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Lucky Vitamin Presents: GU Energy

Lucky Vitamin is proud to offer GU Energy products to our customers. GU Energy is a sports nutrition company based in Berkeley, CA. The original GU Energy Gel was a revolutionary and more effective method to keep athletes fueled during exercise. Since then, GU Energy has continued to improve the original formula and develop new […]

Tearing Up the Fields and the Knee

An A.C.L. tear – for adults, it is one of the most feared injuries. Every twist, every impact leaves the athlete terrified that he has missed a crucial pop, that when he next puts pressure on his knee, it will fail to support him. He nurtures the joint, careful to use proper techniques, avoid dangerous […]

Bathroom Blunders

For women (and I believe the same holds true in variation for men), there are rules of the restroom:  Don’t leave a mess, on the seat, in the toilet or at the sink; don’t sit idly by if you know the girl in the stall next to you is without toilet paper; don’t turn the […]

Deficiency and Dementia

As you age, your wellness goals shift to focus on remaining active and alert in spite of the tolls of time. You search for ways to bolster your body and mind, reading the articles and trying the products that are marketed to your age bracket.  And so, you stop noting the items, vitamins, minerals and […]

Well, Don’t That Beet All

Ever since you were diagnosed with high blood pressure, you’ve been hoping that researchers would suddenly discover a food or beverage that could combat your condition simply by being swallowed. You would love a magic drink, to be consumed once in the morning and once in the evening, that would set your cardiovascular system right. […]

Tolerating Intolerance

You indulge in an ice cream cone, delighting in the sweet cool treat as it contrasts with the newly warm weather. You relive your childhood, washing a peanut butter sandwich down with an ice cold glass of milk. You abandon restraint, grabbing a hunk of cheese as if it were a cracker or roll and […]

The Secret for Healthy Eyes

Do you ever do anything to maintain your eyes healthy? Most people don’t, and will only look for help when experiencing eyesight problems. Healthy vision can be maintained and loss of vision can be reduced if you take proper preventive action. It starts with a healthy diet as certain nutrients are vital and play an […]

Norway Bans Dental Mercury . . . America Doesn’t

We spend a lot of time worrying about the mercury in fish. We analyze the varying kinds, determining which have the most, which have the least and which we should avoid at all costs. We are horrified when a child or pregnant woman nears a piece of shark, certain that neural development has just been […]

Dear Dairy

If I were to ever seriously consider becoming a vegan, my biggest obstacle would be the removal of dairy. Without milk, cheese and yogurt, I would be woefully lost.  It mixes with my granola in the morning, flavors my tea throughout the day and finds itself on any number of sandwiches, salads and side dishes […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Sibu Beauty

Lucky Vitamin continues to increase the number of top-quality personal care brands for our customers. Sibu Beauty products are our latest addition. Sibu Beauty provides sea buckthorn beauty products including lotions, soaps, supplements, and a great tasting beverage liquid supplement for hair care. The company was founded by Bruce McMullin in 2003 after a series […]

Don’t Forget About You

The day his heart stopped, yours did, too. You followed the ambulance to the hospital, praying the entire time. You waited in the lobby, as they attempted to bring him back, swearing that if he made it, you would take care of him. You would make sure that the junk and bad habits he had […]

Two Heads May Be Better Than One, but Two Drinks Aren’t

Once again, when it comes to alcohol, we have a good-news-bad-news situation.   The good news is that it doesn’t matter what form your evening nightcap takes.  While red wine is the favored alcoholic beverage, it’s not the only one with benefits. Something made with hops or rye, provided it has the needed ethanol, will dilate […]