coenzyme Q10

One of the best sources of energy is a natural substance all cells need to live: Coenzyme Q10. Also called ubiquinone, CoQ10 is used by the human body in the process of producing cellular energy, playing a major role in fat and energy metabolism. Some athletes believe Coenzyme Q10 is an essential supplement to improve […]

Pure and Safe Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have become very popular in the United States. People are taking more fish oil products today than ever before as researchers continue to prove the benefits from omega-3. Health sites and magazines are publishing more studies and reports on fish oil, increasing awareness and, consequently, sales of fish oil supplements. However, people […]

Chia Seeds on Oprah Show

Chia seeds continue to stay in the spotlight. This time Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show was talking about the health benefits of chia products. In a segment on how to fight the effects of aging, he discussed the best ways to get fiber into the diet. “Chia is as chock full of fiber […]