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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Marlenk Innovations

If you have trouble swallowing pills and vitamins, Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Marlenk Innovations products for you. Marlenk offers alternative products for customers who struggle with big tablets or do not wish to have a hard time crushing or splitting pills. Many people face the same problem to take vitamins and supplements: swallowing large size […]

Hot Summer Days Call for Water and Electrolytes

A scorcher of a heat wave, the second in as many weeks, pushed temperatures up into record-breaking triple digits across the Northeast. Some people continue to exercise outdoors during heat waves but dehydration may become an issue. Dehydration is a serious condition caused by the excessive loss of water from the body. We tend to […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Worldwide Sport Nutrition

Lucky Vitamin introduces another premium sport supplements brand: Worldwide Sport Nutrition. Worldwide provides products to give the power, the spark and the fuel for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. Every Worldwide product delivers quality ingredients and great taste in a wide variety of forms. Lucky Vitamin offers Worldwide Pure Protein bars, a high protein, low carbohydrate, low […]

Safe and Efficient Natural Lip Balm

Multiple recent reports have linked the use of chemicals to cosmetics, an unsafe trend for consumers. The good news is that everyday more and more people are becoming aware of theses potentially hazardous ingredients. Over 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into it and travels right to our bloodstream. So, we […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Sambazon

Açaí has been one of the hottest supplements in recent years. This Amazon fruit is a powerful antioxidant and is considered a natural energy booster. Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce a top-quality brand of açaí products: Sambazon. Sambazon is the global leader in certified organic açaí and Amazon Rainforest super foods. The company uses […]

Delicious Healthy Cookies

Everybody knows the basic secrets of a healthy diet. Eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut on fried food, drink less alcohol, and etc. Everyone also knows that exercise is essential to get results in any weight-loss diet. The combination of a healthy diet and exercise seems like an easy plan but the reality looks […]

A Pain in the Neck

It was the little things that caused the most trouble – the way you cradled the phone between your ear and shoulder, the way you fell asleep watching the nightly news, the way you craned your neck to see if you could merge into the left lane, and the way you whipped your head around […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Blue Q

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Blue Q products to our customers. Blue Q designs and manufactures bags, coin purses, t-shirts, tin banks, soap, gum, lip balm, dish towels, ceramic toothbrush holders, lotions and much more. The designers create funky, fresh and smart products from decorative objects to eclectic bath products and some other artful […]

Krill Oil: Even Better Than Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have been top-selling items in health food stores for many years. The list of benefits from fish oil continues to grow when results of new studies and research confirm the positive effects of this natural product in the human body. So, if fish oil supplements are good, would you believe that a similar product can provide […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Really Raw Honey

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Really Raw Honey products to our customers. Really Raw Honey produces totally unprocessed whole food honey. The honey is never heated or strained, and contains all the pollen, propolis, vitamins, honeycomb, live enzymes and trace minerals the bees put into it. Creamy, smooth and spreadable, Really Raw Honey is […]

Vita Carry Pill Grinder – Swallowing Pills Has Never Been Easier

People often have difficulties to swallow pills, particularly large tablets such as minerals supplements for calcium and magnesium. Complete multi vitamin supplements offer plenty of vitamins, minerals, whole foods, antioxidants, amino acids and much more but fitting all these ingredients in one single tablet creates large difficult to swallow pills. People have been dealing with large tablets for many […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Hutzler

Lucky Vitamin continues to add new brands to our website. Our goal is to increase the variety of products to make Lucky a “one-stop” shopping experience. Our latest addition is a top quality innovative kitchenware brand: Hutzler Manufacturing Company. Hutzler has over 70 years of experience as producers of househwares, kitchenwares, gadgets and tabletop designed […]

Fat Burning Summer Workout

Summer is the fitness season. Many people try to get in shape during the warm months of July and August because it’s definitely the easiest time of the year to get outdoors and burn some calories. If you are located in a coastal area, a beach workout can be a great fat-burning experience, normally helped […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Healthy Habits

Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top-quality brand for our customers: Healthy Habits products are now available at our lowest prices. Healthy Habits is owned and operated by individuals whose commitment to quality, integrity, and customer service is unheard of in today’s business world. Over the years, large profit-driven corporations take over much of the industry […]

Male Menopause? Learn About Andropause

If you never heard of male menopause, you are not alone. Many men are not familiar with andropause, the term for a menopause-like condition in aging man, but the facts of this natural condition are very interesting. Andropause is a slow but steady reduction of the production of the hormone testosterone in middle-aged men. Unlike […]