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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Magick Botanicals

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Magick Botanicals, a great option for high-quality personal care products. Magick Botanicals products are made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. This superior line of personal care items offers a variety of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling gels. Every single product made by Magick Botanicals is […]

Amino Acid of the Week: BCAA

Lucky Blog continues to explain the importance of amino acids. Today’s blog describes three essential amino acids: Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. Also know as Branched-Chain Amino Acids or simply BCAA, these three amino acids make up approximately 1/3 of skeletal muscle in the human body and play an important role in protein synthesis. The BCAAs […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: 4EverFit

Lucky Vitamin continues to increase our selection of sports supplements. The latest addition is 4EverFit, a leader within the distribution and production of nutritional supplements in the health and fitness industry. 4EverFit offers a wide-range of products for hard-core bodybuilders, work out enthusiasts, athletes, elite athletes, and health conscious individuals. 4EverFit has successfully developed a […]

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Do you ever do anything to maintain your eyes healthy? Most people don’t, and will only look for help when experiencing eyesight problems. Healthy vision can be maintained and loss of vision can be reduced if you take proper preventive action. A healthy diet is essential as certain nutrients are vital and play important roles in […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Sweetriot

Lucky Vitamin is introducing Sweetriot products, a high-quality line of natural chocolate. Sweetriot make all-natural chocolate treats called “peaces”, made with 100% natural ingredients. This company sources premium cacao directly from Latin America, using recyclable, reusable packaging, which features emerging artists. Sweetriot is a company that considers all products they create. Chocolate products should be healthy, good […]

Fight Depression with 5-HTP

Recent studies suggest that 5-HTP supplements may be used as an antidepressant, appetite suppressant and sleep aid. But before we call it a “magic pill”, it’s important to understand what 5-HTP is and what it does for the human body. 5-HTP, short for 5-Hydroxytryptophan, is a naturally occurring amino acid that is used by the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: BodyCool

Lucky Vitamins is introducing another unique line of products. BodyCool offers the highest quality cooling products on the market. BodyCool Industries introduced the cooling technology eighteen years ago, based on the cooling systems used by natives of the Australian Outback. By simply placing the neck buddy in water for 25 minutes, the crystals contained inside […]

Amino Acid of the Week: Phenylalanine

Lucky Blog continues to explain the importance of amino acids. This week we focus on L-Phenylalanine (LPA), one of the top selling amino acids on Lucky Vitamin. L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, which performs as an antidepressant and pain reliever with many therapeutic roles. Besides helping to control depression, it helps improve memory and […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Remwood Products

Lucky Vitamin has added another option for anyone searching for handcrafted hand soaps and lotions: Remwood products are now available at our lowest prices. Remwood offers soaps completely unlike ordinary soaps. This unique special formulation has resulted in pure, natural lye soap that seems to have exciting results for psoriasis, eczema, dry itchy skin, head […]

Pure and Safe Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have become very popular in the United States. People are taking more fish oil products today than ever before as researchers continue to prove the benefits from omega-3. Health sites and magazines are publishing more studies and reports on fish oil, increasing awareness and, consequently, sales of fish oil supplements. However, people […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Amazing Grass

Lucky Vitamin introduces Amazing Grass products, the latest addition of organic super food products. Amazing Grass offers the most potent green vegetables in a convenient way that aligns with your hectic lifestyle. The company’s mission is to help people to be healthier and enjoy more active lives by achieving their full potential through better nutrition. […]

Save Money, Save the Planet: Use a Lunchbox

People continue to look for alternate ways to save money. The recent economy crisis has changed the way people manage their finances. Personal and family expenses have been directly affected by price increases, forcing people to change habits in order to pay bills. Most people spend a significant part of their budgets on food. Of course, […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: StarChem Labs

Lucky Vitamin continues to add new companies to our vast list of sports supplements. The latest newcomer is StarChem Labs products. StarChem is the opposite of most companies in the supplement industry. StartChem only releases a product when 100% certain that it works. During research and development process of products, the company tests the supplements […]

Chia Seeds on Oprah Show

Chia seeds continue to stay in the spotlight. This time Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show was talking about the health benefits of chia products. In a segment on how to fight the effects of aging, he discussed the best ways to get fiber into the diet. “Chia is as chock full of fiber […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Earthly Body

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the latest addition to our website: Earthly Body products. Earthly Body is a respected family-owned skin care company that has been creating quality, natural skin and body care products for 13 years. This California based company is already considered one of the preeminent manufacturers of hemp seed oil-based personal […]