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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Valeo

Lucky Vitamin continues to increase the number of top-quality brands for our customers. The latest addition is Valeo fitness, with over fifty products available at our lowest prices. Valeo offers all of your personal fitness and workplace safety needs.  Since the introduction of the original Classic Belt in 1988, the company continues to develop products […]

Stay Away From BPA

Drinking water is essential for a healthy diet and lifestyle but buying bottled water can be expensive. In addition, it is definitely not the best option to protect the environment as tons of empty plastic bottles go to landfills every year. So, purchasing a water bottle is the best solution. You can buy a top-quality […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Preserve

Protecting the environment is a priority at Lucky Vitamin. As a result, we continue to add eco-friendly brands to provide the best products for you as well as the environment. Preserve is the latest addition of eco-friendly products available at our lowest prices. Preserve makes stylish, high performance products for your home. The company strives […]

Affordable Workout Kits

Getting in shape isn’t easy. Several factors are important to have a successful workout. A healthy diet is essential but a strong and consistent workout plan is just as important. Gym memberships have become expensive and the struggling economy has led many people to make some budget cuts. Unfortunately, when you need to re-budget expenses, gym […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Salba by Core Naturals

Lucky Vitamin is proud to offer Salba products by Core Naturals, the nature’s perfect whole food source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants. Salba is the magic grain. One single grain provides many of your daily nutrients and at the same time improve your health, especially in diabetes. Gram for gram, Salba provides eight […]

The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract has been used to treat a variety of health conditions for many years. In fact, evidence of olive leaf’s medicinal use dates back to ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures. The oil is a symbol of purity and goodness, while the olive branch represents peace and prosperity. Winners in the Greek Olympic Games […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: SPRI

Lucky Vitamin is bringing another excellent option for fitness equipment and accessories to our customers: SPRI products. SPRI Products Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products for the health and fitness industry. SPRI continues to evolve and move toward convenience and affordability with a growing line of products including educational […]

Delicious and Healthy Calamari

Seafood consumption generally increases during the summer months. Many people travel to coastal areas in search of warmer weather, clear waters, and fresh seafood. Coastal areas are ideal for local and fresh seafood and you can make the most out of this “cuisine experience”, as you can enjoy delicious seafood plates with plenty of health benefits […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: MedicMates

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the addition of MedicMates products to our website. MedicMates offers the patented Acupressure band, a product anatomically engineered for effective relief of headache, menstrual pain/PMS, insomnia, and nausea, motion or morning sickness. MedicMates aromatherapy line was developed after over a year of dedicated research and development, which included consultation […]

Top Perfumes May Be Harmful

Perfumes, colognes and body sprays can add wonderful moments in our lives. Many people can identify a loved one or a specific person by a certain fragrance. People may have different perfumes for different uses, one for daily use, one for work, one for special occasions, and so on. However, we should be more careful […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Maté Factor

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand the variety of products available to our customers. Bringing products from different countries and cultures, we are happy to announce the addition of Maté Factor Organic Yerba Maté to our site. If you are still not familiar with it, yerba maté is similar to green tea yet higher in nutritional […]

Promote a Healthy Heart with Grape Seed Extract

Grapes are good for you but that’s not news. Everyone knows about the health benefits from grapes, grape juice and wine (in moderation of course). Grape seed extract supplements are also popular and can be used to support many health conditions as grapes can play a vital part in helping the body stay healthy. But […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Helen’s Asian Kitchen

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand the number of options for our valuable customers. The latest addition is a brand specialized in quality kitchenware and cooking recipes: Helen’s Asian Kitchen. The company is based on Helen’s experience of traditional Asian cuisine as she learned to cook the old-fashioned way from her mother. Developed through many years of […]

Take Care of Your Feet

Walking, running, jumping, even sitting for long periods of time, are all tough activities on one part of your body: your feet. Foot pain is quite common and people normally see a Podiatrist to treat more severe foot problems. However, better foot care can prevent many of these problems. You don’t necessarily need to do […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Meyenberg

Lucky Vitamin introduces the perfect solution for people sensitive or intolerant to cow milk and soy milk: goat milk by Meyenberg. Goat milk is a healthy addition to the diet of the whole family. It contains only trace amounts of the major protein in cow milk to which many people are allergic (alpha s-1 casein). […]