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When Heartburn Strikes

Heartburn is such a common problem that some people don’t take it seriously. More than 60 million Americans have heartburn at least once a month, and about 15 million have it daily. That’s more people suffering from heartburn in the United States than the entire population of Sweden, Greece or Ecuador. A recent report shows […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: If You Care

Lucky Vitamin continues to protect the environment adding more eco-friendly products for our customers. The latest addition is a brand of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products: If You Care. If You Care is a company committed to protecting the environment by producing high-quality alternatives to conventional kitchen and household products. The materials used are […]

Delicious and Healthy Protein Wafers

Protein is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Every cell in the human body contains protein and it’s a major part of the skin, muscles, organs, and glands. Protein is also found in all body fluids, except bile and urine. The human body needs protein to produce and repair cells, playing an important role in growth […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Nasopure

Lucky Vitamin introduces Nasopure products to our customers. Dr. Hana’s Nasopure is an all-natural nasal cleansing system that quickly and safely washes away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses and mucus. Nasopure is the ideal product for treatment of nasal and sinus allergies, infection and discomfort and is one of the most effective and convenient nasal […]

Learning About Colloidal Minerals

People often wonder about colloidal minerals supplements. What is it? Why are people taking it? What are the benefits? Colloidal minerals are types of mineral supplements that have become popular because companies claim they work better than other mineral supplements. Colloidal minerals are more easily absorbed than other types of mineral supplements and contain various […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Hugo Naturals

Lucky Vitamin introduces Hugo Naturals, an all-natural line of personal care products. Hugo Naturals started out simply enough from handcrafted soaps that were made with all-natural, ingredients and sold at local farmer’s market. People fell in love with the products and demand grew with word of mouth. The tremendous response encouraged the owners to expand […]

Treating Sunburn

Memorial Day is the unofficial “swimming pool opening” across the nation. It’s the beginning of tanning season for many people, unless you have been “cheating” and going to tanning salons. However, pool tanning isn’t really the only time you are actually tanning. Outdoor activities are always a “session” as your skin is exposed to sunlight […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Healthytoes

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Healthytoes products, the makers of the amazing toe stretchers. Healthytoes are performing stretches to treat your feet to a whole new therapy. This innovative product promotes relaxation and works to beautify, heal and strengthen your feet. A true workout for the feet, Healthytoes are composed of a special gel […]

Nutritious Pea Protein

Pea Protein has been one of the most researched supplements lately and it’s easy to understand the recent success. Studies continue to show the benefits of pea protein and more people are taking advantage of this natural product to treat different health conditions. Peas are well known for being a rich source of protein. Whether […]